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I just…can’t even

Sick fucks.

Do you have a kid you’re hoping to force your socio-political ideas on? Are the attention grabbing posts you make on social media about your small child’s gender confusion lacking on Facebook likes, or Tumblr reblogs? Then fret not, dear social justice warrior, because now there’s a site called “transkids” that will sell you a small prosthetic penis for your little girl to wear around.

No really, Morse isn’t kidding. If only he was. From the “About us” section of this horrid travesty of a website:

TransKids is run by Searah, who also runs a site for trans guys called After years of helping adults find high-quality gender expression gear, she saw the need for a site and store that focused more on kids and their unique needs.

Searah hopes that all parents coming here can trust that this is a safe and affirming place, where helping your kids live fully and embodied is our only goal. 

Umm, no, not exactly. Not by a long yard, it ain’t. Back to Morse for the unvarnished truth:

Why these people believe forcing their ideas about sexuality and gender on kids whose main concern should be who will play hide and seek with them after school is anyone’s guess. In a sane world this would be considered child abuse, but for too many platforms, this is considered “tolerance” and “open mindedness.”

This isn’t open mindedness or tolerance, this is straight up child abuse. Not only are these ideological die-hards teaching their children to grow up with the idea that they were born wrong, or defective, they’re attempting to make them wear things — by force or by persuasion — to put a penis between their legs.

I don’t know why there are people out there who believe putting a penis between a little girl’s legs is somehow now acceptable in the right context. This is not acceptable. Not in any context.

Agreed, completely. I’ve said many times here that I would never advocate harassing or tormenting the tiny handful of sad, mentally ill individuals out there who are suffering from crippling delusions about their gender. But what this “Searah” person is doing is vile—criminally so, de facto if not de jure. It amounts to encouraging this pathology among impressionable children who would most likely otherwise have no interest in such questioning at all, and doing so for political purposes. If such sinister manipulation isn’t actually against any law, then it probably ought to be.

(Via VP)


4 thoughts on “I just…can’t even

  1. Start mixing up the Haterade. Has anyone else noticed that the majority of this crazy shit has been created by women? Not normal women but Feminist women. Women who have graduated with a degree in Women’s Studies. Women who hate the patriarchy. Women who wish to tear down society and build a new Utopia. How was it that after Mr. Trump’s election, when we had the Women’s March against everything, that there were tens of thousands of crocheted pink pussy hats available overnight? Were all of these women capable of knitting up a hat for themselves and a sister or two in an evening? Where did all of that pink yarn come from in the blink of an eye? Girls, did it ever occur to you that you’re being played for suckers by the so-called feminists? By George Soros and the rest of the elite? Has it ever occurred to you that you yourselves and your Beta male boyfriends are being purposely driven insane in order to force the collapse of civilization? Just asking.

  2. Anybody out there remember when a bunch of hate-filled bigots, falsely claiming to be interested only in defending the institution of traditional marriage, were warning that acquiescence to the establishment of gay “marriage” as a legislated reality would end up being a slippery slope down which all sorts of bizarre pathologies would soon come a-sliding? Nah, me neither.

  3. And the only effective thing you can do to help the kids? Make them orphans as soon as possible to give them a shot at being adopted by normal people.

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