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The War on Christmas is real

Well, why wouldn’t it be?

Why does your friendly neighborhood Leftist war on Christmas? Why does he hate it so? Other writers, wiser than I, cannot answer:

No one quite knows the reason. It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right. It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight. But I think that the most likely reason of all, may have been that his heart was two sizes too small.

On the other hand, the good Dr. Seuss penned one of those Christmas books that somehow manages to mention Santa without mentioning Saint Nicholas, or Christ. So maybe he honestly did not know.

Why must a Leftist hate Christmas, then?  Let us look at it as a multiple choice question.

  • (1) A Leftist is rude.
  • (2) A Leftist is a killjoy.
  • (3) A Leftist is divisive.
  • (4) A Leftist hates America.
  • (5) A Leftist hates Christ.
  • (6) All of the above.

All that being so—and it surely is—why wouldn’t they be making war on Christmas? I mean, for them, what’s not to like about waging it? It’s a no-brainer, is what it is. They HAVE to do it. They can’t possibly NOT do it.

I’ll repeat: they’re such joyless, juiceless, shrivel-souled, just plain miserable moaners it’s sometimes hard not to feel a little bit sorry for them. It’d be nearly impossible not to if it weren’t for their constant campaign to inflict their misery on everyone else, rather than seeking a way out of it for themselves instead.

Via Vox, who says: “Don’t let them do it. Feel the joy. Feed the joy. Fuel the joy.” Which will only make them even MORE miserable.

Update! Now and then, some libtard will feign great umbrage at somebody noticing their hatred for America, and will protest indignantly that they are too patriotic, you guys! They just don’t hold with the kind of unreflective, mindless jingoism espoused by all the warmongering, racist, bigoted, homophobic, misogynist troglodytes who don’t agree with Progressivism, see. The libs’ patriotism is vastly superior, really, all the deeper and more meaningful because of its nuance and inclusiveness and humility.

So they’ll say, and expect you to believe. Maybe they even believe it themselves, some of them. But then Liberal Sideshow Bob will step on yet another rake.

Comedian Sarah Silverman told the audience on her Hulu show I Love You America that, at the sight of the American flag, she “instantly felt very weird. It didn’t make sense, but I felt…scared.”

The reason? “Nationalism.”

Washington Times:

The talk-show host said she immediately questioned her boyfriend’s motives, to which he responded, “Um, because I love America?”

“I was like, ‘Right, right, of course,’ but inside I was shaken,” Ms. Silverman recalled.

“I had no idea why I was freaking out,” she said, so she called her sister, a rabbi in Israel, to try to understand her feelings better.

Ms. Silverman went on to criticize President Trump’s “nationalist” slogans like “Make America Great Again” and “America First” as problematic because they “exploit patriotism” and indicate that America is “No. 1” without acknowledging the need for change.

“As patriots, I think we should strive to see ourselves in each other, whereas I feel that the nationalist view is to see yourself and then others,” she said. “There’s a willing blindness in saying, ‘We’re No. 1.'”

Well, actually, no. What there is, is pride, a belief that this country is, in truth, the greatest nation on earth, warts be damned. To believe that America is unique in all the world, to love this country first above all others, to wish to see its elected leadership pursue its interests doggedly and unashamedly, does NOT render one A) incapable of recognizing its imperfections, B) hostile to other countries by default, or C) eager to see the American system imposed by force or chicanery on any other country.

As Moran says, this fine-toothed parsing of “patriotism” and “nationalism” is a time-honored Lefty ploy:

Conflating “nationalism” with “patriotism” is a political construct that has nothing to do with reality. Silverman, like many liberals, have decided to define nationalism extremely narrowly. That definition equates the simple, heartfelt patriotism of most Americans with the virulent, racist nationalism of Nazi Germany.

You can love America and point out its errors, its troubled past, or its sins. But without acknowledging America’s triumphs, its generosity of spirit, its dedication to human freedom, and all the things that make us an exceptional nation, one can legitimately question what kind of “patriotism” Silverman and her ilk actually feel.

A very narrow, self-serving, and superficial one, of course. They’re “patriotic” not for an America that actually exists, but for a dim fantasy in which all their collectivist dreams have been realized: an America humbled—weakened, docile, and impoverished by a vision that is diametrically opposed to everything its Founders wished. A “patriotism” that can only react to the sight of the nation’s flag unfurled and flying proudly with fear and horror—rather than being moved and inspired by it—is no kind of patriotism at all, and is as useless as it is contemptible.


1 thought on “The War on Christmas is real

  1. Part of the Sarah Silverman story left out was her Israeli rabbi sister’s response: “Dude, nationalism is innately terrifying for Jews. Think about it: flags, marching …” And I immediately thought, WTF, no one told me Israel didn’t have a flag.

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