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Memo released, hilarity ensues

These guys are soooooo screwed.

I get some pushback when I use expressions like “rubber-stamp FISA court”. Shepard Smith was arguing on Fox yesterday that a FISA court judge is almost like a Supreme Court justice – I was laughing so much I nearly drove off the road. A judge can only judge what’s laid before him. In this case, almost every material fact about the “evidence” was withheld, or coyly skirted. For example, Christopher Steele was said to be in the employ of a “US person”, but not Fusion GPS or Glenn Simpson, who were being funded by Perkins Coie, who were being paid by the DNC – all of whom are cutouts, as the spooks say, for Hillary.

A FISA application has to be signed off on by the highest figures at both Justice and the Bureau – in this case Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and FBI Director James Comey. Given the sensitive nature of the case, it is difficult to believe that they did not know the answers to all the questions above: they were demanding surveillance of a major-party presidential campaign in a two-party system on the basis entirely of uncorroborated rumors provided by the other party’s operative. Yet Yates and Comey saw nothing wrong in denying the judge “all material facts”.

A surveillance warrant against a US person also has to be renewed every 90 days – which this one was, thrice: That would presumably be just before the inauguration in January, and again in April and July. By the time of the first renewal, signatories Yates and Comey were aware that Steele had been fired as an FBI informant for blabbing to the press about being an FBI informant. In addition, an internal FBI investigation had found his dossier “minimally corroborated”. Yet evidently the diminished value of both the dossier and its author were not disclosed to the judge – in January or subsequent renewals. Indeed, one can be fairly confident that Deputy AG Rosenstein and the FBI would have been happy to apply for a fourth renewal, were it not for the fact that the general crappiness of Steele’s dossier was by then all over the papers and even a judge kept in the dark by the feds for a year might have begun to notice it.

In the middle of all this is an American citizen who was put under 24/7 surveillance by the panopticon state because it enabled the ruling party to eavesdrop on its political opponent. As much as Steele’s dossier, Carter Page was a mere pretext: The dossier was the pretext to get to Page, and Page was the pretext to get to Trump.

I flippantly asserted that this was hilarious in my title, and it is. But it’s far more than just that: it’s perhaps the most serious Constitutional crisis this nation has yet faced apart from the Civil War, and what it all says about the rot the Left has fostered at the highest levels of our government is chilling. The hilarity comes from seeing the perpetrators of this High Crime exposed at last. Their floundering and sputtering as they try to slip, slide, and slime their way out of the threat of justice being done upon them for their clear sedition can’t be anything less than enjoyable in some small way for any real American.

Aesop has put together a list (probably only partial, as he notes) of the crimes these villainous curs have committed, concluding with this:

FBI Dir. Comey, Dep. Dir. FBI McCabe, DAG Yates, Acting DAG Boente, and DAG Rosenstein all eat every bit of that.

(Before we get to Comey’s perjury, obstruction of justice, and violations of the Official Records Act.)

FBI Agent Strzok, FBI lawyer Page, and Assoc. DAG Ohr get substantial parts of all of the above, if not the whole enchilada. And anyone and everyone who knowingly aided or abetted their efforts, both upwards and downwards.
And Special Prosecutor (and lawyer, former FBI Director, and fully partisan Democrat hack) Mueller may get the whole shitburger as well, and at the very least, he’s down for #7, which gets him disbarred, convicted, and imprisoned all by itself.

Whether he knows it or not, his investigation ended Friday about noon, and he went from Special Prosecutor to Person Of Interest. That’s going to leave a mark.

Mueller could maybe do himself some good by a quick about-face here, switching the focus of his phonus-balonus “Russia collusion” investigation away from Trump’s team and onto the people actually, y’know, guilty of it.

And afterwards, we get to AG Loretta Lynch, and Hopey Dopey, and the Clinton Crime Family syndicate, who knew what, and when.

Then it really gets interesting.
BTW: There’s an upcoming Senate memo. Then the IG report. Then a memo on the role of the State Department in this. We’re just getting warmed up.
Deep State: Shit’s getting real for you. Soon.

One can only hope. If not…well, that will tell a story all its own. A grim one, one which carries with it all sorts of truly dismal potentialities.

But ultimately, the thing to remember is this: these Democrat Socialist fools are in fact completely incompetent. Their arrogance, their presumption, their sheer brazen chutzpah as they so recklessly futzed about with the very foundations of the American republic, ineptly conspiring to defy the “consent of the governed” and reverse the results of a Presidential election—these are all immutable qualities, impossible to rid themselves of, which will always serve to trip them up now that Normals are fully woke (ahem) to their bumbling skullduggery.

And bad as THAT is, it leaves their sheer, crippling stupidity right out of consideration. Exhibit A: Palsied Pelosi’s feeble mess of a response, as translated by Ace:

1. She says that the memo does not “protect sources and methods.” The only sources mentioned in the memo are:

a) Christopher Steele, who we already knew about

b) FusionGPS, who we already knew about


c) Michael Isikoff’s article for Yahoo News, which was of course a publicly-available article — we just didn’t know the fucking FBI and DOJ used that article to “corroborate” the Steele memo (despite that article being based on what Steele told Isikoff!!!)

As far as the “methods” exposed — yes, a major method of the FBI and DOJ was indeed exposed. That method is called “Lying to the court.”

I do not think that is an approved method of intelligence gathering, nor do I think the national security interests are well-served by keeping that “method” ongoing and secret.

Seems to me that this is the sort of method that would be approved of by Red Nan’s friend, Vladimir Putin.

Yeah, quite a coincidence, that. Ace goes on to nail the wormy, contemptible Deep State rumpswab Comey to the cross after he tweeted this pitiful, self-serving horseshit:

Back to Ace for the dismemberment:

What classified information was revealed? It was scrubbed by all agencies for classified information.

Also, this was all done on the up-and-up — it was voted to be published by Congress, and then given to the President, who has declassification authority, for review.

Say, Jimmy, you know who did leak classified information but who did not do so legally and who does not have declassification authority?

You did, asshole. And I’ll cheer when a special prosecutor is appointed to put your ass in jail.

Seconded, with friggin’ bells on. To which I would append: DOJ and FBI “must keep doing their jobs”? REALLY? Tell me, since when is it their fucking job to illegally spy on American citizens suspected of no actual wrongdoing whatsoever, justified by bought-and-paid-for fabrications purchased by the election’s losing party apparatus from a shady foreign intelligence agent who pulled them out of his filthy squeakhole, the whole goddamned subterfuge pursuant to an attempt to overturn an election that didn’t go the way YOU and your circus-freak cabal wanted, you loathsome motherfucking pustule?

Ahem. Sorry and all, but that felt…good. Put his ass in jail? Jail’s too goddamned good for him. Him and all the rest of his sorry, miserable-ass wrecking crew. For them, only a recreation of a good old Inquisition-era European dungeon would suffice to my satisfaction.

These slimy fucks committed their crimes under the desperate delusion that their shambolic, sickly, unpleasant, drunken trainwreck of a candidate could not possibly lose the election to a rank amateur like Trump, overlooking a widespread desire among Normals not to put themselves yet again into the manicured hands of yet another polished professional backstabber only to find themselves betrayed yet again by yet more false promises of reform. That miscalculation now puts Deep State/DemSoc/media operatives in the gravest imaginable peril, both as individuals involved in this particular—well, scandal seems too mild a word for such a tremendous goatfuck—and as a political party still aspiring to some semblance of national relevance.

But there’s a thorn for Trump lurking here too. He, and he alone, is soon going to be confronting a dilemma that, given his unabashed love of country, will make for an extremely difficult choice for him. Horn #1: does the damage done by going after these blackguards to the fullest extent of the law outweigh the prospective damage to the integrity of our institutions by easing up on them?

And make no mistake: prosecuting them, locking them up, crushing them utterly, to a man—in other words, punishing them as they deserve for their undeniable sedition if not outright treason—will certainly do damage. In my opinion, it could well be the trigger for some sort of national partitioning, or at the very least a more serious effort towards secession on the part of those Progressivist areas who have recently been flirting with the notion. I can’t imagine that insisting the Comey Cabal faces due and proper legal consequences wouldn’t lead to violent Leftard unrest in urban areas, maybe college campuses as well, at the very least.

Trump is no dummy; he will know this, and I expect he’ll be greatly troubled by it—maybe enough to stay his hand, even, if there’s any remotely reasonable way he can see to do it. Bumping right up against it, however, we have Horn #2: the idea of letting these treasonous shitweasels slide to even a small degree would have to be extremely galling to him as well, as it would to any right-thinking American with a shred of patriotism left in him. While the right choice between rigorous justice fairly but firmly applied or a pragmatic leniency that doesn’t excuse, minimize, or gloss over but preserves peace and stability would doubtless be easy enough for most of us to make, I suspect things will not appear so clean and clear-cut to the guy with all the weight on his shoulders, and the fate of the nation in his hands.

Which brings me around to the defense floated by the Comey Cabal and other feebs that I find the most amusing of them all: his/their scandalized horror over the terrible risk that releasing the memos would destroy Americans’ faith and trust in “their” FBI and DOJ. Hey guys, maybe you should worry about making yourselves worthy of faith and trust in the first place, eh? Because if there’s anything at all that the exposure of these foul shenanigans puts beyond debate, it’s that you are NOT deserving of it. You really, really aren’t. Only the most gullible, oblivious nitwit ever to shit behind a pair of shoes would trust you reprobates to so much as water his lawn. Rightly so, too. “Destroy Americans’ faith in the FBI”? Sorry, boys, but you did that to yourselves. Didn’t require any help doing it, either. In fact, out of all aspects of this shitshow, it would seem to be the one thing you got right, and did a thorough and respectable job of.


However it all shakes out, one response is absolutely essential: the FBI must be dismantled, root, branch, and bough. It should get the full vampire treatment: stake through the heart, cut off the head, burn the corpse, scatter the ashes, salt the earth. It has never been anything but what it now so inarguably is: a corrupt, too-powerful, out-of-control rogue agency willing and able to do serious harm to American citizens with or without any real justification. It is a threat to both liberty and the rule of law. It is and always has been a blight—an omnipotent, unaccountable, and untouchable obscenity of a sort entirely typical of every tyranny since always, a dangerously powerful tool in the hands of men at its upper echelons who should never have been allowed anywhere within arm’s reach of it. It is the breathing, brooding essence of the exact kind of thing the Founders so adamantly warned us of, and abhorred to the marrow of their bones.

I don’t envy Trump his dilemma, and I wouldn’t be in his shoes right now for anything. I do trust his judgment as he wrestles with it, and I will respect whatever conclusion he reaches. As I said before, I can see the difficulties of either approach, and the dangers they’re both fraught with. But in the end, for me it all comes down to just one thing:

We now know that almost every accusation leveled against the president with regard to so-called “Russian collusion” actually reflects the actions of what amounts to a cabal of Democratic Party operatives working with FBI and Justice Department fellow-travellers.

The picture painted by the Nunes memo is one of federal law enforcement officials who believe they are a wholly independent power, accountable to no one but themselves, and able to pick winners and losers in elections.

Based on what we know now, the conspiracy to undermine candidate Trump and later to destroy President Trump may have been limited to the Justice Department and FBI. That would be bad enough—and a serious threat to representative government striking, as it does, at the efficacy of our elections—but it may also have extended to the West Wing where U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power and National Security Adviser Susan Rice, at a minimum, used “national security” as a rationale to insert themselves into the election. This must also be the subject of investigation. And what of Ben Rhodes and his vaunted media echo chamber? It seems to have played a role as well. How many journalists either were duped or were complicit?

Nearly 50 years ago, the Watergate scandal forced a president from office. The Left thought it could do it again. But the Nunes memo—and the millions of documents and hundreds of hours of interviews behind it—makes clear that rogue elements within the FBI and Justice Department broke the law in an attempt to use the police power of the United States government first to throw the election to Hillary Clinton and then to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.

This cannot stand. There must be consequences. And they must be swift, public, and severe.

Can’t honestly say I disagree with a single word of that, myself. The Deep State rot is, well, deep, and this mess stands as a nearly grotesque practical example of everything we mean when we use the term. Excising that rot will be painful, extremely so, and may even wind up destroying us as a nation…quite literally.

But failing to take decisive action to address such a clear-cut abuse of excessive power on the part of a federal agency charged with upholding and enforcing the laws, to include preserving the principles on which they’re founded—an abuse constituting a clandestine assault on the very heart of the American system, however far we may have strayed from its Founding ideals, reducing the notion of self-government to a bitter farce, if not an outright scam—is unacceptable to me. It will destroy us just as surely as any violent cataclysm resulting from the Left’s abhorrence of seeing justice appropriately rendered will, if maybe not as swiftly.

If Silent Jeff Sessions can’t bestir himself to bring the treasonous swine behind what I’ve (correctly) maintained from the start was a soft coup attempt against the legitimately elected government to account, he is unfit to be Attorney General, and should be immediately removed and replaced by someone with more integrity, bolstered by a basic comprehension of what the words “enforcing the law” actually mean.

May God help President Trump…and all the rest of us, too.


10 thoughts on “Memo released, hilarity ensues

  1. Who knew it?

    And WHEN did they know?

    This is treason. And if “Law Enforcement” and the “Legal” system will not enforce laws against same, then they and their families had better make peace with God now. Pig hunting season opens soon.

  2. Very good article, you covered the corruption at the FBI, NSA and what that does against our country…BUT you left out one area that appears to have been corrupted as well. This area is what most Americans automatically assume to be fair and unbiased.

    That sacred institution? The Judiciary

    The problem is NOT that one judge was fooled by corrupt government officials at the order and direction of a corrupt demoncrat President and a corrupt demoncrat candidate for President. No, that can happen, all the judge sees is what the corrupt government officials present to him as justification for using the whole power of the Federal government AGAINST their political opponent. The really big problem is that the obama/Holder/Lynch/Comey operation shopped the Oppo research funded by Hillary to FOUR different Judges for the FISA renewals. So far NO ONE is sitting in jail for contempt of court.

    These four judges have known for a couple of months that faked info was used in their court to get BIG Gov surveillance on a political opponent. Either all FOUR judges are incompetent or they are willing participants in this TREASON.

    It is clear that obama, Hillary Comey, Lynch and Holder were intimately involved in this operation, the question remains who else is involved? Could we have some Main Stream Media members knowingly involved in these terrible acts against our country and ALL Americans? Inquiring minds wish to know. The good news? Not only do we have MORE MEMO’s that will be released soon, but we have an IG report that is due to be released.

    The better news? We have plenty of popcorn and plenty of jail space – LET THE SHOW BEGIN!

    PS…I do appreciate the terrible decisions facing President Trump as we address these crimes. You laid out some of the options their effects and bad side effects. But one side effect that you did not address in considering the option of leniency for the bad actors so that we preserve the union;
    I understand the violent overreaction that some will undoubtedly commit as a reaction to giving true justice to those who have worked so hard to earn extreme justice. But consider the message that is sent by being nice to traitors because we do not want their friends and supporters to act badly. If those who support and defend the guilty are hurt because of justice, then should we not seek to have a better country than that which is infested with such creatures? If those who are proved beyond a shadow of a doubt of being guilty of trying to destroy our Country in general and their political opponents in particular are the pillars on which a person or community wishes to stand, then why would any American who treasures Liberty, truth and Justice wish to have anything to do with such people.

    As Americans we have thrown off the royalty that was the tyranny of the man who was deemed better than his fellow man. Our founding fathers had seen and specifically designed our country so as NOT to allow the evil of mob justice to rule with the pretty name of democracy. They founded a country where the people are empowered and the society is self regulated with LAWS that apply to all regardless of position. If we soft pedal this so that the mob rules, then we have driven the last stake into the heart of Justice and every American will know that the LAW only applies to the little people and NOT to our political royalty.

    MSG Grumpy

    1. That is why I add the “Legal” system into those who deserve the punishment for treason as well. And not just the “judges” like these four, but the prosecutors as well. Or didn’t you notice what the court in Nevada found during the Bundy trial? Corruption, lies, and treason are the stock-in-trade for both “Law Enforcement” and the “Legal” system in this country today. And have been for quite a few years now.

      1. Amen, there are more than one nest of vipers in this Fuster Cluck.

        MSG Grumpy

      2. Conflating the two is the idea of what went on with the Vegas slaughter.

        If our law enforcement and judiciary both have such rot, then one of the Occam’s Razor theories of Vegas was that it was a Dem operation or a Fast and Furious type FBI/CIA operation. If it is and is being covered up for the same reasons how would we know?

        Something sure seemed fishy about how that has been memory holed.

        Plus, what else have they gotten away with all these years?

  3. A wonderful, righteous rant, and well said! Excellent comments above, too.

    However, let me be the Doubting Thomas here. You listed some of the many crimes these creatures have committed, then went on to state: “…now that Normals are fully woke (ahem) to their bumbling skullduggery…” and that is where the canker gnaws.

    The Normals aren’t woke. We are, but all of us here are political junkies (go on, tell me I’m wrong, lol.) The Normies still watch CNN at 6pm and may have a little bit of doubt that it’s all 100% true, but that’s about as far as their “wokeness” goes. They still believe the MSM, and that’s the rub.

    There’s still a great deal to come out. I think the “Big Ugly” is just beginning, so I hope that as it goes on more people come to doubt whatever lies are presented on the 6 o’clock news, but most want to stay comfortably in the Matrix. They’ll take a lot of persuading that the FBI today is no longer like what Efram Zimbalist Jr. used to portray in “The F.B.I” TV series, but I have faith that it will eventually happen.

    Like everyone seems to agree, there will be some rough times ahead! Thank God for President Trump, who I believe will see us through them!

    1. They still believe the MSM, and that’s the rub.


      I have been VERY guilty of being impatient about the so-called “Big Ugly”. I wanted it to start months ago, because I too read Sundance I “knew” (without proof of course) that he was at least “close enough”. I’ve “known” these people were monsters and I still want many of them thrown UNDER the jail. I’ve known it was coming for months while most people around me still don’t have a clue it’s even a possibility.

      In some ways perhaps worse yet are the intelligent people I know who want to NOT know what’s going on. So they don’t. They know the Commie News Network is a bunch of liars but they assume everyone else is too. (They aren’t even half as wrong as I wish they were. Nay not even 1/10th as wrong as I wish. But there are a few who are OK.)

      And don’t even get me started on the unintelligent (or just blinded, or both) people who actually believe a single word (outside of “a”, “and” or “the”) from any CNN/WAPO/NYT article/segment…

      Showing people just how bad it is will be HARD. Getting them to believe it will be even harder. And that — or at least PARTIAL understanding/belief, for I doubt even we political junkies and curmudgeons have even HALF of the FULL understanding — simply HAS to become at least semi-common knowledge before Trump can actually take any REAL action to clean up the mess.

      Which brings us back to the tax cuts, interestingly enough. Maybe Trump actually IS playing that nonsense 4D chess people keep yammering about (both for and against)… because what gets people’s attention FASTER than something that affects the money in their pocket? Anything, folks? Anything? I got nuthin.

      What could possibly be MORE effective than all these people hearing over and over the lie that the tax cuts were just going to benefit the fat cats… and then they get a bigger paycheck. And just a tiny crack of doubt begins to seep in that maybe “some small part” of what is on CNN/WAPO/NYT et al is baloney.

      It’s not even 10% accurate to say “some” of it is baloney. But it’s still a step in right direction. It’s better than nothing.

      Will it be enough? Of and by itself, not a chance. But what if it continues? It did for us after all… maybe they can follow along and just be 5/10/50 years behind…

      Guess we’ll find out.

  4. Well, here is the thing. The only part of the legal system that directly involves President Trump is his power to pardon someone who has been convicted of a crime. The operative part of the legal system is the 1 and 0 choice of whether or not to prosecute an individual for their criminal actions. The system does not determine guilt – juries do that. Leaving the guilt and innocence question to a jury to decide is the proper way to legally handle these cases. Failure to prosecute suspects against whom there is so much clear evidence because of political considerations would in itself be as bad as what the left has done, and would also destroy the American system. The only way to save it is to let a jury make each guilt or innocence determination. If the left wants to disregard and rebel against that jury system… Let me say this – there are a thousand shooters in Texas alone who can kill someone from a half a mile away, and a half million who can do it from a quarter mile – Antifa wouldn’t last a day against those people.

    1. And when the prosecutor and possibly the judge as well conspire to hide exculpatory information from the defense and from the jury, what then? Look at the Bundy ranch corruption for starters. That was prosecution and “Law Enforcement”. Then look at Malheur and see ALL THREE of those filthy bastards hiding evidence. Fortunately, enough of the jury saw through their evil and refused to convict.

      And don’t miss Twin Peaks as well:
      with much more detail over a large number of posts at that web site. Corruption at ALL levels of “Law Enforcement”, prosecution, and judges. God damn every one of them straight to hell where they belong.

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