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Melting the snowflakes

Take a flamethrower to ’em, I say.

While it’s refreshing that the right has discovered its inner troublemaker, Coppins warns that the focus on getting liberals riled up with theatrics and hyperbole may end up having the opposite effect as designed.

You start out with the goal of provoking the left – and, well, what’s more provocative than posting a racist meme on the internet? But with each new like and upvote, an incentive structure forms, a community coalesces, an identity hardens. Before long, the line between performance and principle is blurred beyond recognition, your ‘true’ beliefs buried under so many layers of irony that they’ve been rendered irrelevant.

Coppins is correct that the philosophical underpinnings of right-wing thought can be lost in irony-soaked goading. But is there a use in triggering others as an end in itself? Can getting a rise out of your intellectual opponents by challenging the core of their priors really alter their worldview?

Coppins is NOT right; the “philosophical underpinnings” are being DEFENDED by “irony-soaked goading.” It’s called “joining the fray,” bub. You can’t win a war you refuse to fight, and trying to engage the Left in lofty, respectful discussion is a mug’s game. They aren’t interested in any such thing, and they aren’t interested in “the philosophical underpinnings of right-wing thought” either. The only thing fighting by Marquess of Queensberry rules with a guttersnipe who disdains them will get you is a bloody beating.

Few Americans are able to pick up a book by Adam Smith and learns the ins and outs of a free society overnight. Thanks to decades of Hollywood and academia propagating liberal cultural assumptions, many can’t begin to think about society in any other way.

The first step to conversion is often shocking a person into questioning his own presumptions. The hard task of teaching comes next. Perhaps the method could be called “troll first, teach next.”

You ain’t gonna “convert” them, bub. “The hard task of teaching”? You’re trying to teach a pig to sing. Defeat them, crush them, grind their faces in the mud. The smart ones—if any—can figure it out from there, and to hell with the rest of ’em.

You won’t save the Shire by being shocked and sad, my dear Frodo. Likewise, we won’t defeat the Left by pulling our punches. As I said: every tool in the drawer, just as hard and fast as we can bring ’em to bear.

Update! Case in point.

Naturally, the Stupid Party is hitting the brakes, not gas, on this outrageous scandal. Leave it to the Marco Rubios and Trey Gowdys to sanitize the worst spying on the GOP ever. Here we have the most partisan members of the Obama administration using Stefan Halper, a spy who endorsed Hillary Clinton in the midst of his spying, to infiltrate the Trump campaign — and Gowdy and Rubio call it non-partisan, non-spying! It all looks kosher to them. Well, that settles it. Nothing to see here. The FBI, according to Gowdy, deserves our hearty thanks for throwing the country into chaos on a partisan hunch. It is what every American should “want” FBI agents to do. While we are at it, apparently, we should thank the CIA for plunging the Middle East into untold bloodshed and chaos with its half-baked WMD assessment. That too deserved an A for effort, we were told.

How the ruling class closes ranks around lying incompetents, then tries to hector Americans into not seeing what is in front of their noses, is amazing to watch. That major figures of the GOP would join in this charade is sickening but typical and tells you where all of this is headed if the rank-and-file don’t light a fire under GOP leaders. Left to their own cowardly, doltish instincts, they will succumb to the media’s propaganda and attach Trump’s neck to the albatross that by rights should be Obama’s.

What a disappointment Gowdy has turned out to be. He started off great, looking like a committed fighter. Then he started pulling his punches, succumbing to the DC disease in blue-ribbon panels holding hearings that went on and on and on, ending up nowhere without notching Win One along the way. Now, by sticking up for Mueller’s nonexistent “integrity,” he’s de facto on the other side, scurrying off to the lucrative law practice/consultancy so coveted by all Swamp critters. Sad!


5 thoughts on “Melting the snowflakes

  1. Gowdy was a DoJ persecutor before he got elected. THERE ARE NO GOOD PEOPLE in the DoJ.

  2. I was getting tired of Gowdy’s preening before the cameras but never getting anything done years ago. I just couldn’t see how his Sturm Und Drang performances were ever getting anywhere but enhancing his “conservative” cred.

    Turns out he is a modern “conservative” in that he conserves everything the Left has gained from the last time they had Power.

  3. I’ve long suspected the refusal to take action we’ve seen from some of the establishment GOPers, despite their furious posturing, stems from said establishment GOPers being quietly shown copies of their own dossiers/transcripts made by Deep State/Democrat partisans. Because if they did it to Trump, they’ve done it to a bunch of other opponents.

    I think we can add Gowdy to the list.

  4. One should try to avoid conflict but if it cannot be avoided then one must follow the Conan the Barbarian creed, “Crush your enemies and see them driven before you….”

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