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Hopeful portents

The beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?

I coined the term “Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party” to describe the unholy bond between Republicans and Democrats in Washington, who have long existed in a kind of incestuous, sado-masochistic relationship in which each of them knows their place and, after a fashion, enjoys it.

On the one hand we have the largely regnant Evil Party, congressionally ascendant during the long reign of FDR and Harry Truman, which has since the 1970s gradually morphed into the anti-American “progressive” party devoted to perverting the Constitution and undermining the foundational principles of the republic in the name of discovering their “real,” if occult meaning. And on the other, the Stupid Party, which never met a promise it didn’t want to dishonor, a foreign war it didn’t want to fight, or a domestic fight it didn’t want to throw.

Despite his promising beginning as a policy wonk and charter member of the “Young Guns,” Ryan had become the face of the BPFP, a man who believed in the correctness of his policies but who never enjoyed being the tip of the spear—much less being on the receiving end of one. With all eyes and hopes upon him in 2012, there he was, sitting calmly by as a gibbering idiot named Joe Biden grimaced and guffawed his way through the vice-presidential debate, showering Ryan with sucker punches and spitballs and getting absolutely no payback in return.

When Ryan reluctantly stepped into the speaker’s chair owing to John Boehner’s sudden retirement, he had another chance to show he had the stomach, if not the appetite, for political combat, not to mention for the third-highest office in the land. But after promising to end Obamacare upon his party’s return to congressional dominance, he failed to deliver. The two wave elections of 2010 and 2014 gave the GOP what it said it needed…and nothing happened. And at that moment, the junior wing of the BPFP was doomed.

I know what you’re all asking yourselves right about now: does Kevin Williamson tie into this somehow? Why yes, actually. Yes, he surely does.

What happened to Williamson is the natural result of a Left that has been emboldened by the very people with whom Williamson is now politically-aligned: The anti-Trump Right. For two years, in their craven desire to destroy the president, Trump foes on the Right have either intentionally or unwittingly empowered the tyrannical Left. They’ve given aid and comfort to the enemy by cribbing their language and borrowing their tactics. They sold out their previous “conservative” principles to win new admirers on the Left, particularly in the elite media.

Like pitiful geeks trying to win over the class bully, this pathetic clique of Trump haters has sucked up to liberals in order to sell their books, gain more Twitter followers, and get hits on MSNBC and CNN. Those who can muster only tepid opposition to the Left ignorantly insist that there is no “binary” choice today between Right and Left, as if an imaginary Shangri-la led by John Kasich and Ben Sasse can be magically grown out of the burning garbage heap that is American culture and politics right now. These middling milquetoasts are just as complicit.

Since Trump was elected, Trump haters disguised as “conservatives” have joined the Left to call for the repeal of Second Amendment and restrictions on gun owners. They joined the Left in supporting the removal of historic statues. They joined the Left in accusing the president of coddling white supremacists and linking his staff to the alt-Right. They joined the Left in calling Trump a racist after allegedly referring to shithole countries as “shithole countries.” They joined the Left in bashing Evangelicals and mocking “thoughts and prayers.” They joined the Left in portraying Americans who want the flag and the anthem respected as demagogues and fake patriots. They joined the Left in demeaning Tea Party activists. They joined the Left in proclaiming they had discovered their “inner socialist” and “inner feminist.” They joined the Left in vilifying Trump voters as stupid and destroying the country.

They joined the Left in admitting they are products of white privilege. They joined the Left in hoping Democrats take control of Congress in November and impeach Trump. They joined the Left in abandoning the rule of law and Constitutional norms by pushing the destructive Trump-Russia conspiracy hoax and ignoring the malfeasance of the Obama administration’s Justice Department.

At every turn, the anti-Trump “Right” has signaled its solidarity with the tyrannical Left. Now that one of its own scalps has been seized by the mob, they want to get out the fainting couches while we sit here, amused by it all.

Williamson, Ryan, the Vichy GOPe, the NeverTrump cucktards: all ANY of them ever had to do was truly oppose the Democrat Socialists, rather than making believe they were and then mewling about their helplessness unless we ELECT MORE REPUBLICANS. Trump won—and continues to enjoy diehard support—because, wrong as he surely is on some issues, he fights. And by fighting instead of wallowing in piteous impotence after talking a tough game right along, he’s winning a lot more battles than he’s losing. He also happens to have rattled the Left so badly in the process that their pea-brains are audibly ricocheting off the inside of their skulls like pinballs.

For my money, this settles the “either intentionally or unwittingly” proposition above quite convincingly, in favor of the former. There is simply no way in the world that the Repukes are so effete and civil as to be unwilling to offend their dignity by doing real battle with the Left. After seeing how viciously they went after Tea Partiers; outsider, non-career-politician newbies running for national office for the first time; and staunch, blunt truth-tellers like John Derbyshire, Mark Steyn, and Pat Buchanan, we know very well that they’re not in the least reluctant to mix it up vigorously with their opponents. It’s just that we all had a mistaken idea of who their opponents really were.

And no, they aren’t the Stupid Party either. Well, they are, I guess, insofar as they believed the masquerade would continue to hold after being exposed as the DC swamp rats they are. Other than that, though, stupid doesn’t quite do it; devious, conniving, guileful, and treacherous are much nearer the mark.

I’m still largely indifferent to the prospect of a Republican shellacking this fall, much as I’d loathe seeing the Democrat Socialists triumphant in even the smallest way (I remain unconvinced that that’s the way to bet, by the way). They’ve earned it, many times over. The Republican Party serves no useful function any longer, except maybe as a well-established mechanism for conservative fundraising and organizing. When it comes to advancing the traditionally American values it falsely espoused such as limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual freedom, respect for the Constitution, a strong defense, and etc, it’s actually done more harm than good.

The GOP didn’t just abandon or neglect its core principles; it actively betrayed them, leaving nothing in their place but a raw greed for power, privilege, and wealth. The party is hollow; its collapse is therefore inevitable, having been made so by its own malfeasance. Whether the implosion occurs in the immediate wake of Ryan’s departure or somewhat later on is a matter of no more than academic interest. I’d be very surprised indeed if Trump’s team, and very probably Trump himself, isn’t giving all this plenty of careful consideration already.

Update! Ed links to a month-old post from Stephen featuring this piercing insight:

I wouldn’t say that the Democrats’ position is ‘commanding,’ but I have been saying for over a year now that I wish the GOP majority would legislate like there’s no tomorrow — because there might not be one.

Also, doing so would give skeptical GOP voters the enthusiasm to turn out in enough numbers to keep the House.

That right there is PRECISELY why the despicable Republican frauds deserve to get creamed: ALL THEY HAVE TO DO to get themselves out of this predicament is keep their damned promises—to do what they’ve claimed all along they intended and wished to do. It’s beyond infuriating that absolutely nobody expects them to, and would all be shocked speechless if they did. They could crush the Democrats completely, have a lock on electoral dominance for the next half a century, and do incalculable good for the country…but they don’t want to. Preserving the status quo, even at risk of their own destruction, means far more to them than any of that foolishness.

Assholes. Complete, irredeemable, corrupt assholes.


2 thoughts on “Hopeful portents

  1. They are stupid. Actually, to coin a phrase, they are useful idiots. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the ‘loyal opposition’ is finally disposed of by the Communist Democrat party. What blithering fools to think they’ll be suffered to be allowed to remain after the ‘progressives’ take over is complete.

  2. We know everything we need to know about the Republican Party when we see that the Freedom Caucus is a tiny, fortified enclave trying to survive inside the larger Party.

    The Republican Party should BE the damn Freedom Caucus.

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