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Another idea whose time has surely come

Operation Sanity.

Don’t stop with Tillerson, Mr. President.

It’s time to fire Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller, for incompetence and/or violations of black-letter federal law.

Tell Trey Gowdy his retirement plans just went in the shitter, and he’s the new Acting AG, effective immediately.

And then start shuttering the FBI, and laying people off.

Addendum, from comments at WRSA:

Sessions wanted to have the AG job, but he doesn’t want to do the AG job. Move him over to Border Patrol or ICE, or just put him out to pasture.

Shitcan crooked/criminal Deputy AG Rosenswine too, and every other crooked Obozo holdout at the Dept. of JustUs. Terminate Mueller’s interminable fake investigation, and investigate him for suborning perjury and misprision of felony.

Then purge the FIBs of everyone, down to the level where you find guys who want to actually go after actual, y’know, criminals. (And if that ends up being 5 guys there, or even none, I’m okay with that too.)

And trim the ranks of federal law enforcement allowed to form tactical teams, carry guns at all, or make arrests to just the US Marshals, the Secret Service, and the FBI. DOE can arm nuclear plant guards and prison guards can carry, but only on the premises, Customs and Border Patrol can carry on duty at the border and ports of entry, Park Service guys can carry only in federal parks, and the Coast Guard is still the Coast Guard. Everybody else writes tickets and summonses, unarmed, or else has to tag up and bring actual federal cops. Everybody else carrying at 97 other federal agencies, turn them in, tomorrow. And make that policy federal law, ASAP.

Once again I’ve stomped all over fair use here, but I don’t feel too bad about that; Aesop’s proposal needs to be spread far and wide, repeated over and over until it takes root solidly in the dense but arid soil between the ears of our so-called “leaders.” Important as the above ideas are, though, this one reiterating his preference for Gowdy in the AG post really goes wide and hits hard:

Best of all, he’s actually trying to get the hell out of politics for good, and doesn’t want the job, which should be a requirement for every cabinet post there is, in perpetuity.

It should be a requirement for every damned political post there is if you ask me. Alas, we seem doomed to wrestle eternally with the sorry paradox of politics: the kind of people who want the job are the kind of people who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the damned thing, and the kind of people worthy of the job wouldn’t touch it on a bet.

In any event, the likelihood of Trump making such a move can only hover somewhere between “slim” and “no fucking way.” It would give the appearance of being far more radical than it actually is, and would ignite a firestorm that would burn up one hell of a lot of political capital. If you think the Deep Staters are united in their seditious resistance to Trump’s agenda now, just wait till he attempts something along these lines. On the other hand, the benefit to the nation from doing this are as numerous as they are obvious. Too, it’s precisely the sort of thing he was sent to Washington to do, and would secure his place in history as one of our boldest Presidents.

I don’t doubt Trump has the brass ones big enough to actually try it if he can only convince himself of those benefits. What a pleasant contrast it would make with George Fucking W Bush, the staunch “conservative” who saddled us with not just one but two enormous, incompetent, useless bureaucratic drains on the national lifeblood: the TSA (“professionalizing airport security,” as Dubya himself risibly asserted at the time) and DHS (whose reach has predictably extended far, far beyond “homeland security” to…just about anything you care to name). Political risk aside, I can’t think of much in the way of a downside; even the agonized caterwauling from the Left in defense of their suddenly-beloved Department of Jackbooted Thugs would be a plus, if only in terms of entertainment value.


4 thoughts on “Another idea whose time has surely come

  1. You might want to take a look at a blog called “Conservative Treehouse.”

    Put not your trust in Gowdy, my friend. Instead, read the facts about what Sessions is doing, and understand that complete silence is absolutely necessary when there’s a large-scale criminal investigation going on encompassing FBI/DOJ/CIA, and perhaps FISA Court members.

    1. This is assuming CTH has figured it out correctly. It makes sense the way he explains it. I think the odds of him being at least 75% correct are at least 75%. But that’s neither 100% correct nor guaranteed to be whatever portion of correct I think he is.

      That said, I’d rate the odds on him being right about Gowdy about 95+%. I have very little confidence in him. He might be retiring because he’s tired of fighting and losing. But I don’t buy it.

  2. Gowdy sure talks pretty, but he doesn’t ever seem to take any scalps. One might even think that perhaps Trey Gowdy is providing cover for certain denizens of the Deep Swamp, if one were of the cynical persuasion and suspicious of such towering oratory with so little grounding in accomplishment.

    One scalp that has just been claimed, by the current AG Jeff Sessions, is that of a real scallywag: Andrew McCabe; oft known as “Black Hearted Andy.” The timing for his defenestration and subsequent decortication is most salubrious! Coming as it does just before his official retirement and 50th birthday, and which also severs his multi-million dollar retirement at taxpayer expense, this is auspicious indeed!

    I second the suggestion of perusing The Conservative Treehouse. Its mainstay Sundance explains things so clearly, only a Democrat could misunderstand!

  3. Well, Mike, until we get rid of Vichy Mitchy and his allies, Trump literally can’t do anything, because Vichy, Grassley, Miss Lindsey, etc., have said flat out (in the case of Grassley, Judiciary Committee) that Donald Trump cannot fire Sessions because they won’t confirm a replacement, nor will they allow the Senate to recess so Trump can appoint someone.

    Until we have a minimum of 34 guaranteed no votes under any circumstances on impeachment, Trump’s handcuffed. We’ll have to handle it ourselves.

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