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The South…uhh, won?

An interesting take on Civil War v1.0.

Many still think that the Civil War was about slavery, when in fact it centered on the issue of autonomy for the states.

The North wanted to capture the Southern economies because, as producers of cotton, the South was charging high prices for the raw materials the North required to make into textiles. Vertical integration, or ownership of those Southern farms, would make more money for the North, whose economy was otherwise becoming unstable.

For those in the South, the question of war went back to the founding of America: were we a confederation of states, where each region could have its own rules, or a single federal entity, where each state was responsible for the fortunes of every other? The former favored Southern agriculture, where the latter demanded vertical integration.

One hundred and fifty-seven years later, we have our answer. Conservatives and Leftists are discovering that we cannot coexist. Under the confederation model, we would each have our own semi-autonomous states and be less reliant on the federal government. Thanks, however, to the Northern win, we have a highly centralized government.

Where force of arms could not prevail, the force of history has. Human groups cannot coexist because they are headed in different directions, whether ethnic, cultural, religious, racial, or political. Democrats now realize they cannot coexist with us, and we cannot have one leader for both factions. The USA is a dead letter, as is the EU for the same reason.

This means that the South won: their model has been proven correct, and denial of that model has proved fatal for the supposed winners of the war.

Like I said, interesting, although I’m gonna pass on further elaboration myself for the nonce. Whatever you might think of the proposition, I got a feeling most if not all discussion of our first Civil War will soon lose its appeal, having been superceded by the new one.

(Via WRSA)

Update! While we’re on the subject: Glenn Reynolds: The Civil War Has Already Started. Glenn plays around a bit with a divorce motif therein, to which Ace adds:

He’s referring to an idea I’ve mentioned before myself, that there are “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” that predict divorce in a couple. Those Four Horsemen are criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt.

All of which are singularly present in modern American “discourse.”

The country is toxic. It’s time to split it up, For the Good of the Children.

Well, there’s too much hate, too much discord, too much bitterness—too much water passed under too many bridges generally—for things to go on much longer as they have been. A case of “irreconcilable differences,” if ever there was one. As the battered spouse in this abusive relationship, real Americans need to get out for their own good.


7 thoughts on “The South…uhh, won?

  1. Ace talks about a divorce, Dennis Miller brings it up from time to time; I just don’t think that’s what Lefty wants. I think they mean to see us subjugated, and they think they can bring that about. Lefty holds the high ground in Banking, finance, news media, entertainment media, the educational system, and if that West Point commie that just got the boot and those female officers the Navy tried to cover up is anything to go by, they’re getting a toehold in the armed forces. Only normals lose their jobs for saying the wrong thing, never Lefty. Roseanne’s been cast out, Peter Fonda still has a gig.

    And look at the FBI and several city police departments that stand around when Trump supporters get attacked by the Antifags. Nice middle-class people are going to have to grapple with the notion that the policeman might be working for the Left. 95% of Department of Justice employees’ campaign contributions went to Democrats in 2016, I hear.

    What if somehow we divvy up territory. I doubt that Lefty will hold still for splitting up the strategic weapons, so there will be a fight just to retain some for ourselves. I don’t see how we get out of this without bloodshed. I prefer to be wrong about this.

    I notice that Remus linked to you in the Woodpile Report this week. Cool.

    Feel like joining the Ace Of Spades GAB group?:

    Ace Of Spades Moron Horde

  2. The Civil War (not the “war between the states”, since Kentucky, Missouri, East Tennessee, and West Virginia belie that 1880s neologism) as much as people want to dress it up in economics, wasn’t about that. It was absolutely about power and ideology. The abolitionist fanatics of the 19th century didn’t care one whit about economics (or any appraisal of what to do with all those ex-slaves after they freed them by violence). It was to usher in their utopia by any means necessary. John Brown in 1859 wasn’t talking economics, he was talking bloody insurrection as the cleansing hand of God.

    The South didn’t secede because Abe Lincoln wanted to paint the White House green. They formed the confederacy explicitly to counter a political party that was hostile to the rights of the slave states, and they said so on each ordnance of secession.

    Civil wars are about ideas and identities. The economics follow in the train of those driving forces. Do tax cuts and health care, NAFTA or the G7 in themselves create the issues today that are getting the sides ready to start trading blows rather than rhetoric? No, it’s ideology and culture and identities that were and are the battle cries, not dollars and cents.

  3. The Civil War (not the “war between the states”

    Where I come from, it’s generally known as “the War Of Northern Aggression.” Ahem 😉

  4. And that Ironbear is where the rub lies. Yankees, especially the self styled coastal elites, haven’t a clue about ‘deplorables’ in ‘fly over country’. They know more about life at the bottom of the ocean. They certainly do not understand Southerners (geographically or in their hearts) and have no clue what drives them. The progs have chosen to label many people as enemies yet they know nothing of their ‘enemies’. Failure to understand your enemy is the first step on the road to defeat.

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