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Mr Integrity speaks out!

After eight years of being “too classy” to speak out against the jug-eared commie asshole Obama, George Dubya Bush—the man who lost the War On Something Or Other by refusing to stand by his earlier pronouncements and fight the damned thing; the man who gave us the idiotic “Religion Of Peace” formulation, no less—now decides to open his piehole uninvited.

While neither Bush nor Obama mentioned Trump by name or referred to his claims this week that he had been more attentive to relatives of slain US service members than they were, they used coincidental events to register their alarm with Trump’s politics.

In New York, Bush delivered a strong indictment of Trump’s populist nationalism, condemning trade protectionism and bemoaning how politics had fallen prey to “conspiracy theories” and “outright fabrication.” He also warned of the impact of “bullying and prejudice” in public life. It was not hard to work out who he was talking about in one of his most vehement interventions in politics since he left office in January 2009.

And thus does the last feeble spark of respect and admiration I might have harbored for this Ruling Class rumpswab gutter and go out. What’s next, George? A PSA ad with Pelosi and Ogabe lecturing us on the need for “unity” and unquestioning support for our masters?

While such obvious criticism of an incumbent president by ex-presidents is extraordinary it is also a metric of the highly unusual times and the shock to the political system embodied by Trump’s election.

And the increasing desperation of the Ruling Class to get the damned wool back in place over our eyes, too. Alas, it’s not as if it’s the first time this “classy” guy broke his “silence” to defend Ruling Class priorities and the Swamp status quo, either:

Former President George W. Bush said Monday that the media is “indispensable to democracy,” a break from the position of his fellow Republican, President Donald Trump, who has called the press “the enemy of the American people.”

“I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy. That we need the media to hold people like me to account,” Bush told Matt Lauer, anchor of NBC’s “Today” show. “I mean, power can be very addictive and it can be corrosive, and it’s important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power, whether it be here or elsewhere.”

Jeez, nice little tongue-bath for the lying blackguards of Praetorian Media there, moron. No wonder they seem to like him so much better now than they did then. Note, too, the critical caveat this genius deftly leaves out: yes, an honest media IS in fact indispensable to democracy. We don’t have one of those, unfortunately. Which is a big part of why our “democracy” is where it is.

Fuck off and die, George. I spent a lot of effort over a lot of years defending you from the America-hating Left, not realizing that you were way more closely aligned with them than you ever will be with me. You and your kind won’t fool me again, I assure you.

It really is true, folks: Republicrat and Demican, “liberal” and “conservative”—those are artificial distinctions, designed to prevent us from recognizing the actual dividing line. It’s Ruling Class versus the rest of us, and that’s all there is to it.


4 thoughts on “Mr Integrity speaks out!

  1. Were someone to be somewhat cynical, Bush’s recent actions might go a long way to explain his utter unwillingness to counter the Left at any point during his 8 years as clusterfucker in chief.

  2. Rumpswab! I have never heard that one before. I may use that, but will be sure to attribute it dutifully.

    I can’t help but think Shrubya’s being a patriarch of the Skull and Bones society has something to do with his behavior.

  3. Well said, and damn right!

    The Shrub is a globalist, he pals around with traitors and quislings, and I regret the many times I defended him against the Left.

    He’s now revealed as caring more for the Left and Globalism than he does for America, so fuck him!

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