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Co-conspirators in our own humiliation

In a longer-than-usual piece, Schlichter absolutely nails it.

We understand something the Conservative, Inc., goofs never seem to figure out. They howl that all we are about these days is “owning the libs” and “winning,” but here’s the thing. Sometimes, you have to win. Sometimes, you have to stop yapping and start performing. Once in a while, you have to put points on the board. Otherwise, people stop listening to you. It’s possible to spend your whole career inside Conservative, Inc., drifting from cheesy think tank sinecure to lame magazine scribbling gig, never actually winning anything. But out here, in America, we want to, and need to, prevail. Our rights and our dignity are merely theoretical constructs to the Fredocons, and are of no significance to them. But our rights and dignity matter to us. And we are acting and voting accordingly.

These cruise-shilling nags have delivered nothing but tiresome scoldings and a never-ending series of capitulations. No wonder they can’t seem to sell out those two-twin bed deluxe cabins along the Lido Deck anymore.

No wonder Normal Americans turned to someone like Donald Trump when these pathetic losers were only offering us more defeat and more humiliation at the hands of our enemies in the culture war.

We reject the bizarre notion that we are somehow obligated to stoically take guff from people who despise us without responding because doing so is “unconservative.” We decline to be commanded by conscientious objectors.

Here’s how we roll. When the enemy deploys its power against us, whether it’s some football jerk dissing us via Old Glory or some tech titan deciding to not allow us access to social media, we will fight back using whatever power we have. We’ll bankrupt the NFL before we just sit there watching them flip us off. And we’ll leverage our political power to regulate the Twittfacegrams into submission if they keep trying to exclude us from participation in our own culture. There is no conservative principle that requires you to not use your most effective weapon in your own self-defense. None.

“But that’s not conservative!” the sissies whimper.

 That’s true only if you adopt a definition of conservatism that presumptively surrenders whenever it meets resistance. The simple, undeniable fact is that punishment works. Retaliation works. If you want the Old Rules back in effect – I’d prefer that – then you need to teach the enemy that it can’t apply New Rules without feeling the same pain it inflicts. That’s a real conservative principle.

Unilateral disarmament doesn’t work.

Read every word of it. Read it, learn it, live it.


5 thoughts on “Co-conspirators in our own humiliation

  1. If you want the Old Rules back in effect – I’d prefer that –

    Not me. The New Rules are just peachy keen as far as I’m concerned.

    While I’d had reservations about him back when he started out NeverTrump, Schlichter’s A-Ok in my book. But he’s kinda recent to the game – he forgets or never noticed that some of us were punching back way back before it was the cool thing to do.

    Now that we’re old, tired, and burned out, all the “New Rules” mean is that it’s kinda cool to see others starting to take up the banner and punch a bit. ‘Bout damn’ time. The New Rules are nothing but the same old rules that the Left always played by.

    Welcome to the party, Kurt.

    But don’t embrace the Old Rules even if they do come back – keep pounding the Left under their own rules until they curl up and die, and then kick ’em a few times just to make sure they’re not playing possum.

    And then decapitate the corpse and fill its mouth up with garlic.

  2. Those “conservatives” are owned by the same Davos and Bilderberg crowd that owns the Communists. They all have the same goal of One World Government. The only difference between them is the “conservatives” want to go there slightly more slowly, and they have a different set of cronies to slop at the government trough along the way. And that includes every one of the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill as well as NRO and Shapiro and the rest. It was very clear what they were as soon as they fired John Derbyshire for merely telling the truth.

    Burn in hell where you belong, Jonah Goldberg! You and Georgie can be best buddies for eternity…

  3. No one could lose that consistently and not try a different tactic, a different style, a different strategy.

    Instead we go the Same Old-Same Old from them. Now they could be insane, thinking this time doing the same thing over and over will not end up with the same result, but I doubt it. Funny, they seem to be doing A-OK with that strategy though.

    One cannot help but come to a conclusion after lo these 30-40 years. They aren’t losing. They’re Just On The Other Side.

  4. Reading this, and Kurt’s post, I suddenly realized what I didn’t like about the last two Star Wars films.
    They didn’t punch back. In the old movies, they would have used their dying strength to knock their enemies on their asses.
    Yeah, I know, a lot of stuff got blown up in The Last Jedi. Some people got led to safety (isn’t that what we used to call retreat?). Luke fights long-distance, and bloodlessly dies/becomes one with the Force.
    Even the one heroic move, when Finn is willing to enact a suicidal attack on the cannon is stopped, when that chubby placeholder, Rose, stops his ship by crashing into it.
    Crap. All of it.

  5. Mike,
    I’ve NEVER been the “old rules” type of Conservative, “smash mouth” seems to work well for me, say the wrong thing to me at the right time and I’m not even a little shy about smashing one or more of them in the mouths! 6′, 190lbs lbs of Harley riding, heavily tattooed, army airborne, ass whooping mean IF I have to be!
    Its all they understand, these antifa/ blackLIES matter/ Libtarded/ commie/ socialist , anarchy assholes! I actually knocked one of the “antifa” people right the F out, though there was no cams around to record it! That boy should have NEVER said what he said to MY woman! “Boom, boom, out go the lights!”
    They want a fight, I’m their huckleberry!
    This is MY country, I earned it, I fought for its beliefs and I bled for it, and I’m not a bit concerned with bleeding some more if and when it comes to it! I only pray it comes while I’m still young enough to fight it! I don’t want my kids to see the world I’ve seen!
    My grandma always said, “Kell, you’re about a subtle as a G’damn train wreck!” and I see NO reason to let Grams down!

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