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On the bright side…

There’s always Bolton.

John Bolton turned up on Fox about an hour before I did last night, and professed to be surprised by the sudden Tweeting of his appointment as US National Security Advisor. The Beltway insiders allege that it was rushed out to distract from Trump’s cave-in on the 2,232-page Schemer-Pelosi Early-Christmas-For-Big-Bloated-Budget-Busting-Bureaucracy Bill that not a single person on this planet has actually read. Oh, and don’t give me that “increased funding for our troops” straw-clutching: every sentient creature from the earthworm up knows that the extra dough’s just going to go to diversity programs and gender reassignment surgery as opposed to anything that might increase the odds of actually winning the next 17-year war.

At this stage the Gullible Old Pussies of the Republican Party are pretty much openly advertising that giving them control of the House, the Senate and the White House is the equivalent of giving Yosemite Sam three sticks of dynamite to shove down his pants – with the additional nicety that this time round they’re actively flipping the finger at their president’s bedrock issue. I reiterate the point I first made on the radio a year ago: On January 20th 2017 Trump should have taken all those showboating showbiz no-shows at face value and held a businesslike inauguration at the southern border while laying the first brick. The brick remains unlaid – not because Vicente Fox refuses to “pay for Trump’s f**kin’ wall” but because Paul Ryan does.

As for the Bolton distraction, it seems to be working. I’ve given up trying to discern ideological themes in Trump’s firings and hirings: as far as I can tell, it’s mostly about people he likes to hang out with. In the case of John Bolton, I first met the new National Security Advisor a decade and a half or so back, in a roomful of European prime ministers and foreign ministers. He delivered a line that stunned the joint:

International law does not trump the US Constitution.

I was standing next to the Finnish Prime Minister, Paavo Lipponen, who had a genuinely puzzled looked on his face and eventually inquired of me: “He is making a joke, no?”


This is a long one, including as it does a repost of a Steyn column on Bolton from 2005. Contained therein are these Bolton quips:

What I love about John Bolton, America’s new ambassador to the UN, is the sheer volume of ‘damaging’ material. Usually, the Democrats and media have to riffle through decades of dreary platitudes to come up with one potentially exploitable infelicitous soundbite. But with Bolton the damaging quotes are hanging off the trees and dropping straight into your bucket. Five minutes’ casual trawling through the back catalogue and your cup runneth over:

The UN building?

‘If you lost ten stories, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.’

Reform of the Security Council?

‘If I were redoing the Security Council, I’d have one permanent member …the United States.’

The International Criminal Court?

‘Fuzzy-minded romanticism …not just naive but dangerous.’

International law in general?

‘It is a big mistake for us to grant any validity to international law.’

Offering incentives to rogue states?

‘I don’t do carrots.’

Steyn also throws in another oldie-but-goodie column peppered with plenty more spicy Bolton haymakers. Whether Steyn’s distraction theory has any merit to it or not, I’m happy to see Big John back in harness as NSA; with Bolton back in their faces and impossible to ignore, the anguished screaming from the usual suspects over his every word is going to be a thing of joyous beauty. However big a fuck-you Trump just allowed the Uniparty to throw at us with his budget own-goal, the one he just lobbed at the UN and the DC Swamp bottom-feeders tops it handily.


1 thought on “On the bright side…

  1. Well, lots of doom & gloom here, from everybody, even including the marvellous Mark Steyn.

    I too was gobsmacked at this surprise “betrayal,” this uncharacteristic surrender that happened without a fight. It put me into a black hole of despair that was devastating. I’ve been on the Trump Train since he announced his candidacy; this unexpected waving of the white flag, as I saw it, amounted to telling me that I’ve been a fool all along. Where to turn? What to do? No other trains going my way, it’s this one or jump off the cliff. What a dilemma!

    It isn’t so much the huge amount of money going to all the wrong things, with nothing going to the right things (except the military; I’m a vet, so that’s the one thing I approved of,) it was seeing Slimy Chuck Schumer and Crazy Nancy Pelosi dancing around with glee. When you see those two acting overjoyed, either Stalin has unexpectedly arrived at their birthday party- or something really, really bad has happened to America! I haven’t seen Stalin around, so this horrid Bill looked like a huge defeat for the forces of good.

    That was my first impression. I should’ve waited, turned off the computer and gone for a walk. Maybe skipped some stones or something calming. I didn’t; I was outraged!

    Since that black moment, though- I’ve discovered some people who have looked at the situation and found that it isn’t actually a defeat for the White Hats; it’s actually a disguised defeat for the Forces of Darkness. I remember when I was a little kid, and cowboy shows were an important part of TV viewing. Those shows had a lot of concentrated American morality (which is probably why we don’t see them any more, sigh-) but I remember vividly when, for the first time, I realized that there was a Bad Guy who was *pretending* to be a Good Guy, and he wore a White Hat!

    I was probably 4 or 5 years old, and this thought had NEVER occurred to me before: that a Bad Guy can pretend to be a Good Guy. It hit me like a brick! Naturally, Roy Rodgers (or whoever the Good Guy was) defeated his evil plan, but he had some bad moments when everybody thought that Roy Rodgers was the Bad Guy, instead of the *real* Bad Guy.

    That’s what is going on now. The Deep State is about as bad a Bad Guy as there can be, and they’re working with a lot of other Bad Guys (Dems, MSM, Wash. Bureaucrats, Hollyweird, GOPe, Spy Agencies, etc.) to defeat Donald Trump. There is a whole snake’s nest of Bad Guys in Washington, and none of them go around telling people that they’re Bad Guys, do they? No; they’re masquerading as Good Guys, and so now a lot of folks who ought to know better (that includes ME,) got the wrong idea and thought that Trump is the Bad Guy- but HE IS STILL THE GOOD GUY!

    One man who I have the highest respect for, and who has never been wrong to my knowledge, is Thomas Wictor. If you’re on Twitter, you should follow him, as anyone who does is the wiser for it. Here’s his take on this Terrible No Good Disaster Trainwreck Bill that Donald Trump signed:

    Now we’ll wait and see what happens. There’s always darkness before the dawn!

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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