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Like a boss

Klavan continues to come around, slowly but surely, bit by bit. Kinda sorta.

The NFL anthem controversy is a prime example of how Donald Trump is doing something of yuge importance that conservatives never think to do, and that intellectual conservatives don’t even seem to understand needs doing. He is challenging — and often changing — the left’s narrative.

The narrative is essentially a set of assumptions so pervasive that people are afraid to oppose them. They think they are alone in disagreeing with those assumptions and they fear they will be deemed immoral by the majority. For a long time, the left has controlled this narrative by dominating and censoring the means of communication: social media, the news networks, Hollywood and the academies.

They use these instruments to make outlandish ideas seem mainstream. That America is racist and oppressive. That men and women are interchangeable. That abortion is something other than an atrocity. That capitalism is somehow an evil despite its manifest blessings. And so on.

Alas, though, Andrew still doesn’t quite get it:

This is why it has been so terribly frustrating for many of us that conservatives have for so long allowed these assumptions to go unchallenged and have even seemed to accept them themselves. Why did the first President Bush promise a “kinder, gentler” America after the Reagan years? Why did W. Bush call his conservatism “compassionate conservatism”? Aren’t the wealth and freedom provided by conservative governance kind and gentle enough, compassionate enough in themselves? Why were they making apologies for good ideas?

They bought the narrative and lost the country.

Those on the right who continue to hammer the president for being a flawed man should instead be asking themselves: Why did it take such a man to finally start pushing conservative ideas again? It was because the left had been allowed to define the terms of our decency, and it required a man without much regard for decency to stand up to them and begin to govern by the decent, moral, freedom-giving principles of traditional Americanism.

“Why did it take such a man to” etc? Because the job of undoing Progressivist damage was always going to take a fucking fighter first and foremost, and Trump is that, in spades. “Those on the right”—by which I mean GOPe professional politicians in this context, although Klavan probably doesn’t—were fake phony frauds who were never really “on the right,” only claiming to be so when it would be of political use to them. Lie though they might about it, they proved themselves to have no interest at all in fighting anything, most particularly not when they were actually colluding with it all along.

“Without much regard for decency”? Oh, please. Like all the rest of us, Trump is a flawed man who struggles with his own shortcomings, But his instincts when it comes to government are in the main correct. He very clearly loves his country and wants to see it strengthened and not destroyed. Not to disregard “decency” altogether, but most of us were aware all along that we were electing a president, not hiring a pastor. If Trump ain’t lilly-white and simon-pure in every regard, well, let him among us who is without sin etc etc. He’s taking the fight to the enemy bare-knuckles style, accomplishing a truly amazing amount without even breaking a sweat. That washes away a lot of sins for those of us sick and tired of hearing a lot of tough talk from people who immediately fold up and flee the ring the moment the Left sneers hard at ’em.

The smattering of sincere NeverTrumpers like Klavan out there may be content to go on letting the perfect be the enemy of the good-enough. The rest of us are all done with that crap. Losing honorably is still losing, and the MuhPrincipled Right has fed us a bellyful and then some of it.

Klavan is right enough about shifting the narrative, I’ll give him that much. But I see that as a natural byproduct of fighting back and winning, rather than some kind of prerequisite for it. No, Trump is surely not perfect, not pure or pristine. His supporters never imagined he was, which is why we find prudish, pearl-clutching sermons over his UNACCEPTABLE! moral deficiencies amusing instead of disturbing. As long as he’s still in there landing haymaker punches one after another on Lefty’s glass jaw, who the hell cares?


2 thoughts on “Like a boss

  1. I watched the Bat Masterson film (with Joel McCrea) this weekend. A good weekend for male films.
    In the movie, one of the characters makes a statement that I agree with. That rough men are sometimes needed, those that have been outlaws, or on the verge, are the proper ones to deal with rough men. Choir directors, however admirable in their morality, too often, just don’t have the ability to use intimidation, force, and willingness to take on tough guys.
    For that, you need the not-so perfect men.

  2. Curious that the left and GOPe (but I repeat myself) call for civility. Our society has lost most of its civility. Observed recently deep in progtard country was a shirt that claimed the wearer attended ‘Smartass University’. It classless types like that who would buy let alone wear such a thing in public that dare call on us to be ‘civil’. As usual, the left seeks to impose rules they won’t follow.

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