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Better late than…

CF lifer TR sends this along, with permission for me to post it. Naturally, it came in the middle of the big move, so I’m only just now getting around to doing so. Events have overtaken some of the points herein, rendering them no longer relevant. But others are evergreen, I think, and it all adds up to a good outline of events so far, making it well worth a look.

Special Prosecutor Mueller is trying to throw a Hail Mary. For those who don’t know, a “Hail Mary” is a desperate, last-second forward pass on the football field, without regard for defensive coverage, just hoping that it lands in the hands of an offensive receiver who will then score and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

The “Special” investigation headed by Robert Mueller is about to come to an end. We know this because he’s throwing his Hail Mary right now, and you only do that when the clock is running out. His Hail Mary is to attempt to get President Trump under oath and hope desperately that he can catch the POTUS in something that he can then call a “lie,” and establish a process crime. He has to do that NOW because the clock is about to run out, not only on the investigation, but on Mueller himself. Why is that so?

To understand that, we must back up a ways. All the way to the original Uranium One sale to the Russians. While everyone focuses on the fact that Hillary Clinton was heavily involved in that sale, let’s not forget that Robert Mueller was also on the committee that OK’d the sale, as the FBI Director. Hence, if the sale was crooked, Mueller might feel that he’s as exposed as Mrs. Clinton. This wouldn’t be a problem IF Hillary had won the election; all the Obama/Clinton scandals would have gotten swept under the rug by a complicit Justice Department.

But Trump won. What to do? Well, that of course is the “insurance policy” referred to by Peter Strzok and his rather homely paramour, Lisa Page. Russia Russia Russia. Open an investigation, appoint a “special prosecutor” who is guaranteed not to be unbiased, and delegitimize the duly elected President. This strategy depended on many things, not the least of which is the spinelessness of the Republican Party and its NeverTrump wing.

At first, things were fine. AG Sessions, doing dishonor to proud Southerners everywhere (especially those named Jeffrey and Beauregard), recused himself despite it having been proven in Congressional testimony that he had no reason to do so.

In walks swamp dweller Rob Rosenstein, who then appoints someone whose career – and perhaps freedom – depends on keeping Trump at bay and the scandals quiet. Robert Mueller.

I think Mueller knew from the very beginning that the Russia investigation was, as Van Jones said, “a big nothingburger.” BUT, it was the only way to attempt to keep Trump on the defensive and make any inroads by the FBI/Justice into the Obama era scandals moot – with the help of a complicit and fawning media, of course. Even if Mueller believed that there was something there, he had to know within 60 days that there was no Russian collusion. However, the old paradigm that “work expands to fill the time allotted” came true, and we ended up with another endless investigation.

Early on, the plan was working nicely. Russia was all the media talked about (when they weren’t distracted by the ‘daily OMG’ of Trump saying a naughty word), and probably a plurality of people believed that there was something to the investigation. This strategy would have played itself out, but probably not for a couple of years – which might have given the Dems a shot to retake Congress in 2018 and do an impeachment show trial.

Then came the news that Justice was reopening the Uranium One investigation (which produced its first indictment a few weeks ago). Suddenly Mueller had a lot to lose. I have to think that, when he got the Flynn guilty plea, Mueller badly wanted this investigation to be over. The Flynn plea had all the hallmarks of a typical Washington investigation-ender. Indict the ham sandwich for nothing substantial, bring enough pressure to bear to get the sandwich to plead guilty, and then take a victory lap of the talk shows – where Mueller could say things like “We think the conspiracy went higher, but unfortunately couldn’t prove it,” and cast a shadow over Trump’s Presidency long enough to produce the aforementioned Democrat takeover and impeachment.

At the very least, Uranium One could disgrace Mueller; at the worst, he could be indictable. With Uranium One still being investigated, Mueller was denied that opportunity, and he had to keep searching to find SOMETHING indictable about Trump. The fact that he hasn’t just might mean that Donald Trump is, from a legal perspective, perhaps the cleanest person to occupy the Oval Office in decades. Isn’t THAT ironic?

Now the clock is running out. The truck driver indicted in Uranium One may have something substantial to say. The MEMO is about to be released (notice that with all the talk of the memo, talk about Mueller getting Trump to testify has gone away). Mueller’s only option left is the perjury trap. His last-second, midfield, Hail Mary.

And supposing he traps President Trump – which isn’t unreasonable, considering that President Trump is not known for precision of wording – then what? Perhaps an under-the-table deal where Mueller says, “I won’t make this public if you let me off from Uranium One,” or Mueller taking the shot to discredit President Trump to the point that U1 will just go away? It’s hard to say, but desperate men do desperate things.

I could be wrong, of course, but I can’t come up with a single reason that this sham investigation has gone on past the Flynn indictment.

A hundred years from now, historians may remember “Memo Day” as the day that started the restoration of our democracy, and President Trump as the man who reversed our path to tyranny. Or – they may only write what they’re allowed by the government overseers who follow Robert Mueller.

We live in interesting times, indeed.

Indeed we do; in truth, I’d say that’s putting it danged mildly. No matter how it all shakes out, though, it’s apparent enough that Trump didn’t come along a moment too soon.

Mueller might well turn out to be the most hapless of all the clowns in the Dem-Soc circus; he’s turned over plenty of rocks, all right, but they were in the wrong field, and the worms crawling underneath were ones he would probably rather have stayed covered. But maybe it wasn’t really his fault; the failed Obama/Clinton putsch attempt was a serious enough offense against the Republic that maybe it was all just too monumental not to come out in the event of Her Herness’s defeat.

I know I said a while back that Trump needed to dump Mueller and end his phony “investigation,” but seeing how thoroughly the splashback has doused the nefarious Clinton/Obama cabal, I’m damned glad he didn’t now. The intriguing question at this point is whether the unraveling of this sloppy skein of corruption and treachery was just a matter of happenstance, luck, and good instincts—or whether Trump sat patiently back and let all this spin out on purpose, with knowledge, forethought, and intent, craftily dealing out enough rope for the plotters to hang themselves with. In which case the man should be acknowledged as a bona-fide political genius, amateur or not.

Many thanks to TR for sending this along.


6 thoughts on “Better late than…

  1. The REAL question is:
    Where are all the “good cops” and “good prosecutors” that the illustrious Trey Gowdy keeps insisting there are in the FBI and the DoJ?”

    The true answer is:

    God damn Gowdy to hell for his lies. He’s just another God damned corrupt piece of fucking shit like the REST of the FBI and the DoJ. God damn every one of them for what they have done to this country.

  2. Trump does seem to have a genius for knowing when to let a string play out. I’ve been impatient too with his forbearance with his enemies, wondering when he’s going to finally crack down on them. Turns out giving them their head was the right choice; they don’t know when to stop themselves, and keep going until they’ve wedged themselves into an impossible situation. Much better than yanking the chain and shutting them down. Then he would have been forever dogged by the suspicion-mongers that Mueller was on the verge of exposing something big, and Trump was scared and had to stifle him.

    I saw the first glimpse of that during the Republican convention, when he didn’t stop Ted Cruz from giving his disastrous address, that left the crowd positively *booing* him by the end. That buried the threat from Cruz once and for all, and cemented his hold on the top position. And Trump didn’t have to do anything. He just knew, in an uncanny way, what would happen, and didn’t interfere. I guess that instinct is operating still, and I shouldn’t lose confidence so easily. But I’m so used to conservatives being outmanoeuvered, the waiting is difficult.

    1. You’re thinking of all the faux conservatives who agree to be outmaneuvered because they’re Uniparty, just like the Dems.

  3. Even if Trump does agree to talk to Mueller (I say he should not), he could just pull a Hillary and say “I really don’t remember” 491 times. Can’t call him a liar if he doesn’t say anything that contradicts known facts.

  4. Trump should absolutely talk to Mueller, but only with an attorney present. When the left caterwauls about it, just reply “What, you don’t like civil liberties? But then we knew that already.”

  5. Lurker here and my first comment! 🙂
    Great synopsis but Mueller is in a very deep shithole himself and tries hard to stay out of prison ergo still a black hat playing a dual role. His jig is up.
    I’m not sure if any of you read “Q” or know about Q’s posting which are intel drops/breadcrumbs for us to follow along. Q posts are only posted at 8chan and the anons over there are pretty good.
    If you want to read these insider/intel drops you can start here #Qanon, #Q and more. There are other links there to expand your thinking.
    Mueller has a choice to make: Either come clean that his appointment was based fraud and declare Trump innocent or turn complete white hat. The choice is his.
    One other thing to consider that leaves my personal opinion that he will not interview Trump. It most likely is one the msn “Mocking Bird” disinformation to keep that thing going. The jig is up for all of them since we learn daily new info how seditious the FBI, CIA and DOJ were declaring Hillary innocent in her email scandal.
    Q posts daily and gives us the behind the scene info and military ops rounding up many of these corrupt and treasonous individuals. The intel drops are also giving us info three days prior before they happen such as the media receiving deep state emails every morning at 4AM with their talking points for the day. While everything plays out in front of us behind the scene GITMO is prepared for the upcoming tribunals. Our military ops have extracted, arrested a number of these crooks and interrogated them at GITMO but release them to continue to monitor them. One of the most recent ones there was McCabe. He sang like a bird giving up even more sources. Hillary, McCain and others have ankle bracelets to keep track of them.
    I encourage you if interested to read Q and you’ll be shocked but also surprised by what goes on but also what is revealed to us that we’ve not known.
    One post of Q from two days ago asked us to research how many doctors have been murdered in the past year. Obviously because they have cures for diseases unbeknownst to us but available to the elites like the NWO crowd. He asked us what we do if we knew that there is a cure for cancer? Yet he also says the big pharma doesn’t make money from healthy people or dead ones ergo keep us sick to feed us drugs and on and on.
    Go check it our for yourself.

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