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Go, Obama, go!

And take Hillary!™ with you.

I would say Michelle and Barack Obama are back in the news, but they’ve never left the news since the 22nd Amendment mercifully exiled them from the Oval Office last year. When President Clinton took the oath of office in 1992, President George H.W. Bush went away. When President George W. Bush assumed power in 2000, President Clinton went away (until the prospect of being the first gentleman came a-knockin’). When President Obama placed his hand on President Lincoln’s Bible in 2008, President Bush went away.

When President Trump made his miraculous win constitutionally official last year, President Obama went away, back to Chicago, to administer the death and destruction left in the wake of 30,000 consecutive days of Democrat rule over the Windy City.

Just kidding: Obama moved into a $5-million D.C. mansion – but only after the wall surrounding the 8,000-square-foot mansion was completely erected. Oh, and Obama’s former senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, moved in with the Obamas, which is just bizarrely weird. It’s like House of Cards meets Three’s Company; rumor has it that Val makes a mean Belgian waffle with an Iranian secret touch.

Obama knows that the Democrats have no one on deck to challenge President Trump in 2020, and we’ll likely have Trump and Mike Pence as president for 12-16 years. (Republicans: Don’t you dare stay home on Election Day – red states no longer exist, and we cannot afford to lose the House of Representatives.) Knowing that Trump and Pence will likely occupy the White House for nearly two decades, Obama has comfortably assumed the role of the face of the “resistance” and will have carte blanche from the DMIC and sycophantic Democrat voters to undermine President Trump ad infinitum. Never mind the mountain of scandals accumulated in Obama’s 96 months as president, including an alleged spying scandal that’s shaping up to be an all-time Mother of All.

Democrats don’t care, just as they disdain our Constitution and Electoral College. Democrats believe they have the right to be right, and they will beat you into submitting to their will. No, Donald Trump isn’t a traditional president, but the American people don’t mind, just so long as President Trump keeps his promises (and kept promises he has). Too bad Tessio Republicans in Congress can’t seem to support the president for consecutive days.

Barack Obama promised a “fundamental transformation” when he took office in 2008, and he was true to his word. When google-eyed, Ludovico-induced Obamaites cheered “four more years!” at his farewell speech, Obama smilingly reminded them that our Constitution prohibits that. Prior presidents always bid adieu to the nation from the Oval Office, but Obama broke tradition and, predictably, was praised by the oh, so devout DMIC. Hell, even Canadians wanted another Obama term. Does that qualify as collusion?

He’s no class, all ego—a scrawny runt who fancies himself a colossus among men. The truly depressing thing is that, had he brazenly attempted a third run in defiance of the Constitution, he probably would have won. You just know the abominable git gave it some VERY serious consideration before deciding reluctantly against it. I’d bet fear and uncertainty over how the military would have reacted had a lot to do with that. Which makes it the wisest decision he ever made.


6 thoughts on “Go, Obama, go!

  1. Republican and conservatives staying home is the biggest threat that exists.
    They have show time and time again that they’re willing to squander hard earned gains simply because they just can’t be fucking bothered to get off their asses and get to the polls.
    Leftists eat our lunch in that respect. They’ll send buses and vans to shuttle their voters to the election booth. Yet, the right expects voters to exhibit responsibility and iniative for their own governance. And that has been to our detriment more often than not.

  2. “You just know the abominable git gave it some VERY serious consideration before deciding reluctantly against it”

    The only thing the gay mulatto gives VERY serious consideration to is what color panties he should wear. Too many people on the web give this moron credit for being some kind of Machiavellian genius, but all he ever did was read a teleprompter and follow the orders massa gave him. He has to be told which hand to use when he gives a hand job to Satan.

  3. Valjar had to move into Soetoro’s mansion. Who else is gonna write out the script for him to read off the teleprompter?

    Even Dems would notice if all their Black Messiah could say was, “Duh, uh, um, duh,” and that’s pretty much his vocabulary without help from his scriptwriter!

  4. The difference with past presidents was that they simply walked away when their term/s
    ended. The Clinton and Obama not only appointed viciously partisan hacks to head
    major cabinet department heads, they hand-picked a crony to head the DNC. We
    are only now beginning to see the consequences of their actions. We are now seeing
    deep state swamp rats openly conspiring to undermine a duly elected president.

    Between the election of President Trump and now, I developed a theory. I call it the
    first rule of conspiracies. If they are too complex or involve too many people, they
    will be discovered. My estimate of the known conspirators convinces me that there
    are maybe a few dozen deep state swamp rat directors and deputy directors and
    less than 100 of their acolytes in the lower tiers active in the current conspiracy.

    The current Democrat party has become so corrupt they qualify under the federal
    RICO statutes. BJ Billy and his hideous lesbian wife went from broke having a
    quarter billion in the Clinton Crime Family Slush Fund and several million dollar
    homes. The Obama’s net worth dwarfs every dollar in net income they earned
    in their entire lifetimes, including several multi-million dollar mansions. One has
    to stop thinking of this in terms of politics. In order to understand this, one has
    to read Mario Puzzo’s The Godfather. Peter Strzoker and his lover are button men,
    Clapper, Mueller, and others are the Capos. The Godfathers are the Clinton’s and
    the Obama’s. If McCabe is turned, you get a Capo. If the Capo turns on the Dons,
    this is going to be the biggest political conspiracy in American history!

    They made the mistake of violating the first rule of conspiracies.

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