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What we have heah, is a failyah to communycate.

Inside Higher Ed recently ran a piece by Colleen Flaherty entitled “Poli-Sci for the Trump Era,” in which various academics lamented their inability to understand “Trump’s America”—in other words, America. These otherwise very bright and accomplished people don’t even have the most basic frame of reference with respect to the bedrock of the country they live in, so immersed in the Cult-Marx bubble of the academy as they are. The “gun people” are mere abstractions out in the country, their rural environs only ever experienced en route to a vacation home. What’s more, they’re completely sheltered from the “multi-cultural” neighborhoods and areas the open borders immigration policies they advocate for create, areas that are, quite frankly, borderline unlivable (if you’ve ever been woken up by a rooster at five in the morning within city limits you know exactly what I’m talking about). The craft cocktail set move effortlessly from one gentrified neighborhood to another, or from the confines of the campus out to the suburbs, and never have to interact with either group of people their policies effectively pit against each other.

Flaherty’s article, if nothing else, shows how laughably out of touch these people are. One of the key points of the article was the need to “contextualize” Trump’s “rise” by looking at the Latin American political climate. Aside from the fact that they’re demographically about thirty years early, that certainly would’ve helped contextualize the Obama presidency and its rampant corruption, but if anything, President Trump’s victory was intensely, and uniquely, American. You’d know that if you ever deviated from your itinerary of symposiums and workshops and dinner parties, if you ever interacted with the average folks that service your car, or collect your trash, or drive cross-country to deliver produce to your local Whole Foods. Donald Trump’s populist movement doesn’t require an understanding of Latin America; it requires an understanding of America. The vast majority of people who’ve ever had to do real manual labor, or scrounge for tips, or punch a clock to get paid a pittance are going to hew to the conservative side of the spectrum given the often volatile nature of menial employment and the work ethic required to earn a living without turning to the government for hand-outs. I say this not to insult anyone, but if academics had to collect garbage or lay concrete for even a limited amount of time, say one summer between classes, they would have a far greater understanding of life for most Americans, and hence the appeal of Donald Trump, than any amount of secondary research into the banana republics of Latin America.

The ability to engage in peaceable dialogue with people we disagree with is fundamental to our liberty, and affirming our views central to our sense of individual identity. Political spectrum quibbling aside, what the Left is doing is extraordinarily insidious. Their obsession with the collective, with “inter-sectional identities,” is sacrificing freedom and individuality at the altar of an ideology that patently refuses to engage with the world as it is, but instead seeks to re-make the world in its own image. If tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of eggs need to be cracked to make this particular rotten omelet, so be it.

Yeah, but those were the bad eggs, see. As for “sacrificing freedom and individuality,” that’s the whole point. It’s Progressivism in a nutshell: its goal, its ambition, its creed, its raison d’etre. As The Operative said in Serenity: “We are building a better world. All of them, better worlds.” And that’s how they see themselves: not as twisted, petty-authoritarian freaks determined to bend entire populations to their will, but as noble, high-minded strivers towards a truly beneficent end. If they can only tweak and refine us common, wrong-thinking swine enough to “improve” us to their lofty standards, the dream of Utopia can finally be realized, and we’ll finally come around to appreciating them for their selfless labors.

They’re nuts, of course. But if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be Progressivists. And now the grand program, having advanced so nicely in the Obama years, has suffered a horrible, unforeseen setback with the election of the grunting troglodyte Trump. Is it any surprise it’s driven them completely around the bend, incapable of getting their tantrums and sobbing lamentations under some kind of control?

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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