Best tantrum yet!

Posted by Mike @ 10:45 PM Tuesday, 24 October 2017 • Category: Cry Me A River, Damn that's funny!, Loserbabies & Crybullies, Straight from the Bin, WAAAAAH!

Well, I’M certainly persuaded that these are intelligent and rational adults whose opinions and concerns should be given a fair hearing and serious consideration.

What’s next, children—a Hold My Breath Til I Turn Blue And DIE protest or something? The “Nobody loves me/Everybody hates me/I’m gonna eat some worms” demonstration?

Truly hilarious. Please, please keep it up, you fucking pathetic retards. You’ll never be able to elect anybody to anything by the time you’re done. Meantime, we normal adults will keep right on electing people you don’t like while you’re waving your chubby little fists around and screaming yourselves purple in OUTRAGE!™

Oh, and there won’t be a pony under the Christmas tree for you again this year, by the way.

(Via CBD)

Update! Y’know, it just occurred to me to wonder if maybe this “event” wasn’t set up by somebody trolling these imbeciles but good. If so, it’s beautiful; it does have sort of a delicious, O’Keefe/Project Veritas air to it, don’t you think?

    10/24/2017 | 11:06 PM
    The Trump 2020 re-election campaign is pulling out all the stops.

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