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Of Neanderthals…and shitholes

Interesting take from SteveF:

  1. Homo sapiens sapiens, our species, is widely held to have evolved in Africa several hundred thousand years ago.
  2. Several other near-human species have existed at the same time as, collectively known as genus Homo or the human clade.
  3. Interbreeding took place between the different species in the clade. Not just mating behavior, but fertile offspring.
  4. Interbreeding between Neanderthals and humans took place around 50,000 years ago, as confirmed by DNA analysis of de-iced corpses. Quite likely earlier, but not much later because Neanderthals went extinct around 40,000 years ago.
  5. Most humans living today have a few percent Neanderthal DNA.
  6. Sub-saharan Africans have little to no Neanderthal DNA, with any that they have being the result of relatively recent mixture from other humans coming to Africa from Arabia or Europe.

If you can’t guess where he’s going with this, read on to find out. It’s a damned intriguing hypothesis, I think, and a concise but thorough presentation of it.


2 thoughts on “Of Neanderthals…and shitholes

  1. All persons of European and most Asians have Neanderthal DNA. No one of pure black African ancestry has any Neanderthal DNA AT ALL. N.O.N.E. Most Asians and some Europeans carry DNA from a hominid group called the DENISOVIANS. Little is known about them. The genetic mixing started at least 200,000 years ago for both Neanderthal , and Denisovian. The out of “Africa model” first postulated in the 1950’s has been refuted repeatedly by the discovery of human remains IN EUROPE that are far older than the timeline established for “out of Africa”. The evidence being found in Europe has modern man in southern and central Europe as well as central Asia 200000 + years before they left Africa under “out of Africa”, and with older DNA than any found in Africa so far. The “out of Africa model was always a POLITICAL concept with little in the way of actual science to back it up. But LOTS of UN funding. The truth is that no one in the scientific community has a clue where man came from, or when. But they will never say that in public , because they like their funding . Funding that will end if they even question “out of Africa” publicly.

  2. So it looks like the chimps started their polar bear hunting far earlier than we thought!

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