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Soaking the suckers

Know what I think probably rankles people the most about this NFL horseshit? The fact that it all amounts to nothing more than witless whining from a bunch of miserable fucking ingrates.

It’s no wonder that so many of the NFL’s millionaire scumbags are eager to join Colin Kaepernick’s protests against the justice system by degrading our anthem.

It’s because they’re criminals.

And it’s no wonder that the NFL stands behind its thugs. If a team can shrug at abusing women, what’s a little anti-American tantrum by a prize property that makes them millions of dollars?

The only question is why are the rest of us subsidizing it?

NFL teams loot millions from taxpayers to fund their stadiums. The Seahawks have a point about injustice. And the injustice is that taxpayers had to spend $390 million on their stadium.

Who will let Washington taxpayers take a knee and opt out of being exploited by the Seahawks?

Ten New Orleans Saints players sat out the anthem. New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton expressed pride in the players who rejected the United States of America. The Saints not only enjoy a stadium paid for by a billion in taxpayer money in a city with one of the highest poverty rates in the country, but are exempt from sales tax. And receive millions every year in “inducement payments” to stay put.

The NFL is built on government taking money from people and giving it to the industry. Its leftward tilt isn’t an accident. It’s a calculated move. Who are the folks most likely to bail out an industry? They’re on the left. Not the right. If your monopoly is dying, it’s time to go left and hate America.

Anthem bashing is popular with the left. And it’s very popular with the social justice bloggers who increasingly dominate sports journalism, and not just on ESPN. Hating America will score points with the left. It’ll buy the NFL more protectionism from the media and the 2020 Democrats. 

The only question is why do we need the NFL?

We don’t. Daniel also explains the guileful maneuvering that created the NFL monopoly in the first place; nobody should be at all surprised to find that a crooked Democrat was behind it. Given that sordid history, it was probably inevitable that they would descend at last into full-on Leftard style America-bashing and mewling about how horribly they’ve suffered by having to live here.

I went to a Black Lives Matter riot and an NFL game broke out update! Rush makes what to my way of thinking is a pretty lame excuse for the NFL and its team owners:

They have two choices: Side with the employees who are doing what they’re doing and then maybe even look like they support it. Or side with the customers, the fans. If they side with the players as they’re doing, what’s happening? Fans are watching less, attendance is down, the image of the game is taking a huge hit. The owners make a calculation. If they side with the fans then that is going to infuriate the players as a sign of lack of support. They’re gonna say this confirms what we’re saying that we do not have equality and that we’re not treated fairly.

And if the players decide not to show up, then there’s no game. If the fans don’t show up, the game’s still played, and it’s still on TV, but if the players don’t show, and if they keep on not showing. So the owners make this calculation. They’re in, to a certain extent, a no-win situation. I think in most of these owners’ cases, they can’t afford not to express solidarity. That’s why more owners than you’ve ever seen are on the field during the pregame kneeling, linking. I have often believed — no, I should not say this. It’s perfectly totally true, but it’s so distracting, it might get me into trouble.

But let’s put it this way. When 75% of your employees are of a particular race, and that particular race is expressing grievances all over our country with things that are unjust and unfair. If 75% of your employees are joining that way of thinking and you want to keep your team together — and you want the players to think that management has their players’ backs — you have to join them. That’s their thinking. You have to join ’em, whether they agree with it or not.

Now, not all owners did. Not all owners issued a statement. Not all owners reacted to Trump. There’s a whole five or six of ’em who didn’t. And the media jumped right on ’em and asked why and started speculating, “They must be Trump supporters!” They were in the crosshairs. The media tried to do ’em great damage for not joining their players in this display of whatever it is. But the bottom line here is that the league is being harmed, and it is my contention that there are those who seek that very thing.

Yeah, well, you don’t solve that problem and forestall that harm by knuckling under and joining forces with the people harming you. The NFL could have resolved this PDQ by simply enforcing its own rules about the anthem. It ain’t as if they haven’t done it before, after all:

Rich Lowry kind of drops the big one by citing the actual NFL rules on the National Anthem, which specify it must be played before every game, and players must stand for it. So it seems that Trump was… right when he said someone could — and should — fine someone for refusing to stand. (Yeah I know he said “fire,” but you can begin with a fine. And Trump tends to speak bombastically, if no one’s noticed. But they could in fact be fired for repeated violations of the rules.)

We’ve seen the NFL forbid the making of other political statements — Dallas Cowboys players were forbidden from wearing black armbands to commemorate the cops killed by the Black Lives Matter shooter; players were fined for wearing special cleats that honored 9/11. (Those fines were waived — after public controversy about fining a player for honoring 9/11– but the NFL made the point, and we didn’t see those cleats again.)

As always with liberal-fascists, it’s not that they want to ban the making of political statements. They just want to ban the ones they don’t like.

I admit, I don’t think for a second that all these owners lean Left politically, so Rush’s point about them merely making a judgment here about which side their bread is buttered on may be perfectly valid. On the other hand, the owners and the NFL higher-ups could have slapped this silly shit down immediately; it was perfectly within their rights and means to do so—legally, morally, and according to not just their status as employers but the league’s own guidelines.

But there’s also this: the owners are mostly wealthy, older white guys who had been hugely successful businessmen before buying a team (and running to the state and city governments for tax money to subsidize their stadiums). They ain’t stupid; one would think they understand their fan base quite well, and would have to know how much this direct insult to the values fans hold dear by people in their employ and thereby subject to disciplinary action by them would piss those fans off. One would also assume that they’re familiar with the NFL’s published guidelines on the playing of the anthem and the conduct expected of players during it.

They would know the worthless douchebags they have the power to hire and fire were in clear and contemptuous violation of those guidelines; they would also know that this shitshow was going to wind up costing them money, maybe a hell of a lot of it. So one can really only conclude one of two things here: A) that those owners who joined their low-IQ thugs in spitting on the flag and anthem harbor some sympathy for their utterly brain-dead and offensive position, or B) that the owners figured they could placate their overpaid halfwit employees and avert disaster by showing support for this obnoxious nonsense, hoping the fans wouldn’t react by tuning the NFL out. In sum, the owners who joined the protests are either A) garden-variety, perfectly typical America-hating liberal idiots, or B) slimy shitweasels trying to have their cake and eat it too, hoping it will all blow over quickly and be forgiven and forgotten by the very people these fucktards are pissing over.

So how’s that working out for you jackasses, anyway?

Whichever theory is correct, the owners haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory here, anymore than their numbskull employees have. Not having the slightest shred myself of the affection Rush professes for the NFL, I ain’t much inclined to make any excuses for them. The whole sorry lot of them deserve each other, and can collectively go take a flying fuck at a plate glass window any time they feel like it for all me.


2 thoughts on “Soaking the suckers

  1. Rush rarely goes off in the weeds this far.

    So what happens if the owners side with the fans, and the players get pi$$y and don’t want to play? Each one has several dozen standing in line to take his place, at far lower rates of pay.

    As long as they provide the fans with the entertainment they way, the players can collect the big bucks. But when they anger the fans, they don’t deserve the money and the owners are idiots if they don’t sit their asses down and replace them.

    But we already know by now, the owners with their big subsidies are basically all now leftist crony capitalists. So, idiots. Poor businessmen, with poor judgment, whose only way to make money is to game the system and collude with politicians and other leftists in the media.

  2. I think you might want to re-read Rush’s comments in their entirety, and see where he SPECULATES…thus curtailing the need to think him ‘off in the weeds’.

    We actually do not know that all the owners are cronies, but we can certainly presume some are.

    Mike is doing a pretty good job of providing current views and possible causes…while acknowledging that there is so much we just don’t know at work here.

    For me, the shadow of what happened in Zimbabwe, and the programming for 8 years of this nation, guiding them to the Alinsky friendly mob division Obama tried so hard to instill in order to cause the nation to fall into the abyss and be vulnerable to globalist takeover, ALWAYS looms.

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