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Publick notice

Been a busy week ’round these parts, with a concomitant lack of time for posting. I’m hoping to rectify that shortfall later on this evening if I can. In other site news, I had to shut down new user registration due to a sudden deluge of Russian spammers, a tsunami that various anti-spam plugins were unable to cope with. So I’ll be spending some time this weekend looking for solutions to that annoying problem; even though we don’t get a ton of comments around here, the ones we get are always high quality, and I value ’em greatly. That being the case, shutting down comments altogether is not something I’m all that happy to contemplate, although a temporary shutdown could conceivably prove necessary until I can find some way to deal with the spammer scum.

I believe it’s one (or more) of John Ringo’s novels that features a character who is known for slaughtering spammers every time he finds one within his reach. When I first read it I laughed right out loud, since over the years I’ve come to share that same sentiment, with fucking bells on and a-ringing. I’d gladly strangle one manually myself, and damn the cost to my painfully arthritic hands.

Anyways, back as soon as I can, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Publick notice

  1. Sluggy Freelance created Bun Bun, but you are right, Ringo used him in his books. GREAT character. (Bun Bun killed the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and Christmas past, present and future among others…)

    Good luck with the spammers. Be nice to take care of them the way Daniel Suarez ‘took care’ of them in Daemon. (Haven’t read it? Great, if scary, book.)

    I’m just a reader who drops by every day.

    Fair Winds

    Cap’n Jan

  2. Sluggy Freelance, and Bun Bun! Yep, that was it. Thanks, Cap, and happy to have ya here. I appreciate the book recommendation too, I’m always looking for good reads.

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