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A bad case of CRS

Jeez-O-Pete. So many open tabs to clear, so much catching up to do generally that I spaced entirely on updating you fine folks on the whole catastrophic-diabetes-foot issue. The initial appointment at the Diabetes Clinic went very well, or as well as such things can at least. The doc looked at the foot, which looked to me to be healing nicely, and didn’t shriek or faint dead away. Basically, she said, “keep doing what you’ve been doing” and prescribed some antibiotics to knock out what infection still remained. Along with that was ‘scrips for Metformin and Glimepiride for The Sugar, and a blood-pressure med called Lisinopril. She recommended a baby aspirin a day to help ward off the risk of heart attack, which I learned is seven times higher for diabetics than normal people.

My A1C checked out at 12, which is middling poor but not too awful, 7 being okay and 17 spelling real trouble. She told me the meds would have me all kinds of fucked up at first, until my body started adjusting to ’em, and she was NOT fooling about that. Nausea, lethargy and lack of energy, the runs—you name it, this stuff has inflicted it on me. She said that could go on for as much as two weeks, but thankfully after a week things seem to be settling down nicely.

So, well, yeah. Bottom line: I walked out of the clinic feeling way better about the situation than I did when I walked in. I think part of the reason my blood pressure was slightly elevated was that I was absolutely terrified over the prospect of being told the left foot was going to have to go, which seemed all but inevitable when I went in the place. The doc was nice, professional, and…well, everything you want a doc to be, basically. I go back on April 2nd to adjust the meds if necessary; one part of getting older that I’ve always dreaded was the increasing presence of doctors in one’s life that goes along with it. I’ve been blessed all my life with good health, and the magnitude of that blessing will be growing more evident as I age, I’m sure.

Sorry to be late in getting the news to y’all, and my humblest thanks for your concern. It means the world to me, and that’s the plain truth. And now, on with the tab-clearing.


2 thoughts on “A bad case of CRS

  1. My friend,

    An A1c of 12 is not as you describe, but a massive red flag that your diabetes is raging.

    Get thee to an endo that helps you get it below 6. Incredibly, most Dr’s and endo’s are woefully ignorant about diabetes. Each diabetic is wonderfully unique, and no treatment is one size fits all. It is one disease you have to figure out for yourself.

    I went years following the advice you have received, and my reward is an insulin resistance that runs my life.

    Don’t wait until you have completely blown out your pancreas. An A1c of 12 will do that in very short order.

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