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Why they REALLY hate him

I’ve always maintained that Trump is damned smart. But can he possibly be this smart?

President Trump’s tactical moves are widely publicized by the media. Now, more than one year after assuming the presidency, enough data have been accumulated to define Trump’s strategy with a certain degree of accuracy.

What is his main task? Where is the vector of his primary efforts directed?

Opposition publications represent Trump’s actions as absolute chaos — constant and unpredictable reshuffling in the government, increasing external taxes (tariffs) and reducing domestic taxes, restrictions on immigration, the deliberate disintegration of ObamaCare, and withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. This list is quite extensive. And almost every day the press receives a gift from Trump, another bone — he declares something politically incorrect on Twitter again, or he fires someone, or orders to strike another country with 60 Tomahawk missiles. The biased media has to abandon covering a subject that seemed relevant yesterday, and switches to a discussion of a more recent “scandal.”

This is all reminiscent of the actions of a skillful magician who deliberately draws the attention of the audience to his left hand at a time when his right hand is making the most imperceptible movement for which the whole trick was conceived.

So what’s the intrigue?

In fact, Trump’s policy is very tricky, and only a few have figured out his game. After all, Trump did not target immigrants. He did not target international trade. He did not target women’s rights. He did not target “global climate change.”

Trump is swinging at the complete destruction of the Democratic Party by gradually squeezing the Democrats out of the American political arena.

That is how Trump used to deal with competitors in the construction business, and he is not about to change his habits. The complete bankruptcy of competitors is the only real measure of success for him. He knows this very well, having been in the shoes of the defeated several times.

Gindler lays out a very strong case, of which you should read the all. Just the fact that Trump has retaken the initiative from the Demonrats and moved the Republicans from their comfy defensive crouch onto the offensive—dragged them, more like, since most of them have been bitterly recalcitrant and uncooperative—should maybe tell us something. Doesn’t hurt any that the Democrat Socialists, having descended into complete batshit lunacy after flirting for decades around its ragged edges, are providing an assist in their own overdue demise, either.


6 thoughts on “Why they REALLY hate him

  1. He does ‘Rope-a-Dope’ and then sells them the rope to hang themselves.
    I love this President!

  2. Definitely an interesting read. I believed in the “4th dimension chess” game of Trumps however I’m less certain of it the farther we get into his Presidency. Yes, there are many targets identified but the FBI, DOJ and many other alphabet agencies are still run by Lefties and I’m not seeing anyone actually neutralized.

    For instance, Comey was fired but is still on the attack and undermining Trump. I would rather see him silenced through legal means (i.e. NOT killed) and spending some time in jail.

    I like much of what Trump has done legislatively, via XO and judicial appointments. The budget bill was a total stinker and its about time he stops firing cabinet members and gets his vacant appointments filled. And reduce the number of tweets by 1/2 or so.

  3. We are awaiting the IG’s Report, Huber’s “Sessions ordered” findings/charges, and the unsealing of up to 25,000 indictments. That this has all happened on Donald’s watch is no coincidence. And consider the old saying as you watch the left and the #NT’s in the GOPe and media go haywire thinking they have Donald on the ropes:

    “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Pax

    1. And awaiting….and awaiting…and awaiting…..Sessions is as much of a cuck as John McCain.

  4. Before the Election, Trump was Tweetstorming at ObaMao against attacking Syria, Declaring it would be “Bad for America.” (p)Resident Trump has Twice now Attacked this Sovereign Nation, Without Declaration of War or even a Vote from Congress.

    Trump also talked trash about ‘Improving Relations with Russia,’ yet at every Turn He has done things to Destroy any Relationship with a Nation that has as many Nuclear Weapons as the U.S.

    Now, Trump is Attacking an Ally of that Nuclear Superpower as Russian Soldiers and Airmen work to Defend Syria, along with the Combined Efforts of the Syrian Army and Militias. (Yes, Real Militias, Guys in Jeans, T-Shirts and Sneakers, Carrying an AK and Riding the Decks of Tanks of the Regular Army. That is Patriotism in Action, and the Actions of our so-called ‘Leaders’ Disgusts Me.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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