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Football players who call for equality are throwing rocks from a glass stadium. The NFL’s high-paying jobs are only given to men with specific physical skills, while the rest of the people are pushed aside.

It’s time for the league to start leading by example. The time is right for the NFL Equality Plan.

The first step in the plan is to guarantee everyone’s right to participate in the games.

Every player in today’s NFL is male, which is obviously unfair. The new balance will be 51% women, 47% men, and 2% transgenders. This means the 53-player roster of every team will have 27 women, 25 men, and one transgender person. Each team shall have 32 Caucasians, seven African-Americans, 10 Hispanics, three Asians, and one person of Native American heritage. At least three players will be gay.

Nor can we ignore age discrimination. Each NFL roster shall include seven players between ages 19 and 25, eight from ages 26-34, seventeen from 35-54, nine from 55-64, and ten players who are 65 or older.

The disabled will be fully represented in the new, inclusive league. Every team shall have no fewer than ten players with physical or mental impairments that significantly affect their major life activities.

The Office of Player Equality will monitor the composition of each team and assess penalties for non-compliance. Temporary, minor variations may be allowed – requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The demographic ratios will be regularly adjusted to stay current with population trends.

Next summer, the NFL will host gala events in every stadium to celebrate and welcome the newcomers, who will be called “rainbow players” to honor the complimentary aspects of humanity they represent.

To make room for the rainbow players, many current NFL players will be released from their contracts. This should not be a source of regret, since all these men have benefited unfairly from their physical privilege. The former players will be provided with job-placement services and exit counselling.

Nothing reveals the preposterous unworkability of the central tenets of liberalism better than highlighting them.


7 thoughts on “Live by the liberalism…

  1. The error here is there being ANY quota for Caucasians. I worked at NASA for over thirty years and saw that. The only under-represented group was Caucasian males, and there never was any attempt to “correct” that situation. Instead, the emphasis was always on increasing the employment of Blacks and Hispanics. Especially females.

  2. I’ve been trying to find time to write a book that exposes the link between HR’s agenda and the implosion of many businesses.

    When I worked in 7 different HR departments I learned a lot and the most glaring fact that I learned was that with HR now controlling the inflow of resumes (it used to be that managers saw the applications and resumes first and HR would arrange the meetings. IN the 80s with the advent of PC that changed and HR took control.

    When I worked for HR I cannot tell you how many male caucasian applications we were told to disregard.

    I also learned that teh company’s success was secondary to their agenda. As far as I could tell a cripple black lesbian was their ideal candidate, even when it was not the best choice. CAucasian males were ousted, even when they were the most qualified.

    It was not hard from that point to see how many companies took a downward slide in efficiency, integrity and excellence with the kowtowing to the PC agenda of Human RElations.

    And then came regulatory and it was a double suicide for businesses.

    You show me a corrupt corporate CEO and 9 times out of 10 I’ll show you an honest businessman who had to compromise his standards in order to survive the conflicting and impossible to meet rules of regulatory.

    They got in bed with government when government regulatory policy and HR agenda made it impossible to handle their own companies as they would do if they really had ownership rights.

  3. At least three players will be gay.

    *deadpan* What, he wants them to lower the number of gays from what’s already on the teams?

  4. Oh. Please. Yes, THIS !

    And by way of a comprehensive Omnibus Comment, proceeding downward:

    Don’t we all wish that Col. Schlichter held a high office in PDT’s administration ?

    It is so amazing in these degenerate times to see someone actually doing old-school Scientific Method, where you look at the data and draw conclusions from it, instead of deciding what the Narrative needs and making the data fit somehow.
    One was a method for discovering Truth, the other for manufacturing Pravda.
    Kudos to that bold young woman !

    Glad you got your domain name back, Mike !

  5. …the link between HR’s agenda and the implosion of many businesses.

    I’m skeptical the NFL will implode. It’s the most popular programming on television – by far. The league and its advertisers are far more concerned with PC than they are about the fans. Losing a few fans seems to be a hit they’re happy to take. They may even regard it as a useful thinning of the herd.

  6. The sniveling little bitch on the Weekend INdy game, some asshole 49ers player, posted some shitstained line of bullshit about “oppression” think other than telling him fuck you dead, It should be noted, that the Fucker In Question, makes 2.1 MILLION per year, on a 4 year deal, and received over 4 million in signing bonus
    Oppression huh? Fucking cocksuckers, all of them

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