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Mea culpa!

TR offers up one, for the analysis I posted here the other day:

Boy, was I wrong! In my previous piece on Mueller’s joke of an investigation, I suggested that his Hail Mary would be a perjury trap laid for President Trump – one which, given the POTUS’ lack of precision and lawyerspeak, might have been successful.

Instead, Mueller pulled a move that is so genius, Wile E. Coyote would approve. He indicted 13 Russian ham sandwiches of various minor offenses and then charged them all with a “conspiracy.” What makes this move genius, on his part, is that they’re Russian. We have no extradition treaty with Russia. Hence, Mueller will never be asked to prove his charges in a court of law. It’s the ultimate golden parachute for him.

And John Q. Public will never trouble himself to do a little of his own investigation. He’ll never find out, for instance, that the total ad spend with Facebook was somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000. He’ll never be troubled by the fact that over 50% of the efforts with which these Russkies were charged came AFTER the election. He’ll likely not know that the Russians actually staged pro and con Trump rallies on the same day. And not knowing these things – because these are facts that you have to DIG for nowadays – he’ll likely think that Trump did in fact conspire with the Russians. And with 13 commies indicted, it just HASTA be a big conspiracy! It’s truly genius on Mueller’s part.


Except that it appears that the Flynn indictment and plea might be vacated due to prosecutorial misconduct. How are they gonna hide that one?

Except that the UraniumOne investigation continues to be ongoing.

Except that the IG’s investigation of Felona Von Pantsuit’s email server is going to be released soon, as will Mueller’s role in dealing with that issue.

Except that the revelation that the FBI couldn’t even be bothered to talk to Nikolas Cruz – who was cleverly hiding online with the username of “Nikolas Cruz” – has perhaps pierced the faith that Mr. Public has in the Feebs.

I still think that Mueller is just trying to run out the clock until November, when he can cast enough suspicion over Trump to provoke a Democrat takeover of Congress and then a sham impeachment. The question is whether or not it will work.

That was the real question all along, right from the start. How could it be otherwise, really, since the whole thing was always much more partisan ploy than honest investigation? They’ve operated right along on some badly misguided assumptions: that normal Americans hated Trump as much as they do; that they’re much, much smarter than he is; that the rest of us couldn’t possible EVER catch on to their game; that they could intimidate Trump and/or his staffers into caving in and making some kind of deal with them; that their status as power brokers was permanent, leaving them untouchable.

Now they’re hanging on by their fingernails, scrambling and spinning just to try to keep themselves and their co-conspirators out of the jug (or the gibbet) for committing seriously treasonous crimes they assumed a Hillary! victory would forever provide them cover for. I still maintain the odds of any of them facing appropriate punishment are vanishingly low, but it’s still highly satisfying to see the wind being so thoroughly knocked out of them by all this.

Gonna have to come up with an acronym or some other kind of shorthand for “Why no, I am NOT tired of all the winning yet,” looks like.


2 thoughts on “Mea culpa!

  1. That will be the one promise Trump will not be able to keep. I enjoy winning and I enjoy watching snowflakes squirm and cry and the caterwauling from the media as they are proven wrong time and again. Much like the childish whining coming from the Eurosphere and the newfound respect from the rest of the world.
    Bring on the wins.

  2. My concern about the DoJ IG is that the same people lauding his professionalism and honesty also said the same things about Comey and Mueller and Wray and Rosenstein. If Horowitz proves to be as corrupt and foul as the rest of that swill, then it’s dead pig time.

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