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Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer: what are they thinking? As Rush Limbaugh put it on his radio show on Tuesday, “Whatever is good for America, is bad for the Democrats. Whatever is bad for America, is good for the Democrats.” Do they really think this is the path forward that leads to more votes? I imagine even Barack Obama himself must sit back and laugh in amazement at the line these fools are trying to toe for him. Why would they choose to die on this hill for Obama actors and career DOJ/FBI partisans? It’s all going to backfire and the entire left will be blindsided again because, guess what? Not every Democrat or Independent drinks every glass of Kool-Aid Wolf Blitzer serves up for them.

America is brimming with good, proud, and honorable people with families. They go to work each day and do their best. They enjoy their families, friends, and communities. Ultimately, citizens just want a system that is not on the political fringes. They want a balanced system that works for them — the American system, the system that made this country the best, freest country in history. Not a system of corruption that subverts the rule of law at the highest levels. Not a system chock full of double standards that favors the ruling class and their whimsical causes. It simply won’t be allowed to stand.

This crop of Dems appears poised to learn the hard way that the path back to prominence will only open up when they turn the compass back toward the center. That means considering Americans before foreigners. It also means showing even the slightest adherence and respect for the laws they’ve enacted. I’m not sure that history will ever truly reflect how badly disconnected from the rule of law Obama left the Democratic party. Traditional Dems and liberals should be distraught by wave of destruction Obama left in his wake. Sadly, the echo chamber will never tell this tale.

I no longer find myself getting worked up when I’m near a public TV tuned to CNN spewing the incessant demagoguery. I snicker and shake my head. I deeply enjoy the next most outrageous claim they’ll make, because I know that people aren’t buying it anymore. I know the MSM are digging in and digging deeper and I applaud them. Keeping digging guys! Faster…faster! The MSM and Dems learned nothing from the election of Donald J. Trump.

You might ask — What about all the statistics that show incoming administrations tend to lose the House in the first midterms? Response — those statistics don’t encompass the largest governmental corruption scandal in history and a party that refuses to acknowledge or take any responsibility for it. I offer to my fellow conservatives good tidings: the Dems are headed for a path of destruction, and they don’t even realize it, because they never pulled their heads out of the echo chamber. 

Oh, I think plenty of them—more than one might readily believe—DO realize it. It’s one of the reasons underlying their batshit, frothing-at-the-mouth lunacy now.

Because ultimately, what are they really going to do about it? Are they going to turn on a dime all of a sudden and embrace capitalism over failed socialism? A smaller, less-meddlesome government? Fewer strangling regulations on business? A loosening of preposterously draconian environmental over-regulation? A stronger military re-focused on aggressively and unequivocally watching out for American global interests first and foremost? Less tolerance for hectoring and insults from the fetid nest of dimestore dictators and kleptocrats that is the UN? Encouragement and support for American energy independence, and an embrace of the suddenly emerging American dominance—UNEXPECTED!™—of the global oil market?

These arrogant, incompetent losers, unswervingly convinced of their superiority and their right to rule despite mountains of practical evidence to the contrary, are now going to see the writing on the wall and abandon all of the futile, destructive positions that represent their toxic ideology? I mean, sure, t’is a consummation devoutly to be wished and would be a welcome development indeed, but come on—does anybody think it even remotely likely at this stage of the game?

Especially when one is mindful of the default remedy they so stubbornly insist on after each and every failure: double down, don’t let up, we just didn’t go far enough. This time for sure. The only possible “solution” to every problem they create, the only “sensible” alternative, is never to back up and try something different, perhaps even allowing a smidgeon of input from their opposition. Nope, always and forever, the battle cry is more of the same.

I don’t expect anything less than the destruction of the Democrat Socialists as a viable national party to persuade them to alter course. Even that likely won’t be enough to dissuade the most ideologically-committed of them. A couple or three more good, solid election-day trouncings will be the minimal requirement to bring that destruction about. You can see from the desperate crowing over their recent handful of wins in solidly blue states and/or over weak candidates that they remain unprepared to put the big-boy pants on and own the surfeit of disasters wrought by their Lord and Savior, even now being reversed by the mere hint of vigorous, determined opposition from a President they still can’t quite believe occupies the Oval Office. They even floated a ludicrous claim of credit for Obama when it became undeniable the economy was beginning to recover from his crippling reign of error, although admittedly they did give up on that brass-balled stratagem pretty quick once they realized how ridiculous it made them look.

And I should probably offer up the usual ass-covering caveat that it’s possible that they could make some gains in the midterms. Some unforeseeable catastrophe could crop up that they could effectively use to their political advantage.

But I honestly can’t begin to imagine what it might be, and I don’t think it’s the way to bet. The unmasking of their seditious plot to use powerful agencies of a thoroughly-infiltrated Deep State apparatus as a mechanism for stealing the last election, then to launch a semi-stealthy soft coup to prevent the elected President from doing the things voters sent him to Washington to do, is going to haunt them still. They had become too accustomed to having things their own way without resistance or accountability, and it fostered an arrogance in them that will at the very least make Normals highly resistant to trust them again, whether they ever face due and proper justice for their treason or not.

The wonderful thing is: the more they shriek, the more they thrash about in hysterics and try to scheme and manipulate in the old tried-and-true fashion—the more they try to defend the indefensible—the more damage to themselves they’re going to do. Just check out this RNC ad capitalizing on their disgraceful SOTU display and you’ll realize what these clowns are up against:

One way or another, probably sooner rather than later, the Democrat Socialist Party is through. They did it to themselves, just by being true to their nature, prematurely flexing muscle that turned out to be not nearly so strong as they assumed. They can’t help themselves, really. Because at the end of the day, the real fault is not in their stars, but in themselves.

As I always say: couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of assholes.

Not tired of all the winning yet update!With enemies like this, Trump doesn’t need friends.

Hilarious! And Trump does this to them all the time.

The president’s quarters have to be echoing with laughter every night after another day of the Beltway Bubble Boys ‘n Girls dancing to The Donald’s tune. By leveraging tweets, leaks, and off-the-cuff statements, no one has ever owned the mainstream media like Donald Trump. Those Democrat court reporters hate him, to be sure, but when he says “Jump,” they say, “How low?”

The “treason” imbroglio was another glorious liberal clusterfark. Trump gleefully giggles as he uses that word and within seconds there’s a Hiroshima of Huffiness. The land echoed with the high-pitched squeals of “Oh, well, I never!” in the wake of PDT using the very same word that tens of thousands of leftist idiots and their Fredocon pals had spent the last 18 months tossing about more promiscuously than Bill Clinton in Mazatlán on spring break.

So, for a couple days, we were treated to the delicious spectacle of the liberals arguing that, “No, we’re not traitors!”

Name one Trump supporter who, in the wake of a year of listening to fevered fantasies about Russians and Hitler Reborn and all the rest, gave one-millionth of a damn that the Dems were tearing their thinning, gray hair out over Trump joking about “treason?”

Hint: There wasn’t one. Not one.

And for those of us still fuming about how the liberals play kissy-face with legit traitor Jane Fonda, you fussy fakers are going to have to show us a lot more than that to move the needle on the Give-A-Schiff meter.

Every day, the Democrats seem intent on stepping on a new rake. The tax bill comes out, and the Democrats’ promise that those of us not already dead from Trump pulling us out of the Paris Climate Change Grift were going to be dead from getting more money back in our paychecks.

Whap! Rake! Because working folks keeping their own money is bad – for Democrat prospects.

Then a bunch of companies start giving bonuses to their employees, which the Dems pooh-pooh.

Whap! Rake! Because money not dispensed by Uncle Sucker doesn’t count or something.

And then Nancy Pelosi, the gift who keeps on gibbering, announces again and again that a grand is just “crumbs.”

Whap! Rake! Way to remind us why everyone hates San Francisco limo libs, Richie Witch.

With powerful midterm messages like, “We intend to repeal the tax reform bill that gave you Normals a few more bucks,” and “More illegal aliens or you’re racist!” the Democrats are a shoo-in to hold their House seats in Manhattan, Marin County, and Chicago! Say, a month ago wasn’t there a blue wave coming? Oops.

Be sure to check out that last link for some real encouragement. As you know, I don’t usually bother transcribing the links in my excerpts, but this one is well worth a look. You’ll be glad you did, although it too comes with a caveat: my usual polls-are-bunk one.

The old assumptions, the old strategies, the old tactics, the old manipulations and deceits are just not working for the Democrat Socialists like they used to. Sadly for them, they’re too wedded to them to let them go. And they’re not bright or capable enough to come up with new ones. Could be the only option remaining to them is to finally make good on those habitual childish threats to move to Canada or France every time they lose another election.

Don’t let the door hit you etc, you scurrilous tapeworms.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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