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You will be made to…wait, WHAT, again now?

Chaos. Incoherence. Inconsistency. Add it all up and you get Progtard comedy gold.

Singer Ginuwine has sparked a heated debate on Twitter after a recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother UK. In the latest episode, Ginuwine seemingly rejected fellow housemate India Willoughby.

The controversy stems from a conversation between Willoughby and the “Pony” singer, in which she asked whether he would date a trans woman. “You would date me, yeah,” Willoughby, who is a trans woman herself, asked. “Not if you were trans,” Ginuwine replied. After Ginuwine replied that he would not date a trans woman, Willoughby attempted to plant a kiss on the singer. When her advance was rejected, Willoughby stormed off.

Mmm, s’cuse me and all, but wasn’t ZXHRR’s outrageous demand that this guy make himself available to ZXHRR for ZXHRR’s sexual use, umm, harassment? In fact, wasn’t ZXHRR’s unwanted (NO MEANS NO! EXCEPT WHEN IT DOESN’T!) lunge an actual, errrr, sexual assault? Isn’t this Ginuwine fellow, whoever the hell he is, now officially a Victim™, who must Always Be Believed? And shouldn’t Progtards everywhere be up in arms over his victimization?

No, no, I guess not. Never mind.

Now Twitter has split into two sides. One side is outraged by Ginuwine’s rejection, suggesting that his unwillingness to date trans women is transphobic and bigoted. On the other hand, some fans are rallying behind the “In Those Jeans” artist, insisting that he has a choice to date whomever he chooses. Some also suggested that Willoughby was actually harassing him.

Dude, that’s three sides. Unless, as I suspect, the ones in that last category numbered about, oh, four, and were commenting in the same spirit of mockery that I am here and therefore don’t count. One more question, though: are all the Left’s slopes as slippery as this one is proving to be?

Via Ace, who goes on to make a damned good point about where our own domestic media fits into all this tommyrot, and how Progtardia uses these horseshit Critically Vitally Important Issues ‘N Stuff as a tactic to keep the culture shifting ever Leftward.

So let’s tot it all up then: we have a Being Of Penis unequivocally rejecting a proposed sexual advance, up to and including outright assault by the Left’s own established previous standards for the term, by another Being Of Penis who wishes to be a Being Of Vagina but who everybody involved admits is not. The Being Of Vagina perpetrates the assault anyway in contravention of the clearly expressed rejection of said attack. This event cannot be acknowledged—despite its having been captured on film—by Proggies as the assault it self-evidently was, though, because…well, because reasons. Also, shut up.

I repeat: chaos. Incoherence. Complete batshit lunacy, in fact. I can’t imagine there’s a sane Normal in the Western world—be they Beings Of Penis or Vagina—who can make any sense at all of it, and whose sole wish in reaction will be anything other than to keep the whole throbbing mess just as far away from them as is humanly possible.

This, too, is how you got Trump, you idiots. Not a moment too soon, either.


3 thoughts on “You will be made to…wait, WHAT, again now?

  1. This is an awfully difficult story to follow, if one is not cognizant of the LGPEICWXQS (or whatever it is) classification system.

    We have a singer, “Genuwine” and a fellow housemate, “India Willoughby,” who are both (thank God) unknown to me. Then we’re told that there was a conversation between Willoughby and “the ‘Pony’ singer,” in which “she” asked whether “he” would date a “trans” woman; and that Willoughby is a “trans” woman “herself.” So is Genuwine genuinely male or female? It isn’t clear to me.

    I have ridden before, so I do know about ponies (though I’ve never sung to any, and didn’t realize that this is a “thing-” though Gene Autry often sang while riding.) The rest of this cast confounds me, as I cannot figure out which is male, if any, nor which is female; again, if any, so that I cannot tell who is supposed to want to do what with who! I fear that they all may be hazardous to that poor pony’s health. Should I call the SPCA?

    I think I’d prefer a translation of this article into English, where the sexes are identified as male and female, so that I might determine what it’s all about!

    And I hope they let the pony go: home, on the range. They don’t seem like the sort to be keeping ponies, and I doubt they do it properly.

    1. You sir, are part of the problem. Ignore the transy bullshit. It is mere mental illness. Do not feed into it. Cold Fury mostly is stellar commentary. Any mention of transy bullshit is tacit support, IMHO. Acknowledge it no more. Transy is non-existent among the sane.

  2. ANY discussion or even a mere mention of tranny $hit, AKA mental illness, by you, is so far beneath your customary stellar commentary, I cannot even………No more please. Do not lend it any credence. Ever.

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