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Annoying, no-talent fucktard plays in road, gets hit by bus

Being stupid—and seditious—should be painful. Happily, in at least one bint’s case, it is.

Kathy Griffin is coming unglued.

The D-list comedian, who was blasted for releasing a photo of herself holding a bloody severed head that looked like President Trump, posted another bizarre video to her YouTube page on Saturday.

In the video, which she called the “State of the Union,” she said, “I’m admitting that I lost my mind.”

The 57-year-old claimed she’s on Interpol’s list and is being shunned by Hollywood.

“I just want you guys to know that I am fully in the middle of a blacklist, like I’m in the middle of a Hollywood blacklist. It is real. I’m not booked on any talk shows,” Griffin said.

“I just want you guys to know, when I get home, I do not have one single day of paid work in front of me,” Griffin continued.

As her erstwhile pal Jerry Seinfeld was once told by another character on the show: I’m sure something will turn up real soon now.

At the end, she said: “I would love to be on a television show. And I want to be paid what the guys are paid.”

As her erstwhile pal Jerry Seinfeld once told George Costanza: good luck with all that. Might want to consider being a wee mite less unrealistic in our goal-setting there, ‘kay?

This stuff is making Trump’s presidency the most entertaining one ever: along with Fish Lips Franken’s humiliating scandal, this is the second time this week that I’ve laughed right out loud at a completely unfunny comic. If some hilariously tragic revelation or foolish misadventure leading to more sidesplitting laughter should trip up Joe Piscopo soon, I’m gonna begin to think it’s no coincidence, and will suspect Divine intervention.


1 thought on “Annoying, no-talent fucktard plays in road, gets hit by bus

  1. How could you possibly forget her now-future as explained by erstwhile friend Jerry Seinfeld – ‘Years (ahead of her) of rejection and failure until she’s spit out the bottom of the porn industry.”

    Just to add to the delight, Jerry was in fact referring to…. Kathy Griffin… when he said that.

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