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Forever failure

Or: Chickens, home to fucking roost.

The liberals’ lies no longer work, and they are realizing it. Too bad they got nothing else. They demand more power for the government, yet in seemingly every one of these cases it turns out the government has totally dropped the ball. Perhaps tracking down a guy who babbles online about shooting up a school cuts into their on-the-job sexting action. Better give the bureaucrats who screwed-up this and multiple other cases even more power, and take rights away from the citizens who didn’t do anything wrong because…uh…well, uh, you must like mass murder if you dare ask questions like that!

The left is shooting intellectual and rhetorical blanks, because now we’re – wait for it – woke. We see the truth. No one who wants us to give up our guns does so because they want us to be more able to defend ourselves from crime or tyranny. Their agenda is clear, no matter how much they lie and deny.

Disarmament is key to converting us from citizens to subjects, and we’re just not playing that game. So they mutter about the NRA – which you need to join if you dig freedom – and we keep buying guns and ammunition to create the facts on the ground that will ensure their long-sought after end state of another Venezuela will never happen here.

Then there’s their pivot to the latest bimbo trying to use an alleged ancient fling with the president to get some attention. The liberals once again got all aroused by the idea that this would do him in with his fans: Well, your so-called president got with a Playboy Playmate and also a porn star and also a Slovenian super model and…..and…wait…

Yeah, that’ll totally take out Trump. We’ll turn on him because he allegedly scored with too many hot women.

And then there’s Robert Mueller and his agonized admission that no American citizens were willingly involved with Russian meddling in the election. Note the word is now “meddling.” They don’t use the word “collusion” anymore since Mueller admitted that there was no collusion – which is what we’ve been saying for over a year in response to Team Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit’s pathetic attempt to explain away her humiliating defeat at the hands of patriotic Americans.

Instead of frog-marching the whole of Trump World out of the West Wing for partying with Putin, Mueller’s festival of liberal onanism has instead resulted in indictments of a bunch of trolls who remain safely out-of-reach in Vladivostok, the better to avoid the feds being humiliated in court like they were by Cliven Bundy. But hey – they were going for Trump and instead got the mastermind manipulators behind 13 follower accounts such as @MAGATrumpMAGAGuy and @BernieSuperFan72, so that’s almost as good.

Yeah, it’s been a sad week to be a liberal, again. Good.

Very damned good indeed…because the sadder they are, the better the rest of us are doing. Which, when you get right down to it, is what really galls them the most.

I dunno, it’s always seemed to me that for the more childish Progressivist reprobates, the lust to weaken, frustrate, denigrate, and lash out generally at this country springs from an unconscious adolescent-rebellion impulse; when they reflexively denounce the US, they’re somehow getting even with Daddy for some imagined wrong or other. Could be I’m wrong about that; such armchair psychoanalysis is probably of only limited use anyway, and shouldn’t be relied on too much. But I’m just about sure it’s true for at least some of them, and maybe many more of them than I think.

Be all that as it may, the Left’s mindless nihilism has finally painted them into quite a difficult corner, one that will require serious rethinking of their platform and ideals if they’re ever to extricate themselves from it. They’ve left themselves with no other choice but to respond to a brightening economic picture with sour-faced complaint; to revitalizing tax cuts resulting in more money in almost everybody’s pocket with whining about their insignificance—when the last time they themselves offered tax cuts of any kind was during JFK’s administration; to enthusiastic diplomatic responses to Trump’s overtures from everybody but North Korea with—no, seriously—fawning praise for North Korea and its repulsive dictator, as incredible as that may seem to non-deranged people.

In short, they find themselves forced to deny realities that are glaringly clear to all of us, probably including them. But it’s even worse for them than just that. Running on a platform not only of denying an obvious improvement in our circumstances but of actually opposing such a happy development is NOT a formula for electoral success. Optimism, encouragement, faith, and heartfelt patriotic sentiment wins out over gloom, despair, resignation, and supercilious contempt for America and Americans every time. None of those things has ever won many votes.

But what the hell else do they have? Despite my fretful caveat from the other day, I can’t for the life of me see the fall elections as ending in anything less than disaster for them, and probably the same over the next several cycles. Granted, a lot can happen over that period to change things, and very well may. But as things stand, I can’t for the life of me see it happening.

We have reached end-stage Progressivism, and it’s a nightmare for Progressivists. It was never going to end any other way. It’s an ill wind indeed that blows no man any good; the bonfire of liberal vanities is gonna be great for toasting marshmallows over.


1 thought on “Forever failure

  1. The Internet has Destroyed the bolshevik’s Plan to take control of the Nation. That their Lies are Transparent to anyone who takes a Look Away from their ‘Owned’ media is just now becoming visible to THEM. It has driven the bolsheviks into a Psychotic Frenzy, you can see it in the Eyes of their media mouthpieces and ‘Owned’ congresscritters. Flailing and Screaming, Grasping at Straws are where they are at, and they may be only one or two more False Flag Events away from a Critical Mass of Normal People deciding the entire .gov Beast is Illegitimate, and Need Not be Obeyed.

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