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I’ll rewrite this news article to include the part the media has been extremely careful to omit in every report I’ve seen. See if you can spot what it is.

Washington (CNN)Rep. Steve Scalise, the House Republican whip who was shot in June at a congressional baseball team practice by a murderous liberal Democrat, returned to Capitol Hill Thursday for the first time since being seriously wounded by a liberal Democrat would-be mass murderer and said his prayers had been answered during his recovery process from injuries sustained in a politically-motivated attack by a liberal Democrat.

“I am definitely a living example that miracles really do happen,” Scalise said with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy at his side. Scalise thanked God and his wife as well as the Capitol Police officers and doctors who saved his life after his having been shot by a liberal Democrat.

During his speech, Scalise said leaders from around the world — including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, British Prime Minister Theresa May and King Abdullah II of Jordan — reached out to him to send well wishes, a sign he saw of how important the US Congress is to the rest of the world.

But he added that leaders he hadn’t met also reached out to him.

“What it says is, sure they cared about my well being, but more than that, they saw this as an attack by a liberal Democrat on all of us,” he said. “They saw this as an attack on the institution of our Congress and our government committed by a liberal Democrat, motivated entirely by his wish to eliminate political opposition to the liberal Democrats and their liberal-Democrat agenda.”

Did you catch it? Ahh, but here’s where the delicious irony comes in. The game is the same in this excerpt: see if you can spot the part the Leftymedia unscrupulously left out:

Former Rep. Gabby Giffords, an Arizona Democrat who was severely wounded in a shooting in January 2011 committee—by a mostly-apolitical lunatic whose barely-discernible political sympathies were with liberal Democrats, but whose murderous assault was blamed on Republicans anyway—also tweeted her support for Scalise moments after he finished.

Beginning to see how it all works now? Bonus fun: spend a moment or two speculating on how the excerpted passages might have read had either attack been committed by the elusive, chimerical, but highly sought-after “right wing extremist fascist Nazi KKK Republican terrorist.” Then spend hours wondering who the hell they think they’re fooling with this transparently manipulative horseshit.


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