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Out of the mouths of babes

America infantilized.

I don’t care if a child is singing the praises of Donald Trump or comparing the NRA to the KKK. He’s a child. His political opinions are irrelevant. Anybody attempting to cynically use a child’s ill-formed positions in an effort to sell a political agenda is evil. Such people are using our natural instincts to protect and cherish our children in order to sell a political position. Forget the facts, forget the rights of Englishmen. Forget history, forget economics, forget what actually works and what doesn’t. Instead, the message is this: “do what we say, or else you hate children.”

It’s conceptually no different from “you want to push granny off a cliff.” It’s an emotional argument. Pure rhetoric and a form of Weaponized Empathy.

Yesterday my 3 year old wanted a popsicle for breakfast. Because he’s a child. His opinions on nutrition are irrelevant. And so are the opinions of children on the matter of gun ownership and gun control. They are being used as pawns in someone else’s game. And the idiot who said children are less gullible than adults is a liar.

Everything they do is about more Socialism. And they don’t care what lever they use to move you out of the way of Progress™. Sad stories about third world refugees failed to move you? Okay, bring out some pictures of dead kids. That didn’t work? Con their own kids into some kind of twisted version of the Children’s Crusade and get them protesting in the street. That didn’t work? How about some woke 8 year olds on Twitter? How about some peer pressure? How about threatening your income?

You have to understand, with these people, the means doesn’t matter. Only the end matters, and the end, as they see it, is Socialism.


So just when does someone become an adult anymore?

Nobody ever would if the Proggies had their way. Children are much easier to dominate and rule, see, no matter what age they actually are. And if—when these Peter Pans finally are acknowledged as “adults”—they’ve developed into a bunch of helpless, gutless, docile Pajama Boys with every last trace of masculinity and independence drummed out of them, so much the better.

An 18-year-old can vote. She can get married, sign contracts like a lease, buy a car, buy a house, start a business, get a passport, file for divorce, enlist in the military and risk being killed in uniform on foreign soil. If she commits a crime, she’ll be tried as an adult. She can buy a cigarette, but she can’t buy a beer. She can’t order a Champagne at her own wedding. Let’s toast the happy couple.

She and her 18-year-old hubby can raise their baby in their happy home, but they can’t purchase a handgun to protect their family until they turn 21. Even if they are members of the military, trained on weapons including fully automatic guns, they can’t get a concealed carry permit for the handgun they can’t buy. For some reason their baby’s right to be protected isn’t as important as one whose parents are 21.

I get it. The older I get, the younger 18 seems, and the more I see them as incapable of responsible behavior. But is it their fault? How can you be a true adult when you can’t make the decisions other “adults” can make? And why take responsibility before you have to?

Our schizophrenic laws mean some adults are more equal than others. In other words, they’re not adults! So logically, they must be children.

We need to get back to one age of emancipation. One age where a person knows they will legally be without a net. If that age should be higher than 18, because we’ve dumbed-down 18-years-old to morons now, then fine.

A better idea would be to stop letting liberals dumb-down 18 year olds—along with all the rest of us. But this sort of confused muddle is what happens when “experts” are determined to micromanage affairs that are much too big for them, and aren’t rightfully theirs to manage in the first place.

The world is much too big to fit into the liberal fist. But they keep right on clenching anyway. Unfortunately, we gotta admit they’ve successfully gotten way too much of it into their grasp as it is, with the usual disastrous results.


1 thought on “Out of the mouths of babes

  1. The babes in arms in these protests are being carefully guided by their teachers, it’s not an independent or spontaneous demonstration by any means. And children above the age of 13 can potentially be aware of the necessity of the right to keep and bear arms, if they are taught to do so. 40 years ago, this was done by teachers in public schools – schools which had rifle teams, and schools where students could bring their guns to school to go out hunting or plinking after classes were over for the day. 55 years ago, I can recall going to summer camp at my school and being taught how to shoot a pellet gun – that was in first grade. In sixth grade – age 11 – we’d graduate to a .22 rifle, 8th grade, a .30 calibre rifle, and at age 16, a .45 calibre handgun. There were no videogames then, especially no “first-person shooter” videogames, and gun safety was an integral part of the instruction. And school shootings were unheard of. Students were not drugged to keep them docile, and bad actors had an encounter with the Board of Education” applied to the backside. Hard cases got sent off to the Boys Industrial School. Neither political correctness nor forced feminization were part of the program.

    Schools are different now, students are drugged, exposed to the operant conditioning of first-person shooter videogames, political correctness rules, and the results are plain to see. The “student walkouts” in Kansas were organized by the school administrations, and led by the teachers. In some cases, pro-Second Amendment students – or students who refused to walk out – were punished for not going along with the official propaganda line. There was nothing spontaneous about any of this, it was a bald-faced attempt to manufacture consent for disarmament of the American people by neocons who run the Deep State and the American government.

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