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Budget bullshit

Smoke and mirrors from the Uniparty.

President Donald Trump will sign the proposed Omnibus spending bill, White House officials confirmed on Thursday, even though the 2,232-page bill has yet to pass through Congress.

“Let’s cut right to the chase: Is the President going to sign the bill?” Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told reporters at a White House briefing. “The answer is yes.”

The budget director made a practical case for the Republican-led budget process, even though he admitted that it was not “perfect.”

“This is what a bill looks like when you have 60 votes in the Senate when the Democrats get a chance to take their pound of flesh in order to defend the nation,” he said.

Bill takes a straight razor to that flabby nonsense:

No, this is “how it works.” The Democrats propose oceans of spending, the Republicans bitch a little, but then sign off on it, and the deficit and the debt continue to increase.

The excuse always given is the 50 vote filibuster rule in the Senate. Left unsaid is that the GOP could do away with this rule if it wished. In fact, it has already done so in terms of judicial nominations. But the GOP refuses to do so, for several reasons: One, it removes the ability of the minority party to stifle the majority will, and since the GOP, used to decades of being the minority party, fears it will become so again.

And it might, if it keeps on giving the Democrats what they want, and not giving their own voters what they want – cf. The Wall, and an end to the tsunami of immivaders flocking into the US.

Second, the GOP talks a great game about spending and deficits, but when the rubber meets the road, they roll right over, because they need that juicy grease with which to buy their own votes. And congress is, at bottom, nothing more than a grease creation and processing factory, in which special interests must be greased at the expense of Americans and their future.

The mistake is in swallowing the subterfuge that the wings of the Uniparty are in opposition rather than being on the same side, especially when it comes to snootering Trump and preserving the Deep State. Limbaugh offered an interesting take that I find entirely credible:

I think part of this ungodly, over-the-top omnibus spending bill is in part designed by Washington establishment types to do damage to Donald Trump. I think the Never Trumpers in Congress and the Washington establishment types blew this bill up to this inordinate size in hopes that they could cause some blame for it to accrue to Donald Trump.

To weaken Trump in the eyes of his supporters. To make some of his supporters think that Trump is not gonna succeed, that Trump can’t drain the swamp, that Trump cannot really take on the establishment and win. Because, look! The establishment’s writing their ticket here, and they’re getting everything they want, and Trump is not getting much of anything he wants except defense spending and a little pittance toward his wall.

In other words, they know you’re gonna be fit to be tied over this. But they’ve been there and done that. McConnell and Ryan and these guys have been there forever. Trump is in his second year! This is not about Trump, and they’re trying to make it about Trump. This is the congressional side of the establishment asserting itself and essentially saying, “We don’t care that you elected Trump. We know what his election means to you. But look at what we’re doing anyway.” And even if it means some of them don’t win reelection, they are still going to remain in good standing and in high favor with other members of the establishment.

Like Andrew McCabe and James Comey will forever remain icons and heroes to the people in the establishment because of their valiant efforts to get rid of Donald Trump. So even if some Republicans and Democrats lose reelection because of this omnibus spending bill — and they’re probably figuring they won’t ’cause this is March and the election is not ’til November and you’ll forget it by then — they want you to blame Trump for this.

They want you to see or think that Trump is powerless.

So I don’t think anything’s changed. I think the establishment still wants Trump gone, as much now as ever. In fact, maybe more so now than ever because he has survived every attempt they have thrown at him. I think their frustration continues to mount, their anger continues to mount. Don’t forget, I have it on the highest authority that all of these intelligence community people and the media and this whole cabal pushing this Trump-Russia collusion business, I have it on good authority that the people in that movement literally thought that they would have gotten rid of Trump inside of six months.

And we’re now into month 15, and the frustration and anger these people feel at not being able to run this guy out of town or to force you to want him to be run out of time has them doubly committed to getting this done. And what better way to assert the power and the dominance of the establishment versus Trump than to present some gigantic, inexplicable, insulting omnibus spending bill that doesn’t even really advance Republican ideas. And to them the icing on the cake would be you getting mad at Trump for it and you seeing Trump as a failure in his primary objective of changing Washington and draining swamp.

By George, I think he’s got it. Trump ought to veto the damned thing just for spite. I’d stand up and cheer if he did it. But he won’t. I think he believes doing so would be too damaging politically, hindering his ability to do deals on other issues with these people.

And that’s Trump’s mistake. He seems all too reluctant to see his Uniparty antagonists as the outright enemies they really are: sneaky, sinister, scheming shitweasels, festering boils on the ass of the once-great Republic whom nobody should dream of trusting to so much as hold their car keys for a minute. They aren’t going to do any deals with him, not any that are worth the simple chronic halitosis expelled in negotiating them. They’ll renege without a blush on any agreement they DO make in a hot second if they think doing so would harm Trump in even the smallest way.

The one thing I’ve found disappointing about Trump’s efforts so far is his foot-dragging on the single most important part of draining the swamp: completely clearing out the rats’ nest of loyal Obama stay-behinds infesting the federal bureaucracy. He can’t do much about Congress; detaching those remoras from the body politic, vital as it is, is up to the American electorate and nobody else. The job won’t be done quickly, if it’s ever even done at all.

Trump’s gradual, careful approach to reforming government was probably the right tack to take in the beginning. But I think the time to put on the big, heavy boots and start firmly stomping some Vichy GOPe toes in Congress is almost upon him. Oleaginous operators like McConnell, Ryan, and plenty of others ought to be put on notice soon: you’re either with real Americans, or you’re with the Democrat Socialists. The days of your buying our indulgence with double-talk and hollow promises are done.

Swamp lizards don’t want the place drained; they NEED those stagnant, dank DC pools to do their squalid business in, concealed by the weeds and dirty water from the sight of the people they feed on. If American voters aren’t smart enough to finally drag them out by their tails and evict them, they deserve to go right on being bitten.


3 thoughts on “Budget bullshit

  1. Not clearing out the Obama holdovers is indeed a tragic error, one that Reagan didn’t make. “Personnel is policy.” Martin Anderson’s book Revolution is explicit on the meticulous way the pre-inauguration team cleared the offices: “We decided we would rather have an empty office than a holdover.”

    Still, it’s depressing to see Trump concede this skirmish to the Uniparty. It’s the epitome of what we sent him to the White House to prevent. If the reports are accurate, he’ll regret it in November 2018…and perhaps again in November 2020.

  2. As of Friday morning, Trump says he’s considering vetoing it. I hope he does.

  3. Trump signed the bill.

    It’s a heavy blow. I’m still a supporter (there’s really not anybody else to turn to, anyway) but I had really hoped that he would veto this terrible bill. It gives way too much money to all the wrong people: it funds “sanctuary” places, it funds Planned BabyMurders, but there’s nothing for The Wall, and on top of all that it adds yet more gun control. It’s a gift to the Democraps/Uniparty.

    When you see photos & articles showing Crazy Nancy Pelousy and Scheming Chuck Shumer celebrating, then you know it’s bad news for Americans. They’re both smiling like Stalin just arrived at their birthday party, so I’m depressed.

    It’s hard to keep up enthusiasm when shit like this goes down, and there are still no indictments of all those who should be behind bars already. The games continue, but I’m tired of playing. I do realize that President Trump has accomplished a lot- but I also wonder whether anyone will appreciate it after he leaves office, and the Uniparty takes over once more. By then, Americans will be sufficiently watered-down by immigrants from everywhere else that it won’t matter what we want, or what our customs and traditions were.

    Already the America that I was born in is long gone. I remember it fondly, and with a great deal of nostalgia; but it isn’t coming back. Maybe someday I’ll get used to wearing the collar and chain, and presenting my papers to enter wherever it is that I’m allowed to go; probably not, so I’m glad I am old.

    Now I’ll go and check Fakebook, to see whether I’m still allowed to post anything.

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