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Tired of all the WINNING!™

You and I might not be, but Schlichter can name you plenty of folks who are.

Slowly, it’s dawning on Trump’s enemies – on our enemies – that this isn’t just an unfortunate, temporary bump in the road to the Californiaization of America, but a U-turn. The people who elected Donald Trump were something his allegedly conservative Never Trump opponents never were: serious about being conservative. It’s easy to grift the donors with big talk about culture wars and policy initiatives when you never expect to be in a position to actually pull them off. But the Normals finally got sick of election year bomb-throwers morphing into pliable puffboys once their reps crossed into the Beltway. And that’s how you got Trump.

Suddenly, the fake hardcore facade of Conservative, Inc., was revealed for what it was – a pose, an act, tiresome political voguing. When someone finally showed up who actually wanted to act on all the things the pro-cons had been talking and writing about for decades, well, that didn’t leave a lot of room for those who only wanted to talk and write and luxuriate in being insiders. Never Trumpism spends a lot of time whining about how Trump is “vulgar” and “unfit,” but what these guys really resent is that he has embarrassed them. He showed them up. He did what they had been yakking endlessly about doing, and they hate him for it. They much prefer the quiet dignity of losing under a Bush or a Romney to obscurity under a Trump.

It’s crisis time for Conservative, Inc. The Eagle Liberty Forum of Conservative Freedom and Liberty can’t fill its annual dinner tables anymore, even with a keynote speech by Ben Sasse on how “True Conservatism™ Morally Obligates Us To Lose And Not Offend The Elite Rather Than Win And Displease Our Betters.”

That’s why they hate Trump. He didn’t make them irrelevant; he just showed the world that they were irrelevant. And that’s unforgiveable.

Trump’s kickin’ it old school in his enemies’ heads, chillin’ in their cerebral crib. His foes defined themselves by not being him. The Democrats’ tax policy? Not Trump. Their regulatory policy? Not Trump. Their foreign policy? Not Trump. And it’s the same with the allegedly conservative Never Trumpers. How do you get an alleged conservative to oppose moving our embassy to Israel’s capital? Get Trump to finally do it.

They are all about Trump, 24/7. CNN, and its silly Don Lemons and Tater Stelters, need Trump. They obsess over him, for without Trump they are nothing. The Resistance? They have nothing but Trump to fill their empty lives, getting giddy every time some media outlet reports that someone who knows somebody who heard somebody say that maybe Mueller is investigating someone who met Trump once for felony jaywalking. The Supreme Poo-Bah of the HIPAA Court is readying his Grand Warrants of Arresting – it’s gotta be true cuz I read it on the interwebs!

Trump owns his foes. They are mere satellites orbiting around him, and his gravity is all that keeps them from spinning off into space. They have willingly submitted to the reality of a Trumpocentric political universe. It’s hilarious.

Ain’t it, though. Ain’t it just. This is probably the most important part of all, though:

Their impeachment fever dreams are fading, so they look at popularity polls and take solace at the numbers. They took solace in them on November 8, 2016, too.

It amazes me that some of us to this day are baffled and/or fretting over Trump’s supposed “unpopularity” according to the very same polls which have never yet been right about him, not even once. The feeble guesswork of the polling apparatchiki—part and parcel of Ruling Class manipulation, most of it—is another thing that stands exposed by the Trump Awakening, but some folks still haven’t realized it for some reason.

But come on: can anybody out there seriously claim to expect honest, reliable truth from any poll done by ABCBMSNBCNN, the NYT, or the WaPo? And if you do, can I please request that you share whatever the hell it is you’re smoking with the rest of us?


3 thoughts on “Tired of all the WINNING!™

  1. It amazes me that some of us to this day are baffled and/or fretting over Trump’s supposed “unpopularity” according to the very same polls which have never yet been right about him, not even once.

    An astonishing amount of media and deep state effort each week goes into supplying soothing syrup so insane Trump haters can sleep at night.

    That describes:

    – almost every poll released

    – daily opinion pieces somewhere that Trump is in trouble, Mueller is about to lower the boom, Kushner is going to jail, Donald Jr. talked to somebody shady five years ago so he’s about to be prosecuted

    – Deep State leaks over minor matters that are nothing of consequence, but furnish material for the media to spin into “Trump is so awful” and “Trump is in trouble” pieces

    – daily opinion pieces predicting a “blue wave” in 2018, and subsequent impeachment

    – weekly “news” stories reassuring Trump haters that Melania is ignorant, tasteless, and not too bright, because they can’t stand the thought that Trump has a gorgeous intelligent wife.

    – Tweetstorms responding to Trump’s Twitter trolling, stridently proclaiming that a minor dig means “he’s totally unqualified to be president and surely everyone sees it”.

    And lots more. Heck, I remember how when I was much younger, I stewed over Bill Clinton and hoped to see him taken down. But I would put it aside, think about my family and business, and go to sleep. They have reached monomania stage, where they literally can’t sleep at night unless there is some reasonably fresh soothing thought that something bad is happening to Trump.

    The idea that he’s just going to be there, driving the agenda, getting his way, and the majority of people are going to look at the improving economy and be fine with that, is intolerable to them. The media is in the worst shape. They are so utterly convinced of their own rectitude and importance that they literally cannot believe that average people like seeing Trump make them look vile and foolish.

    1. Awesome points Billy Hollis and they are truth personified. The same for you as well, Mike…….

  2. Schlichter is a lava-throwing rockstar, and a national treasure.
    Conservatism Inc. should just retire, and hand him the keys to the kingdom now.
    He’s going to be beating them like rented mules until he dies, or they quit.

    And FTR, its “ABCNNBCBS” ™.
    Would love to work MSNBC, PBS, and NPR in there too, but it’s just not alphabetically possible.

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