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Bringing the hate

The feeling is mutual.

The Strzoks and Pages, the Clintons and Obamas have all made it abundantly clear that they don’t like the America they see around them. They don’t like where it came from or the people who live here. The ruling class makes no secret of it: they hate you.

…compare the slogans of the Left to their candid public and private statements.

The Rhetoric

Love trumps hate.
Hope and change.
“Hate is not a family value.”

The Reality

“Buttf*** Texas”
Bitter clingers

The sense of entitlement and open disdain of this country’s counterfeit elites is dangerous. Early in the Obama Administration, it led to weaponizing the IRS against political rivals. That manifest wrong was never punished and it emboldened ruling class Democrats in the FBI to lie to the FISA court so they could spy on the Trump campaign for the benefit of Hillary Clinton.

The unfolding political corruption is just the public manifestation of a deeper social and political crisis that strikes at the heart of our ability to maintain a system of constitutional self-government. George Washington addressed his countrymen as “friends and citizens” in his Farewell Address. The ruling class doesn’t want that. They don’t want citizens, much less friends. They want subjects.

Actually, the hate doesn’t bother me so much; as I said, it’s reciprocated from here, in full measure and with bells on, and I can’t honestly say I’d have it any other way. No, it’s the contempt that’s galling. Knowing that such inferior, incompetent, insufferable schmucks are so ganked up in their diseased thought processes as to actually despise the very people who make their parasitism possible (and who pay the damned bills for their shit-witted fuck-uppery, too) by keeping the country running in spite of their constant gumming of the works is what’s intolerable, if you ask me.

Then again, we DO keep right on paying the bills for them, without anything other than a little verbal complaint about it, mostly muttered betwixt ourselves instead of screamed in their faces. Since to date not one of their empty heads has been mounted on a DC pike where it might actually do some good for once, could be they’re right in thinking of us as a bunch of dopes and suckers, sheep there for the fleecing.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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