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Same old song and dance

SE Cupp can’t see the forest for the Trump-hate. Because Muh Principles, I guess.

Earlier this week, S.E. Cupp wrote in the New York Daily News about how much she misses George W. Bush. Bush, she says, “looks better with each passing day,” and the reason, according to her, is Donald Trump.

Cupp noted that George W. Bush “left office with a 33% favorability rate, according to Gallup. By the time the [Miss Me Yet?] billboards were up in 2010, it had only recovered to the mid-40s. But in the years since, Bush has nearly doubled his popularity. A CNN poll from January 2018 has his approval at 61%. In just the two years since Trump became the Republican nominee for President, that number has climbed six points.” The public’s improved perception of Bush after leaving office was predictable, but, Cupp suggests throughout her piece that Trump is responsible for Bush’s favorability improving so dramatically.

Bush’s improved public image has less to do with Trump than it has to do with the fact that the current Republican president (or presidential nominee) will always be the devil incarnate to the left, and it’s politically expedient to vilify the titular head the of the GOP as the worst ever while also feigning nostalgia for “the good old days” when a more palatable Republican was president or was nominated by the party as their presidential nominee.

So why should we care that Democrats call Trump “Hitler” and “Not My President” and long for the days when Bush (whom they called “Hitler” and “Not My President”) was in office?

We shouldn’t care about a single damned word they say. Not one. Not now, not ever.

Does anyone believe this to be a genuine appreciation or just politically expedient reckoning? They don’t miss Bush now because Trump is Trump, they miss Bush now because he’s no longer in power and they got eight years of Obama.

Remember when liberal talk show host Bill Maher conceded that liberals had gone too far with their Hitler/Nazi/fascist rhetoric aimed at Bush, McCain, and Romney? “I know liberals made a big mistake because we attacked your boy Bush like he was the end of the world. And he wasn’t. And Mitt Romney we attacked that way. I gave Obama a million dollars because I was so afraid of Mitt Romney.”

Wow. Seriously, dude, that’s pathetic.

“Mitt Romney wouldn’t have changed my life that much or yours. Or John McCain.” Trump, of course, was different, according to Maher, because he’s the real “fascist.”

What Maher didn’t say was that after Donald Trump leaves office, the next Republican president will be the new “Hitler,” the new “fascist,” the new “Not My President” and all that rhetoric about Trump will one day be looked on with regret, because obviously, the next one has to be worse…otherwise, they’d be stuck debating policy.

And THAT, they cannot do.

Is the pattern clear yet? Have you figured out it doesn’t matter if Trump had won in 2016, or if it was Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or maybe even John Kasich…anyone who opposes the left is branded as the new Hitler, and whether it is George W. Bush or Donald Trump, the left will find reason to be nostalgic for them once they are no longer a threat.

And WOOT! There it is.


2 thoughts on “Same old song and dance

  1. Calling Dubbya Chimpy McBushHitler was how the left got Trump.
    McCrazy was the GOPe trying to climb back into the saddle, with am abysmally flawed shell of a man. That’s why even the base didn’t want him.
    And Romney, despite his political shortcomings, is probably the most decent and mild-mannered guy to run for the office since George Washington.
    Had he been running in 1960, he’d have had a shot, by in 2012, he was a man out of time.

    The Leftards never learn from their mistakes, and they’ve compound the problem by making bigger ones each time around.

    We elected Trump, not to defeat them, but to destroy their entire rigged game.

    They’ve gone from merely beclowning themselves to marginalizing themselves into oblivion.
    Now they’re burning the bridge to get back from oblivion.

    They don’t like that, but either they’re going to have to reckon with their flight from reality and come crawling meekly back from insanity, or double down, push back against it, and trigger change in America that’s going to be kinetic, and not merely political.

    Either their crooked minions are going to start going to prison by the score, and Democrats will be the real Nazi Party in America, with all the cachet that had in Germany from 1946 onwards.

    Or else they’re going to keep pushing, and then be treated like the Nazis were from 1939-1945, followed inevitably by Nuremburg trials and gibbets.

    They’ve left themselves no third option with America, and it’s looking like they’d rather go out with a bullet to the head than with their tails between their legs.

    Okay. Challenge accepted. Call the toss in the air.

  2. Who cares what SE Cuck says? If she didn’t have a great pair of legs nobody would know who she is; as it is she’s put on TV as the prototypical “hot conservative infobabe.” Her schtick is that she’s different and controversial, but her viewpoints really come directly from the Conservatism Inc. handbook. That said, she’s as empty headed as it gets, and yes, muh principles. I love all the ‘we’re sorry George and Mitt’ coming from these assholes. It’s easy to say now because it doesn’t cost them anything.

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