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An idea whose time has…uhh, well…

It might not be such a bad idea, really, but I don’t see it happening.

America is being made great again in the wake of Obama’s failed presidency, which in hindsight already appears as nothing more than the absurd climax of affirmative action gone off the rails.  Trump has wiped the floor with his legacy while building an incredible one of his own.

Now, I propose, is the perfect time for the American people to seal their own deal: let’s make a campaign ourselves to expire terms such as “Democrat,” “liberal,” “leftist,” and “progressive,” and let’s call it what it is: totalitarianism.

He ain’t entirely wrong, of course. But “totalitarian” is a wee mite unwieldy, shall we say. Not to mention that I doubt most average workaday Joes out there even know what it means, or care.

I’ve opined myself about the near-uselessness nowadays of the old terms like “liberal,” “conservative,” etc. In fact, those two in particular have come to signify pretty much the opposite of their old, long-accepted definitions—a direct result of the Left’s hijacking of the world “liberal” not as a clarification of their intentions, but as camouflage for them. If there’s anything remotely liberal about unending expansion of a bureaucratic central behemoth’s control over each and every one of us, I sure wish someone would explain to me what it might be.

I coined the term “Progressivist” and use it pretty extensively here, because I am confident in my readers’ familiarity with the history of the so-called Progressive movement, its origins, and its sinister agenda. But I expect that my use of “Progressivist” as a sort of shorthand for the Left’s fetishized continuation and extension of the original Progressives’ statist, tyrannical program might not be properly understood by most folks out there. On the other hand, when someone says “liberal” everybody pretty much gets the idea, at least for now. Cohen still makes some pretty good points, though:

Now that Trump is midway through his second year as president, I believe we can now announce without fear of the Post-Orwellian Thought Police: the enemies of President Trump are the enemies of the family, the Constitution, morality, and sanity. They are collectively the enemies of our nation’s future, who actively seek to flood the nation with third-world refugees while disarming the native population. In a word, President Trump’s enemies are barbarians within the gates, and they have gotten this far because they do a good job of weeping when retaliation looms. We now must update our terminology if we are consciously to move ahead: the words “liberal,” “progressive,” “Democrat” are what “National Socialist” are to “Nazi.” They are a lot of misleading verbiage.

Oh, I don’t know how misleading they really are at this point. They were once, and were intended to be. But people are beginning to see through the smokescreen more clearly than they ever have before; the fog is lifting at last as the inevitable failure of Left governance makes itself felt more keenly, leaving behind only the revolting stench of pure corruption. Cohen goes on to reel off this great line:

The liberal agenda exists solely because the people liberals are hell-bent on attacking are too busy living their lives to bother shooting them all.

Heh. For now, I suppose. We’ll see how long that holds up. Cohen’s closing recommendation is right on the money too.


8 thoughts on “An idea whose time has…uhh, well…

  1. Commies gonna commie.
    Call them what they are.
    Good enough for grandpa, good enough for dad, good enough for me.

    They’re communists, head to tail, lock, stock, and barrel.
    It’s who they are, and what they do.

  2. Yes, totalitarian and totalitarianism are long and unwieldy. They also give rise to a lot of funny mispronunciations from one who’s trying to talk fast. Brian Crozier and Arthur Seldon, in their book Socialism: The Grand Delusion, suggested and employed the shortened terms totalism and totalist, though I know of nowhere else that those neologisms have caught on.

  3. The Douchebag Party?
    The Assclown Party?
    The Toxic Femininity Party?
    The Stuffed Gerbil Party?
    The Xer Party?
    The Abortion Party?
    I know the Republicans kinda cornered the market on the following, but I think the Demonicrats have surpassed them, so…
    The Stupid Party?

  4. Here are my thoughts on this.
    I call the liberal left the Progressive Slaver Cult. Yes, I know this is a bit wordy as well but I don’t see how one can describe them any other way. If you believe that your life is your own, your property is your own, and your family is your own to raise as you see fit then know that these creatures will take everything from you and enslave you to do their bidding or kill you. The Establishment Party is really the Crony Party consisting of two wings; the Castrati republicans and the Slaver democrats. In the end it is all about slavery for the Progressive Slavers will take our weapons, loot our property and chain us up in various ways.

    I will not be a slave for these soulless monsters.

    Molon Labe

    1. We should just refer to them as Tranzies. Short for ‘Trans-national Progressive Nazis’. Bonus that it sounds kinda like ‘tranny’ and rolls off the tongue easily.

  5. Try the “Authoritarian Coalition” – those that believe that an Elite Few have the right (if not obligation) to determine the most intrusive details of how the Many are to live.

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