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Right man, right place, right time

Seconded, heartily.

The 5-4 SCOTUS decisions upholding the constitutionality of President Trump’s travel ban and declaring the unconstitutionality of public sector unions extorting money from non-members to support political parties, candidates, and causes they oppose are two more benefits from President Trump’s appointment of originalist Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

The retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy provides another opportunity to appoint another justice like the late Antonin Scalia, an originalist who believed that the words of the Constitution should be interpreted as written by the Founders in the context of the time in which they were written. I put forward the name of Sen. Ted Cruz.

Trump warned during the campaign that the Second Amendment was under attack, and there was no better defender of the Second Amendment than Ted Cruz. He would be a worthy replacement for the late Justice Scalia, with whom Cruz helped save the Second Amendment in the momentous Heller decision.

What few people know — and the media won’t remind them — is that Ted Cruz was a prime mover in getting Heller, in which Scalia wrote the majority opinion, before the Court and decided in favor of gun rights, ruling that the right to keep and bear arms was an individual right and that the word “militia”, as the Founders intended, meant the “whole people” of the United States. If Heller had gone the other way, our gun rights would have been thrown on the ash heap of history.

Before endorsing Trump, and perhaps one of the reasons aside from SCOTUS picks, Cruz received support from Trump in fighting the Obama administration’sInternet giveaway that removed it from U.S. control. They are more in agreement than some commentators think.

Sobieski mentions that there are those out there who think Cruz might turn it down, but I can’t really see that myself. Ted seems to have the right idea about SC jurisprudence and the Constitution itself—with the added benefit that such a move by Trump would give GOPe NeverTrumpTards a nervous breakdown over whether to shit or go blind. The Left, of course, will continue on with their rubber-room hysterics no matter who he nominates. All in all, I think Cruz would make a fine Justice, and a most salutary replacement for the execrable Ginsberg.


5 thoughts on “Right man, right place, right time

  1. 1) trump has already stated his nominee will come from his prior published lists. Cruz’ name isn’t on them.
    2) Sen. Mike Lee’s is.
    3) The Senate cannot spare either senator.
    4) There are over two dozen well-qualified conservative judges, many of whom have already been vetted by the Senate for prior appointments to the federal bench under this president. Most any of them will do fine.
    5) I someone still wishes to go wishing, Andrew Napolitano isn’t doing anything, and his appointment wouldn’t cause any problems for unbalancing an (R)-controlled Senate, unlike the attempt to nominate Cruz or Lee would.
    6) It would also send the Left into screaming paroxysmal hissyfits.

  2. My vote, if I had one, would probably be for Napolitano or the lady with 7+2 kids. I may not be in ANY way a fan of catholics, but I also approve of anyone who actually LIKES kids instead of wanting to murder them.

    We’ll see what happens. No matter what, get your popcorn ready. 🙂

  3. Ted Cruz for the Supreme Court

    Not going to happen. Trump will work with opponents, but he won’t reward enemies, and Cruz made himself Trump’s enemy with his behaviors during the campaign in the nomination run up and the Convention. Trump doesn’t like betrayers and betrayal.

    And no one on the Right should want Cruz on SCOTUS after his two times support for the Left during the violence on Trump supporters at various rallies. If he’ll pivot Left and blame “Trump’s violent rhetoric” for Leftist violence, he’ll pivot Left on the bench and stab us in the back when it counts.

    Cruz is well placed where he is in the Senate: he can be useful there, and it’s where he can do the least amount of harm if/when he next pivots to support the Left and shoot Right again.

    Sorry, Mike: Daniel John Sobieski is off base on this one, and you’re off base in agreeing with him.

    When someone turns on you repeatedly, don’t hand them back the knife and offer them another free shot at your back.

  4. Infowars reported that Judge Nap was Trump’s sentimental favorite the first time around, and the frontrunner this time. FWIW, the high importance of having the ability to pick SC judges is another example of judicial supremacy in our political system. Hopefully, Trump will start echoing Andrew Jackson and tell judges to go pound sand when they try to legislate from the bench.

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