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Who are you gonna believe, a helpless victim or Al Franken’s hypocritical, lying ass?

US Senator Al Franken has responded to a woman’s allegations that he groped her as she slept and “forcibly” kissed her in a rehearsal for a comedy skit.

Leeann Tweeden says the two incidents happened in December 2006 on a tour to entertain US troops overseas, before Mr Franken entered politics.

The radio host wrote that the former comic “aggressively” kissed her while saying they had to rehearse a scene.

Mr Franken, a former Saturday Night Live writer, apologised for the grope.

I blame the climate of sexual predation and violence against women created by Donald Trump, myself.

But the Minnesota Democrat said he has a different recollection of the kiss.

“I certainly don’t remember the rehearsal for the skit in the same way, but I send my sincerest apologies to Leeann,” he said.

“As to the photo, it was clearly intended to be funny but wasn’t. I shouldn’t have done it.”

If it had been funny, it would have been a first coming from this perverted douchebag.

Update! In fairness to the asshole Franken, it must be admitted that Tweeden sports one hell of a nice rack, and one can easily see how a self-indulgent liberal libertine like him would be powerless to resist the temptation to cop himself a cheap feel while she was safely asnooze.

Hilarious update! Oh, that’s gonna leave a mark: Tweeden says ever since the assault, she’s referred to the odious pig Franken as “Fish Lips.” I hereby pledge to do my humble utmost to see to it that that perfect nickname sticks to him like Gorilla Glue, and that he will forevermore be known around these parts as “Fish Lips Franken,” which you and I both know will do more damage to his bloated ego than just about any other thing imaginable. Better put some ice on that, Al.



  1. I am finding Franken way funnier now than when he was on SNL.

    The irony is just TOO delicious. He is a condescending asshat and Karma has finally gotten him. It is quite wonderful. Hypocrisy, thy name is Franken.

    He is really a disgusting scumbag pig who needs to resign but won’t. He will get a pass. Dims always do.

  2. Another Demonrat-funded op: Never let a crisis go to waste (part the bazillionth)

    What better way to enable the elevation of the country’s first Muslim rep to the Senate: thereby obviating the damage caused by failure to elect him DNC chairman, and eliminating relevance of the inept Tom Perez.

  3. Not sure why Franken stopped at producing a few former staffers who said he never assaulted them. He could have produced millions of women from all over the globe who would say he never assaulted them. Put that against two measly accusers, and who are you going to believe?

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