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CF Spring Thing!

That’s right, folks, as I warned you all last week, the time is again upon us where I come to my beloved readership hat in hand and beg for a few shekels, subscription pledges, or other such materially quantifiable demonstrations of support as can be made to work for everybody.

The financial picture here at Casa Hendrix has been looking up a bit over the last several months; the pressure was greatly eased by my enforced move a few months ago out of Charlotte and way closer to where my daughter lives and goes to school, combined with the Lyft/Uber gig, which I now very much wish it had occurred to me to try a long time ago. The rideshare job has slowed near my home environs of late, annoyingly enough, which necessitates a drive over to Charlotte to work every day, where business remains steady. It’s annoying not only because of the extra expense in fuel, tires, and general wear and tear, but also because of the absolutely nightmarish traffic snarls slowing Charlotte to a crawl most any time of the day or night. Honestly, you can close your eyes for a few seconds in some place, open them again, and swear you were on the Belt Parkway or the LIE in New York, or I-20 in Atlanta. It really has gotten that bad over there.

That aggravation aside, I’m plowing right along at catching up on all the overdue bills, including several months’ worth of arrears with dear old Hosting Matters for the server space on which this humble hogwallow resides. I’m quite confident that none of you folks out there are what anybody would even loosely call filthy rich, so anything anybody tosses into the CF kitty is therefore greeted with profoundest gratitude and appreciation.

I decided to get things cranking on the weekend this year instead of my usual Monday-to-Monday deal because the weekends and late at night are my prime posting hours nowadays, so it kinda made sense. Plus, I just figured what the heck. Sincerest thanks in advance for your contributions, your comments, and as always for your attention to my ranting and raving. This post will remain up top for a week or so, or until I can retire comfortably on the proceeds therefrom, whichever comes first. Ahem.


3 thoughts on “CF Spring Thing!

  1. Howdy again, Bro. Just tossed $20 your way via paypal – just wish it coulda been more. Anyway, best to ya, really appreciate CF, and hope ya hit the lottery;-} Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Thanks, Mike! And hey, I’ve used both Fenders and Linux plenty over the years. I just like Gretsches and Macs a little bit better, that’s all. Although honestly, my heart will always belong to Gibson. I have my late Uncle Murray to blame for that, I guess. Ironically enough, he was a Guild guy, but when he was teaching me how to play all those years ago he gave me just enough taste of the Gibson bait to really set the hook. 😉

  3. I’m in a position to finally pop some dough over and so that’s what I’ll do.
    Belt Parkway really gives me the willies. Those narrow lanes and the massive just barely moving to be dangerous traffic which suddenly comes to a complete standstill for no reason at all are the stuff of nightmares.
    Since we’re talking guitars, I love all kinds. I had a Gretsch, that was more like a Strat or a Tele, in that it wasn’t any kind of hollow body, at one point and really miss that one. I have a Guild acoustic. I had an Ibanez Strat copy that sat in a warehouse for more than a decade that I just got refurbished. The 15 yo’s fooling around on that one now. I got an Epiphone copy of a Gibson Les Paul just last month and I’m still playing around on that one. If I had more money than I knew what to do with it’d be nice to get a ’50’ Strat or Gretsch, a Gibson Les Paul or SG like Neil Young or Angus play, and a blonde Telecaster like Keith Richards. I’d be like that crazy guy with Cheap Trick with my guitar collection, if I had my druthers. Ah well. I still got dreams, and that’s good.
    Oh, and like Brian Setzer, a ’59 Caddy would be nice too. Everything I love is from ’59, from my first guitar to that Gal of Mine, Coupe De Villes coming off the line, everything I love is from ’59!

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