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Questions, questions

Diplomad asks a couple.

The Trump-Russia collusion story is a hoax by the Hillary campaign and its allies, and if we had a legitimate press it would so have been declared. This humble and inconsequential blog called it a hoax long ago (here and here, for example). As I have stated repeatedly, the whole thing falls apart with one question: Why would Putin favor Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton? His buddies had paid Clinton millions, including via “speaking fees” to Bill. Except perhaps for Donald Trump,  everyone, at home and abroad, just assumed Hillary Clinton was going to be the next president.

Well, yet another nail has been hammered into the coffin of this horrible story.

In the last few days, we have had another letter and memo released (somewhat redacted) by Senators Graham and Grassley, two gents who do not particularly care for Donald Trump and are commonly seen as RINOs.

Read it; you don’t need me to tell you what’s in it, but if you want a devastating analysis of what this memo does to the whole Russia story, read Andrew McCarthy’s piece in the NR. There is no way I can do a better analysis than what McCarthy did; note, again, that McCarthy has not been a fan of Trump’s.

It’s clear that the FBI used the fake Steele dossier to get warrants to surveil American citizens. The FBI knew the dossier was fake and a product of the Hillary campaign. Yet they used it to get the initial surveillance warrant, as well as the extensions. Particularly galling, as McCarthy notes, the FBI did not provide any evidence of wrong-doing found by the initial surveillance when it sought those extensions, and, essentially, just repeated the lie that Steele was reliable and had reliable sources.

What I don’t see examined anywhere, however, is yet an even more troubling scandal and piece of evidence of the “deep state” at work.

Why would an honest, objective judge accept the flimsy “evidence” provided by the FBI?

A: an “honest, objective judge” wouldn’t. A bought-and-paid-for fellow-traveler, a Progressivist shill (or three, or four), did. These treasonous Deep Staters went judge-shopping for a fig leaf, a rubber stamp; the FISA “court” is well enough known for providing that already. Any bets on whether any or all of the too-biddable jurists in this instance will turn out to be Obama appointees, should our betters ever allow us to know their identities?

Yeah, thought not.

Dip poses a few more questions before his son puts the capper on: “I am tired of memos and investigations. We all know what went on. It’s time for people to be indicted and jailed.” Damned skippy it is. Sadly, I’ve said before I don’t expect any such, and I still don’t. That might well be the most depressing aspect of the whole thing, at least for me.

Time, and past time, to rid ourselves of the insidious FBI as well. If their entire history of corruption, treachery, lawlessness, and (apparently justified) sense of entitlement and impunity weren’t reason enough, the plot to rig the last election and the ensuing campaign to hamstring the duly-elected President would be plenty all by themselves.

As for why they ever attempted this hamfisted mishegoss of a coup in the first place, Daniel Flynn has that covered:

An administration siccing the surveillance state on the opposition party’s presidential candidate based on dubious reports compiled by the favored presidential candidate’s campaign ranks as a terribly reckless strategy risking the future freedom of its architects for their future power, no?

“Not if you think you will win the election and no one will ever find out,” an animated Joseph diGenova tells The American Spectator. “That’s why they did it. They thought she would win and no one would ever find out.”

Alas, Hillary Clinton did not, as so many expected, win the presidency. So, the incoming administration, investigated by dubious means, got to see what the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and various Justice Department officials believed it would never see.

Seems simple enough at that, don’t it? All the convolutions and contortions and headache-inducing lists of names and dates and places and timelines and other such piffling pedantry should not for a moment be allowed to obscure that essential truth. They just KNEW Her Herness couldn’t possibly fail to win, and the rigging of the election would be swept under the rug along with all of Obama’s other high crimes and misdemeanors forever.


Let’s keep in mind another essential, core truth here: they’re fucking incompetent. Despite their monumental arrogance, the obvious takeaway is that these idiots—Democrat Socialists, the Fibbies, Obama and the Clintons, Comey, the whole can of slimy worms—could fuck up a one-car funeral.

Okay, granted, launching a clandestine attempt to overturn an election and overthrow a legitimate government might not be the easiest thing in the world to pull off, the basic right and wrong of the thing aside. But did that give these clowns even a second’s pause? Hell no. Far as I can discern, not one among ’em—not ONE—ever once expressed hesitation or doubt about the advisability of mucking about with one of our most cherished bedrock institutions. Nobody had wit or discernment enough to ask, “Hey, fellas, ummm, maybe destroying for all time Americans’ trust in the integrity of their elections might not be such a good idea, y’know?”

Kinda makes you wonder what else they might have gotten up to over the years, and gotten away with to date, that would instill such reckless faith in their ability to pull it off this time around, don’t it?

Thankfully, though, they couldn’t. Their arrogance was their Achilles heel; their incompetence was their undoing. The Keystone Kops would’ve made a better job of it than these shitheels. Even Inspector Clouseau always got his man in the end. But not these guys. And for that, we should probably all be grateful.


8 thoughts on “Questions, questions

  1. Treason and Sedition, but Nothing will Happen. The Swamp is too pervasive and Deep, with such extensive, interlocking circles of Corrupt individuals, that Every One of them Knows that ANY serious attempt (for partisan reasons) to ‘hold accountable’ even a single Major Player will result in the Entire Thing unraveling and taking them All Down. You will NEVER see the Hildabeast or the Brown Clown get perp-walked, and all that happens to Minions is “Retirement” with cushy .gov Pensions, and then Million-dollar ‘Consultant’ gigs at one of the bolshevik/leftist ‘think tanks’.

    1. Democrats, globalist and islam *thank* you for your submission to hopelessness.

      You’ve successfully TOKYO-ROSEd yourself!

      1. Kauf Buch – I did Not say that to be a ‘submissive’ to the System of Corruption. I am simply pointing out the Fact that the ‘Swamp’ cannot self-correct; Change will eventually Happen, due to External Factors that Destabilize the Swamp’s ability to Maintain Itself, and its Control of the Nation. The term Auto-Delegitimization should be on >>>Their<<< minds, but it is Not, due to Hubris…. Every Time another E-Mail, Memo, or other Document outlining the Corruption is 'leaked', the Swamp loses Credibility, and Power. Eventually, there will come a Flashpoint of some sort, where something like the 'Bundy Ranch' happens, and the fedgov will Not be able to Control the Narrative, and a Nationwide rejection of its 'authority' will Occur.
        I do not 'despair' of watching this Happen, I just sit here Smiling, Watching as the Swamp is on its path to Self-Destruction. I'm beginning to suspect that Donald Trump is, too.

  2. These snakes obviously thought their multiple layers of protection made it inconceivable that they would ever pay a price. Look at what they believed was their protection:

    1. Hillary would be elected, and anyone who had collaborated with the Clinton machine would be promoted, not exposed.

    2. The Deep State cabal at the FBI knew they were not going to rat each other out.

    3. The FBI are themselves the investigators, so who would conceivably be investigating them? Some toothless congressional committee? So what? Just smear them, leak something minor or even untrue to discredit and divert the committee head, no problem.

    4. The Deep State apparatus at the DOJ makes decisions about prosecutions, and they were never going to allow prosecution of their buddies in the FBI (this one is partially still in place, by the way).

    5. They were the media’s darling, and they expected that public facade was enough protection enough on its own. Who goes after the Untouchables? The media would laugh and point at anyone who did, call them a crank, then bemoan their lack of patriotism in “undermining such a fine organization”. That would be enough disincentive to keep random people in the process in line.

    From their viewpoint in 2016, there might as well be wearing an Iron Man suit. The idea that these layers were not impervious simply never occurred to them. They arrogantly thought it impossible to be exposed or prosecuted.

    Comey still does, based on his public pronouncements and his forthcoming book. He still think the old magic is strong enough to protect him. Most of the others who left probably think so too. Sure, they’ve been inconvenienced in their career path, but only in the very recent past with the release of the first round of memos and the promise of more to come have any of them really thought they might be standing in front a judge listening to their sentence someday.

  3. The reason the FISC judges accepted flimsy evidence is clear; they couldn’t possibly have acted on a complete and proper FISA request. The vagueness had to be baked in. Issuing a warrant based on a complete telling of the facts would be so raw it couldn’t even be contemplated.

    What’s interesting to me is the dog that hasn’t barked. The Clintons don’t like loose ends. I’m not seeing any bizarre deaths or suicides happening with the current ensemble. Perhaps because characters from Arkansas or other hangers-on are one thing; the FIB, even a corrupt and lawless FIB, is a more ominous figure when aroused. Bumping some of those cats off is going to take some fine judgement. Even the lower level ones I am constantly being told are great guys and I don’t have to worry about them and they’re not a part of this, no sir, swear to god, might act on this as a matter of the principle of the thing, if Feds start dying mysteriously.

    And on the matter of the rank-and-file, salt of the earth FIBs? Keep in mind who was doing the hiring for Federal police and security agencies for eight years in the not-too-distant past:

    Former FBI Agent Jonathan Gilliam: Bureau’s Top Brass Climb Ladder by Ideology, Not Merit

    The more someone proclaims that the lower level rank-and-file aren’t part of the Deep State coup, the more I worry.

    1. Monty James,
      “Issuing a warrant based on a complete telling of the facts would be so raw it couldn’t even be contemplated.”

      A better word would be “comprehended”. Or maybe that’s what you meant to say. Or it could be that both words would fit. 😜

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