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Deep State gotta Deep State

And cucks gotta cuck.

On Fox News Sunday, Congressman Trey Gowdy spoke with Chris Wallace about, of course, the Mueller investigation, the pending indictment, and what it all means. Bucking the Republican tide, Gowdy is not ready to throw Mueller to the wolves just yet.

In fact, Gowdy is rather complimentary of the former FBI Director, and also calls into question why anyone would think there is a conflict of interest or need for recusal here.

Y’know, I started to go into some detail demonstrating how moronically ass-backwards those two assertions are and realized: why bother? Any reasonably fair-minded person already knows what Mueller is, and what his open-ended fishing expedition is really aiming to do. Much as it pains me to have to say it, Gowdy knows too. Gowdy has always talked real pretty, but as I saw pointed out somewhere the other day, despite all the tough talk he has yet to collect a single scalp by it. He’s another conservative who hasn’t managed to conserve a single damned thing. Other than the Deep State status quo, that is.

But he does address Mueller’s credibility, career, and the notion of a conflict of interest, basically saying there isn’t one. Of course, he also discusses the leaks, and says that “someone” on Mueller’s team violated their oath of secrecy later in the same interview. But clearly he’s not ready to dump Mueller over that. Especially considering that we don’t actually know who did it.


The bigger point, the most important point, is that we don’t even know the facts yet. We don’t know who is being charged, or for what, or on what evidence. It doesn’t take being a former prosecutor, like Gowdy, to know that if you’re calling for his ouster before you know the facts then you’re not operating on the facts. You’re being a partisan.

It’s time to let the chips fall. And to let the man do his job.

Tripe, twaddle, tommyrot, flapdoodle. And just exactly WHAT job would that be, pray tell? Mueller’s “job” was to establish whether there had been “collusion” between Trump and the Russians affecting the 2016 presidential election—a proposition for which there has been not one single shred of evidence unearthed after a year and a half of harrumptious blowhardery about it.

This proposition, in truth, can be far more honestly applied to Clinton and Obama. They cooked the whole thing up in the first place as nothing more than a smokescreen, obscuring the fact that—as per usual with Democrat Socialists—that which they’re flinging accusations about most profligately is precisely what they themselves are guilty of doing.

All the evidence points to the Clinton-Obama cabal. Not one bit of it points in Trump’s direction. Mueller and his all-star “non-partisan” Democrat-Socialist kangaroo court evince not the slightest interest in those facts, which says all anybody needs to know about them. And now poor Mike Flynn has had his life destroyed because of a process crime—lying to the FBI—about conversations with the Russian ambassador regarding fighting Isis (ahem) that took place after the fucking election, during the Trump transition period.

In short, Mueller went after Flynn for doing his fucking job. Not for any “collusion,” not for anything definable as a crime at all, but in hopes that breaking the man would make Flynn more malleable and cooperative in Mueller’s quest to neutralize the menace to the Deep State that Trump represents.

And that’s why this shitshow needs to be halted: because sooner or later, by hook or by crook, Mueller will contrive a lever that will enable him to accomplish his goal. That’s the nature of the kind of open-ended, wide-ranging parody of justice Mueller is running. It’s happened before to people like Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart: people imprisoned for “lying to the FBI” over piffling offenses entirely unrelated to the specific mandate from whence the “investigation” originated.

So it was then, and so it is now. Give a witch-obsessed zealot a torch and no time limit for the hunt, and sooner or later he’s going to find you a witch.

I used to like Gowdy a lot, but seeing him spout the above codswallop on the Sunday shows put paid to all that. Mueller’s mandate was specific, and quite narrow. He has far, FAR exceeded it. Gowdy knows that. He may have had integrity once. He doesn’t now. The Swamp sucked it all out of him, leaving him an empty husk—just another one of its vile creatures grubbing around in the rancid DC muck. To hell with him.

And then we have this:

It’s well known that Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan doesn’t want to be in an actual leadership position; and it’s also well known -enhanced by the campaign, and victory, of Donald Trump- that Republicans did not want to win the majority position and face having to reveal their true UniParty agenda.

The evidence of this UniParty positioning has been staring the electorate in the face, repeatedly and brutally, since candidate Donald Trump actually campaigned on key tenets of the Republican party and found himself being openly opposed by GOP leadership.

Now, a stunning discovery surfaces of Paul Ryan’s Congressional Leadership SuperPAC,, actually campaigning for the Democrat, Conor Lamb, in the recent PA18 congressional race.

Now, there will be some who think this is just a bone-headed move by Paul Ryan because the Democrats already held a +50,000 registration advantage in the district and the SuperPAC didn’t know this mailer would actually end up supporting Lamb. However, as mentioned, there’s a history here that tells us “a mistake” is likely not the case.

“Mistake” my ass. When all the “mistakes” end up cutting in just the one direction, what you’re looking at ain’t a mistake at all. It’s a strategy.

Oh, how I wish I could say I was surprised. Like Gowdy, Ryan once seemed to have his heart in the right place, but stands revealed now as yet another Swamp Thing—part of the disease, unalterably resistant to the cure. To hell with him too, and with every other one of these treacherous, two-faced, backstabbing frauds.


2 thoughts on “Deep State gotta Deep State

  1. Gowdy is a former Federal prosecutor, and just like the rest of that damnable swill, he has no problem with corruption and treason. The crucifixion of Senator Stevens was not done by DoJ management. It was done by prosecutors like dear ol’ Trey. The persecution of the Hutaree militia was not done by DoJ management. It was done by prosecutors like dear ol’ Trey. The persecution of the Hammonds AFTER they had served their sentences was not done by DoJ management. It was done by prosecutors like dear ol’ Trey. The corruption in the Malheur trial was not done by DoJ management. It was done by prosecutors like dear ol’ Trey. The attempted railroading through lies in the Bundy Ranch trial was not done by DoJ management. It was done by prosecutors like dear ol’ Trey.

    Looking the other way screaming “I SEE NOTHINK!!!” in one’s best imitation of Sergeant Schultz does not make one a “good prosecutor”. There ARE NO “good prosecutors” in the DoJ.

    God damn you to hell for eternity, Trey Gowdy! You filthy God damned lying piece of maggot shit. Your head belongs on a pike adjacent to the Beltway, along with the heads of every other Federal prosecutor and every God damned FedPig piece of maggot shit. And your families’ heads belong there as well, as a reminder to all of the penalty for your God damned treason.

  2. Leaving aside Trey’s huffing and puffing during the Benghazi investigation while accomplishing nothing, to say that Robert Mueller is non-partisan straight shooter, and a stand up guy, is so much unmitigated BS. Let’s look a little closer at this so called paragon of virtue, Robert Mueller. Remember the anthrax attacks in 2001 shortly after 9/11? Who was in charge of the investigation that sought to deny the evidence that the strain was in fact created by a state actor and instead tried to pin the blame on two American doctors who were researching the attacks, resulting in the suicide of one of the two doctors? That would be Robert Mueller. Who was running the Boston office of the FBI when it was in bed with Whitey Bulger? This is the office that railroaded four innocent men for murders they did not commit in order to protect Whitey? That would be Robert Mueller. Mueller is not only incompetent but he’s a dirty cop who should be nowhere near an investigation of our president. The obvious reason to anyone with more than two brain cells is that he’s in charge of the attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election. The bureaucracy is not going to give up without a fight. The bureaucracy or shadow government/new world order types know that we’re not going to take it lying down. Why else the increasing attacks on the First and Second Amendments?

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