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The more things change…

Like I keep saying: careful what you wish for, Progtards.

It’s obvious that the central tenet of the Democrat Party platform is now hatred and contempt for Normal Americans. Taking their cue from the elites in Europe and Canada who are stripping dissenters of their free speech rights and religious freedoms, the leftist elite is moving to solidify its hold on power here with the eager assistance of tech companies and the moral support of the Fredocons who yearn to return to pseudo-relevance as the ruling class’s slobberingly loyal opposition. In California, the leftist government is practically firing on Fort Sumter. And nationally, these aspiring fascists are especially eager to disarm Normal Americans – doing so would be an object lesson in who’s the boss, as well as solving that frustrating problem of the Normals having the ability to resist.

Democrats, who think history began when Obama was elected, don’t understand the dangerous game they are playing when they talk about how they want to impose their brown shirt vision upon red America. The keyboard commandos of the left seek to hand wave away the massive strategic challenge of imposing control by force upon a well-armed, decentralized citizenry occupying the vast majority of the territory, so they babble about drones and tanks as counterinsurgency trump cards. But there are no trump cards in war. There are men, with rifles, standing on patches of dirt, killing the people trying to push them off. That’s the ugly reality of war. And multiply the usual brutality of war by ten when it’s a civil war.

There are two Civil War II scenarios, and the left is poorly positioned to prevail in either one. The first scenario is that the Democrats take power and violate the Constitution in order to use the apparatus of the federal government to suppress and oppress Normal Americans.

Sad to say, they did that already—with depressingly little in the way of demur or resistance. Not to the degree Kurt is talking about here, maybe. But that only serves to demonstrate the effectiveness of the strategy of incrementalism they adopted after Prohibition blew up in their faces. Beyond that quibble, though, I can’t find a lot here to argue with (a caveat here, which I’ll try to cover in an update later). Especially this:

Let’s talk terrain and numbers. Remember the famous red v. blue voting map? There is a lot of red, and in the interior the few blue splotches are all cities like Las Vegas or Denver. That is a lot of territory for a counter-insurgent force to control, and this is critical. The red is where the food is grown, the oil pumped, and through which everything is transported. And that red space is filled with millions of American citizens with small arms, a fairly large percentage of whom have military training.

Remember what two untrained idiots did in Boston with a couple of pistols? They shut a city down. Now multiply that by several million, with better weapons and training.

Fair use forces me to stop there, I’m afraid. But you should read all of it. I’m particularly interested in Aesop’s take; he’s had plenty to say about this issue before, all of it worthwhile. In fact, I went so far as to e-mail him the link, so we’ll see what transpires. He may be a bit weary of talking about such matters after his last couple of epic posts on the subject—a subject every one of us might very well end up wishing we could have avoided before all is said and done.

Every one, but Progtards most of all. Our reluctance to see things collapse into the horror of civil war should in NO way be mistaken for a lack of determination to prevail if war is forced upon us. Nor does abhorrence of the dreadful brutality of war equal resignation to being killed for lack of shooting back.

Update! Strong endorsement from Thomas Lifson:

Mass psychosis has gripped a significant fraction of the progressive regressive elites in the wake of their shock at the election and presidency of Donald Trump. The open embrace by California and some other jurisdictions of nullification – the doctrine that states can ignore or obstruct federal law – is recapitulating the run-up to our 19th-century Civil War. Serious publications are taking seriously the possibility of an actual armed conflict.

The notion some on the left have that they would gain from such a conflict is insane on every level. It would be a catastrophe of world historical dimensions, unleashing every bad actor in the world to enact its dream aggressions: China attacking Taiwan, Iran attacking Israel, and Russia restoring the old USSR borders, for starters.

But how about the question of who would win? Kurt Schlichter on Town Hall takes a cold, hard look at the question and concludes (correctly) that the blue-staters would get their posteriors handed to them.

That brings us to the caveat I mentioned earlier, involving Schlichter’s closing paragraphs:

Then there’s another factor, an intangible but a crucial one. It’s commitment. The Democrat threat to peace is based on its policies designed to deprive Normal Americans of their right to speak freely, to worship freely, and to defend themselves and their rights with firearms. Make no mistake – millions of Normal Americans are willing to risk death to defend those rights. In fact, many swore to do so when they entered our military and law enforcement. But who is the leftist big talker willing to die to impose the fascist dream of censorship, religious oppression, and disarmament on Normal American citizens? Is the screeching SJW at Yale going to suit up in Kevlar? Is the Vox columnist going to grab a M4? Is the Hollywood poser going to switch her gyro-beanie for a helmet?

No. Hell, we just heard our liberal opponents explaining why a cop shouldn’t be expected to go fight a scumbag murdering kids because it’s scary. America might split apart, but it’s highly unlikely Team Kale n’ Vinyl would fight should their big talk finally push Normal America too far.

Honestly, I don’t know if real Americans should be counting too heavily on that. As long as we’re making comparisons to America’s first Civil War, we shouldn’t forget the confident assumption both sides were guilty of then: that the other side couldn’t fight, wouldn’t fight, and would quickly scurry away in defeat with the slightest pressure. The certainty of both North and South that victory would be not just assured but easy should things degenerate into armed conflict reminds me an awful lot of Lifson’s too-blithe assertion. Kurt assumes the same, if he’s a bit more reflective about it.

But we all need to remember something: it isn’t just “Team Kale n’ Vinyl” that Team Liberty would be fighting. It’s Team Commie, which is another kettle of fish. Sure, the majority of muttonheaded, spoiled-brat college students who faint dead away if they lose signal on their iPhones would find actual combat entirely beyond their capacity to endure. Likewise their tenured Marxist professors, impassioned firebrands though they may be when blustering in the classroom or faculty lounge. Taken as a whole, these doughy cake-eaters are far more likely to fold up like a cheap accordion when the bullets start flying than they are to suddenly get in touch with their inner Audie Murphy.

But we shouldn’t gloss over the truly committed Bolsheviks among them, whatever their actual numbers might be. I’ve seen articles here and there (example) reporting that Antifa fascists—among other diehard Leftwit groups like Black Lies Murder—are beginning to arm themselves in preparation for a conflagration at least some of them are eager to provoke. They burned, looted, and smashed their way through several American cities last year without consequence; marauding groups of them have viciously assaulted normal Americans with the same result. What reason can there be for them to suspect they won’t continue to get away with an escalation of such provocation, to include actual shooting?

I can’t think of any country right offhand in which a communist government was installed without violence. That violence was committed by somebody; it didn’t just magically occur. Marxism’s famous Vanguard is always made up mostly of disaffected students and intellectuals, whatever delusions Marx himself may have harbored about “the Workers.” It may be that America’s own Vanguard of pampered, sheltered, ignorant university twerps is just too soft to really spark a civil war here. It may even be the way to bet. But regarding that as a foregone conclusion is liable to turn out to be a mistake.

The notion that the commie bastards can’t possibly win might not exactly come under the heading of “wild surmise.” But that’s the thing about civil wars: they tend to take on a life of their own, producing all sorts of previously unimaginable end results.


3 thoughts on “The more things change…

  1. Asked and answered:

    Schlichter has a bigger microphone, but I wrote it better, if I do say so myself.

    CW II is short, incredibly bloody, and demographically shifts the country afterwards about 80 years to the right.

    3 to 1 odds the Democrat Party is declared a terrorist organization afterwards, and the GOP is the most left-leaning party in American politics for a century, if it even survives that long.

    There also won’t be any Appomattox forgive-and-forget “these are our brothers” nonsense.

    Heads will be mounted on pike poles afterwards, and then they’ll go after the families.
    The skulls will be stacked up like Cambodia circa 1976.
    Think of the outcome for Carthage after the Third Punic War.
    Or Marcellus Wallace’s plans after escaping from the pawn shop in Pulp Fiction.
    Except nationwide.

    Because the losers in existential struggles usually end up resembling Dresden circa 1945.

    “Carthage must be destroyed.”

  2. “They burned, looted, and smashed their way through several <strikeAmerican Democrat cities last year without consequence;”

    FTFY. They tend to cluster in blue run areas (even in Red states) where the local governments will overlook their crap.

    1. Wonder what happened? I used the strike <strikebutton in the comment editor…. which is putting in incorrect HTML without a closing > on <strike.

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