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Cultural Marxism

A pocket history and analysis of what is surely the biggest single problem America faces, the most damaging act of treason ever perpetrated against it, and the worst disaster ever to befall it.

The key figures of the Frankfurt School included Georg Lukacs, Herbert Marcuse, Wilhelm Reich — who literally wrote the book and coined the term, The Sexual Revolution — Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, and others. The formal school began in 1923 as the Institute for Social Research at the University of Frankfurt in Germany. Among its driving forces from within Moscow was Willi Munzenberg, the so-called Red millionaire. “We must organize the intellectuals,” exhorted Munzenberg.

And so they would. And how did they slither into America?

The threat of Hitler’s Germany drove the Frankfurt School out of Europe and into the welcoming arms of America’s left-wing colleges. Most to all of the leading practitioners were Jews who needed a safe haven. So, they and their Institute came to New York City, specifically to the campus of Columbia University, already a hotbed of communism.

Pleading the case for them at Columbia was John Dewey, founding father of American public education, progressive fool, and communist sympathizer. Thus, their primary area of operation would be the educational system — the schools, the universities, and particularly the teachers’ colleges. It was no coincidence that Columbia housed the nation’s top teachers’ college — a creation of John Dewey.

From there, the cultural Marxists spread their ideas to campuses nationwide. Their insane notions would sweep up the ’60s New Left, to which the likes of Herbert Marcuse became an ideological guru to the radicals who today are tenured at our universities.

Not to be forgotten in all of this was a critical figure, a non-German. At the age of 35, in 1926, Antonio Gramsci was arrested in his native Italy by Mussolini (the only half-sensible thing Il Duce ever did), and spent the last 11 years of his life in prison. Samuel Gregg calls Gramsci perhaps “the most dangerous socialist in history.”

Whereas Marx and his original followers were all about class economics, seeing wealth redistribution and the seizure of the means of production as the key to their vision, Gramsci looked to culture. If the Left truly wanted to win, it needed to first seize the “cultural means of production”: culture-forming institutions such as the media and universities and even churches.

Not until leftists came to dominate these institutions would they be able to convince enough people to support their Marxist revolution. “This part of his thesis was like manna from heaven for many left-wing Western intellectuals,” writes Sam Gregg. “Instead of joining a factory collective or making bombs in basements, a leftist professor could help free society from capitalist exploitation by penning essays in his office or teaching students.”

And in a really radical stroke — one too radical for its own time, but that would ultimately succeed — Gramsci and his heirs insisted that these leftist intellectuals needed to question everything, including moral absolutes and the Judeo-Christian basis of Western civilization. They needed to frame seemingly benign conventions as systematic injustices that must be exposed. This is where we got professors fulminating against everything from “the patriarchy” to “white imperialism” to “transphobia.” By the 21st century, even biological sex was no longer considered a settled issue. As I write, the New York City council offers public employees the option of choosing from 31 different gender identities. Of course, that’s nothing compared to Facebook, which at various times in the last three years has listed 51 gender options, 53, 56, 58, and 71.

Another great piece of which you will want to read the all. It’s a long ‘un, but very much worth your time and attention if you have any interest at all in understanding where the roots of our patent societal insanity sprang into being and how they grew.


5 thoughts on “Cultural Marxism

  1. It’s a form of Marxism so radical in its redefinition of human nature that Marx himself would blush and find it bewildering. (From the Kengor essay.)

    The transvaluation of all values was Nietzsche’s aim, and the KulturKommies are still at it.

  2. For me, the real concern is:

    What now? How can we either take back the institutions (I fear that is NOT possible), or, more likely, create alternative institutions, that will PROPERLY educate our young.

    I’m a former science teacher, who would gladly give up a few years of my life to this end.

    1. Honestly, it’s going to require good people to do stuff which good people are unwilling to do, which is why it probably won’t get done. But then again, like Europe in the face of Islam – if a people are unwilling to save themselves, especially from a clearly identified threat, there probably isn’t much worth saving, anyway.

      Enough people have decided “Better red than dead,” so that’s what the future will be.

    2. Look around. In the greater Milwaukee area (for example) there are three or four privately-operated high schools which are of excellent quality (there are also a bunch which are NOT quality….) They can always use good science faculty, particularly at low- or no-cost.

      Sometimes there are Catholic schools which are NOT parish-connected and are NOT under the thumb of the local Diocese. That is the signal that those schools are worth looking into because the parents will not put up with the tripe (both religious AND secular) that the local “authorized” schools provide for their chillluns.

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