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Crash and burn

Well, THAT sure didn’t take long.

Social Justice Warriors have been trying to get Kevin Williamson fired from his just-started job at the meaningless dribble publication The Atlantic — a magazine much admired by the cucks — because he has previously tweeted that women who get abortions should maybe be hanged.

The Atlantic just fired him. They said they’d found a podcast appearance where Williamson repeated that tweet, and that they now believed this wasn’t just a provocative joke but his “carefully considered” opinion.

It seems it was just yesterday that The Weekly Standard, which you should totally obey because they’re smart guys who really “get” the current political environment, were blowing air-kisses to the liberal print media and claiming charges that it was without integrity were “deeply unserious.”

What will they say now? If they now denounce the leftist print media as totalitarian, that would establish two things:

1, They’re wrong about everything all the time.

Which we already knew. Worse, it would establish:

2, They don’t care about the left’s totalitarian attacks on speech and belief until it gets someone in their own class.

I despise these cucks for this reason: Many of these people scoff at the notion that the leftwing is out for scalps. They are out to get people fired. They are out to ruin lives. They stand for the proposition that You shall repeat our cult dogmas or we will work as hard as possible to deny you the ability to even earn a living plying your trade in Current Year America.

A lot of us believe that we’re in a cold civil war and that the left is now determined to leverage its sociocorporate power to coerce conservatives into either parroting the leftist line or else remaining strictly silent.

On the other hand, the cucks believe the left are just a bunch of swell guys with whom they just have a few points of disagreement, but with whom they agree on the most important point, that everyone besides the cucks is a crazy paranoid for thinking the left means them ill.

Which is precisely what makes them fucking cucks in the first place. Well, that, and their shocked disgust for anybody who might really, truly seem to be serious about doing something so uncollegial and gauche as fighting back against the belly-crawling bastards.

Seems to me there are two possibilities when it comes to Williamson’s rationale for taking the job at the Atlantic: 1) he figured he could be provocative in a click-bait sort of way, giving himself some cover with his libtard bosses and readers by larding every other column with frothing denunciations of everything Trump does or says and attacking his supporters as Flyover fucktards too dimwitted to merit a moment’s consideration by Serious People, or 2) he sincerely hoped to engage in a productive dialogue with the Left about Muh Principles, perhaps even persuading some of them to rethink liberal folly and come around to Housebroken Conservatism at last.

Either that, or he was genuinely okay with becoming another Token Conservative for a liberal-media institution to bat around as their personal cat toy. In that he’d have been performing essentially the same function as other TCs on the Sunday morning talk shows who are willing to sit quietly back letting lie after outrageous lie slide by without demur, then seeing his own bland, anodyne ideas savaged by Our Panel as “radical,” too retarded for words, or just plain evil.

In any event, Williamson made the classic Cuck 101 mistake of giving the shitlibs far too much credit for tolerance, civility, and broad-mindedness. Even after countless demonstrations of Lefty viciousness, dishonesty, and contempt, the stupid cucks just can’t (or won’t) see the reality Ace spells out above: we’re in a cold civil war here. Courtesy, restraint, and consideration count for exactly fuck-all now. They buy nothing. They are worse than a waste of time. They’re what got us where we are; might as well bring a cummerbund, top hat, spats, a snifter of cognac, and a nosegay to a knife-fight for all the good it’ll do towards getting us out of it.

I suppose it’s to Williamson’s credit, in some small way, that he stood his ground and doubled down on what was in fact a fairly provocative tweet instead of groveling and backpedaling immediately. I’m sure he’s now joyously basking in the howls of OUTRAGE! from Team Losercon over his predictable ouster—whatever it is they may think to accomplish by it (will the Atlantic offer him his job back? An apology for their unspeakable breach of etiquette in canning him? Will they run a thoughtful op-ed explaining their reasoning in depth?).

Williamson and his confreres are no more than purblind fools for ever thinking any liberal media outlet was going to tolerate meaningful, vigorous dissent from Left orthodoxy in the first place. One has to wonder how he managed to talk his way into the job in the first place. The Atlantic already has their quota of tame conservatives filled, by Megan McCardle and (ahem) Andrew Sullivan. There’s no more room at the inn. Williamson’s doomed attempt at shoehorning himself into the lineup was only ever going to end one way.

Don’t think for a second that he or any other feeble cuck will learn a damned thing from this humiliating flameout, either. As Ace winds up:

Oh well. Guess you’re stuck with us, cucks. Looks like the Cool Kids you admire you so much don’t admire you enough to let you sit at their table for longer than a few minutes.

Maybe this will finally open your eyes to what’s actually going on right now.

But probably not. You’ve been so arrogantly wrong about so many things for so long, you’re kind of addicted to it.

Yep. Although, a quibble here: they aren’t stuck with anybody but each other. We don’t want ’em, don’t need ’em, and won’t stand for ’em. They’re on their own, and may they have joy of their choice.

By the way, this is the first of several posts I’m going to be lifting/excerpting/whatever from Ace and his crew this weekend. They’ve been tearing it up over there but good.

Update! More Ace:

Victor Davis Hanson Responded to Williamson Before the Firing
…and it was prescient.

Sadly, I think Kevin Williamson will soon find that National Review was far more tolerant of his controversial views than will be true at The Atlantic.

It was prescient because Victor Davis Hanson, unlike Kevin Williamson, actually understands his opponents and understands the current historic moment.

They hate you. And when I say “you,” I mean you too, NeverTrumpers furiously scrambling to ingratiate yourselves to them.

They hate you, they wish you ill, and they’ve decided that now is indeed The End of History, and the end of all debate, and they will not countenance any further back-talk from the likes of you.

Not even from You, nominal Republican who says “I’m not one of those kind of Republicans” at cocktail parties.

Doesn’t matter, really. They’ve accepted the role of perennial losers, always nobly going down to defeat with their dignity intact, lecturing all and sundry on “True Conservatism” despite never having conserved a damned thing. They’re comfortable in it; it’s easy and nonthreatening, free of risk; and it helps them maintain the illusion of “elite” status, thereby immunizing them from ever being associated with the Wrong People.

Different view update! Leave it to Zman to present a contrarian take:

The point is, I take a back seat to no man in my disdain for Williamson and all of the Buckleyite-Conservatarian-Libertarian cabal. To borrow a Derb phrase, I’m a low number hater on this score. That said, what the Atlantic Magazine has done to Kevin Williamson is despicable. In fact, it looks like they plotted it, hiring the guy knowing they would soon fire him, because the lunatics would start howling. Even if the execrable Jeffrey Goldberg is simply a spineless pussy who folded to pressure, firing Williamson is immoral.

Kevin Williamson is a guy with bills and responsibilities. He needs an income like most everyone else in this world. Firing someone is never something to be taken lightly, because it is a life altering experience. To hire a guy away from one company, only to fire him a week later, is to recklessly cause harm to another, for no other reasons than a failure to do your job. If Jeffrey Goldberg was really upset by his hiring of Williamson, he should have quit as editor-in-chief, but that would require personal integrity.

There’s a larger point here. The Atlantic is basically succumbing to the mob, one that is most likely entirely artificial. It is the ultimate heckler’s veto. A relatively tiny cabal of lunatics get to determine who is and who is not allowed on the public stage. It’s exactly what can never be allowed to happen if you want a civil society. The reason is, torch wielding mobs encourage the formation of counter mobs, who see that their only rational option is to meet force with force. Succumbing to the mob only encourages more of it.

Fair enough, I guess. Ahh, but then again:

Edit: I dashed this off in five minutes, so I was not clear on a couple of things. One is the dumb cuck had it coming. If you get in bed with Lefty, expect to wake up with a lot of problems. The other thing is these guys give legitimacy to Progressive media by going on their platforms, so I have no sympathy for them when they get thrown off of them.

That’s more like it. Bottom line is, Williamson and plenty others out there need to internalize what I keep saying: there is no longer any point whatsoever in talking to these people, or trying to debate or reason with them, or to persuade them. They aren’t listening; they aren’t interested. They do NOT respect your 1A-protected right to hold a differing opinion. In fact, they believe such a right does not exist, and not only should but must be ignored as a matter of both practicality and morality, in the name of “progress.” The Constitution entire is at best an anachronism, at worst a hindrance.

As Ace said: THEY HATE YOU. Many of them WANT YOU DEAD, and have said so unequivocally, without the tiniest grain of humor or irony.

For Leftists, Che, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Chavez, and Stalin are heroes, or at worst honorable leaders who may have made a few mistakes here and there in pursuit of correct ideals. WE are the monsters; WE are the evil ones. You will never convince them otherwise. “The end justifies the means.” “To make an omelet you have to break some eggs.” “All within the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.” “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic”—these are not abhorrent justifications for inhumanity and atrocity, but guidelines.

All this is a matter not of speculation or interpretation, but of simply paying attention to what they openly say themselves, and observing what they do. Anybody who either fails or refuses to acknowledge this is…well, a cuck, dammit.


5 thoughts on “Crash and burn

  1. Beat them in print.
    Beat them at the polls.
    When they won’t sit still for that, and won’t have it any other way, beat them in the face.
    And if they haven’t got the sense to lie down after that, it will probably be necessary to beat them to death.

    Okay, challenge accepted.

    This isn’t going to work out for them the way they’ve fantasized for decades.
    But since they won’t color inside the lines, one way or the other, they’re going to stop being such a problem.

    Probably in a demography-shifting manner.

  2. Williamson gets no sympathy from me. Anybody who’d vote for Hitlery Clinton, for any reason, is no ‘conservative’ and no friend of mine!

    He’s a nose-in-the-air jerk. His perfect job is waiting for him at Starbuck’s, where he can sneer at those he considers lesser than him, and misspell their names on their little paper cups. Customers should be careful with him, he might pocket their change!

  3. Kevin will likely land on his feet – he is a truly gifted writer. He will benefit from the large check his lawyer negotiates, and use that to live on while writing his first book.

    Luckily, the raging maniacs (the Leftists in the publishing industry) no longer control what the rest of us read, so – he can more than make up for that income.

  4. “As Ace said: THEY HATE YOU. Many of them WANT YOU DEAD, and have said so unequivocally, without the tiniest grain of humor or irony.”

    Conservatives are being herded into a ghetto. The Left will have the cattle cars along presently.

    There are two choices: surrender and die, or fight back before the gates are locked. The problem is that there’s quite a few “conservatives” hoping to be kapos.

    1. And most of the ones who aren’t trying to be kapos are busy arguing that we should all line up nice and orderly for the cattle cars. The leadership of the Right, and much – if not most – of the rank and file, would much rather simply lose with grace and good manners than do anything else.

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