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A different view

John Ringo shares it with us.

I may be the only person in the ‘pundit’ world who can put what we know about the Las Vegas shooter in perspective because I’ve dealt with something similar before. My personal take, at this point, is ‘homicidal psychotic break, rationale currently unknown, possible pharmacological.’

To debunk a few of the recent urban legends and prolapse some of the stupider arguments:

ISIS: Nothing in his electronic trail indicates any contact with ISIS despite their claims and some rumors. Nothing.

‘There were multiple shooters/he was a patsy!’: All the guns in the room were registered to Paddock. He was covered in GSR and even had burns on his hands from hot barrel/rounds.

‘He was antifa killing Republicans!’: Nothing in his electronic trail indicates the slightest political affiliation or interest. Nothing.

Well, perhaps not. But the videos of him at various anti-Trump events wearing a Pussy Hat might tend to lead one to reasonably suspect a certain, umm, inclination, shall we say. Onwards:

He was a perfectly normal, successful, retired accountant well-invested in real estate with very little or no recent change in demeanor or actions.

Perfectly normal guy and only a ‘loner’ to the extent he wasn’t terribly socially active. ‘Loner’ apparently means he didn’t frequent wild parties. If he had the narrative would be ‘wild party animal.’

‘Homicidal psychotic break means he couldn’t have done the planning!’ 

Au contraire. Deep sigh. Been here, had someone in my life nearly do if not that than similar. With their permission I will now recount a story and show why everything about this makes a terrible sort of sense to me. The story is about my lovely and extremely loving wife, Miriam, and her descent to homicidal psychotic break due to a nasty drug interaction.

It’s a fascinating—and heartbreaking—story about the twists and turns of mental disorder and the nearly incredible influence psychotropic drugs can have on a person chemically susceptible to the side effects. Hats off to Ringo for sharing it, and his wife for granting permission. Agree or disagree with the likelihood of its applying to the Las Vegas atrocity, it’s certainly worth pondering, and is well worth a read. John closes with a summary, and a warning:

So, Paddock doesn’t really surprise me. I’ve seen it before.

My guess is it will be doctors who figure it out. And if they do they’ll find he either was having a bad drug reaction (in which case nobody will admit nothin’ just as they’ve never admitted it was Cymbalta that caused the Westroads Mall Shooting) or neurological degeneration of some sort. (A tumor caused the University of Texas ‘Bell Tower’ shooting.) If pharmacological, the drug doesn’t even have to be a definitively ‘psychotropic’ drug. Many drugs these days from heart medicine to anti-malarials have some psychotropic effect.

(If this had anything to do with a drug reaction, any drug of any type, I hope the survivors sue the shit out of the drug manufacturer. Because most of these recent ‘crazy’ mass kills, going all the way back to the ‘postal worker’ epidemic (overdosage of Prozac) and Columbine (both kids were hopped to their gills on prescription anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs), have had SOMETHING to do with psychotropic drugs pushed by drug companies. Many of the murder/suicides of returning military personnel were closely linked to an anti-malarial. And nobody seems to be willing to speak truth to power on the subject. Just writing this post will probably get me sued.)

The only lesson to take from this is ‘keep an eye on your loved ones especially if they have ANY changes in prescription.’ Doesn’t matter if it’s heart medication. Keep an eye on their personality as well as health.

Homicidal break does not always happen quickly. Sometimes it creeps in like the fog on cats feet. It is only at the last that the cackle of madness is heard. By then it is too late.

May God rest all their souls and let them find peace.

That, I think we can probably ALL agree on.


1 thought on “A different view

  1. My $0.02:

    Cleverly missing is that Paddock was on Valium, for maybe a couple of months, not on psychotropic meds like Ringo’s exemplar. And that the testing data for Valium, from which rare but extreme side effects are derived, were overwhelmingly given to test subjects with pre-existing psychiatric disorders to begin with, not on otherwise healthy people given Valium to see what happened. Take the claims of sudden homicidal psychosis for Average Joe with a grain of salt. We’re talking powerball-winning odds there.
    (But what do I know? I’ve only been giving people Valium in my professional capacity for a quarter-century, which is just anecdotal data, and not a peer-reviewed study.)

    That’s not comparing apples and oranges, it’s comparing houseflies to houses.

    And with that, nothing about this incident adds up, from A to Z.

    Pulling “he just snapped” out of somebody’s back end to paper over the inconsistencies is to artlessly commit the rhetorical fallacy of “Deus et machina”, or “God In A Box”, first used by Greek tragedians in misty history (and subsequently mocked and jeered at by savvy audiences…what’s ancient Greek for “bullsh*t!”?), when the playwright had gotten everything on a stage play into such a fustercluck of entangled chaos that they literally lowered “God”, in a box, onto the stage, to wave his hands and miraculously restore everything in the world back to normalcy, because there was no other way to get to a rational ending. Which is exactly the “he just snapped” argument, here.

    It didn’t work in Athens 2500 years ago, and it doesn’t work now.

    Whatever the truth may be, everyone and their mother knows that the Official Narrative is a poorly-woven web of omissions and deliberate lies, looking for all the world like the pieces of several different non-conforming puzzles had been hammered into place by an idiot, and then displayed for inspection.

    Based solely on what we know, absent video of Paddock toting multiple bundles to the elevators for five days, and the in-room selfie-from-hell he supposedly shot of himself doing the actual deed, the holes in the timeline would allow me to dump his body, shoot the guard, mow down the audience, and parade the entire USC Trojan marching band playing “Tusk” out of the room at full volume, without the police or anyone else but the unarmed, wounded, and out-of-sight security guard being there in time to see one tuba or hear one piccolo before they were gone out of sight forever.

    That makes doubting that Paddock shot anyone from that room, including himself, well within the boundaries of “reasonable doubt”.
    The mishandling of this case from the get-go, and over a week of evasion, stonewalling, and deliberate lies has only guaranteed that no one will ever believe the government’s story, and that countless articles, books, and screenplays will be made showing the 57 more plausible ways this all went down, forever.

    In this incident, just as in war, truth is always the first casualty.

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