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The Militant Normal creed

Schlichter spells it out.

Conservatism has become a racket, and everything happening now is a result of its members hoping to wait out Trump and the demand for change he represents. Maybe if they do nothing, but say all the right things, we normals will get tired and go back to our jobs and keep providing those votes and renting those cruise cabins. But that’s not happening. We aren’t going away; business as usual is over. We aren’t just giving up, tossing away our country, and submitting to the ruling caste. We were nice with the Tea Party. Trump’s not as nice. What’s coming after is going to be much, much less nice.

What’s coming after is militant normalcy, the not-so-polite demand that the lackwits and failures who style themselves as our betters stop dumping on us normal Americans who work hard and play by the rules (Gosh that sounds familiar, like it used to be a winning electoral recipe, if only I could remember where I heard it before).

Who are the normals? The Americans who built this country, and defended it. When you eat, it’s because a normal grew the food and another normal trucked it to you. When you aren’t murdered in the street or don’t speak German, it’s because a normal with a gun made those things not happen. We normals don’t want to rule over others. We don’t obsess about how you live your life, but also we don’t want to be compelled to signal our approval or pick up the tab. We are every color and creed – though when someone who is incidentally a member of some other group aligns with normals, he/she/xe loses that identity. The left drums normals who are black out of its definition of “black,” just as normal women get drummed out of womanhood and normal gays get drummed out gayhood. In a way, the left is making E pluribus unum a reality again – to choose to be normal is to choose to reject silly identity group identification and unite. Instead of saying “normal Americans,” you can just say “Americans.”

Note that while leftists rail against the term “normals” (When I use it on Twitter, the reactions are always delightful!), they will never, ever demand to be counted as one. That’s because they hate normal Americans, wanting us enslaved or dead. How do I know? They tell me on Twitter, again and again and again.

Militant normality is growing as normals awaken to the indisputable truth of our enemy’s implacable hatred for us and everything we hold dear – like America. The sight of moron sportsball players disrespecting normals warms libs’ frigid little hearts – and make no mistake, that diss is aimed straight at us, not at some musical number. All these cultural aggressions are aimed at us, from demanding you obey their pronoun proclamations to requiring your daughter share a toilet with a dude in a skirt. This is how they seek to break us.

That’s why the shameful abdication of Conservative, Inc., in the cultural fight is both important and irrelevant. It demonstrates that the first loyalty of many folks in the conservaracket is to the ruling caste to which they belong, and it also demonstrates that these wimps’ absence from the battle means nothing.

We’ll fight this fight ourselves, thanks.

We’re gonna have to. Maybe the single most important thing about the rise of Trump isn’t any change he may bring about in Washington, but that it will forever stand as a marker for the moment when the Normals finally realized the truth of that, sad fact though it may be.


1 thought on “The Militant Normal creed

  1. The Repupblican party is the moderate wing of the Socialist Uniparty.

    After 8 years of calling for “repeal of ObamaCare”, the Pubs had no bill ready to go under Trump. There had been no discussions, working groups, focus groups, data analysis, or economic scoring. The Pubs started from scratch to cobble together a bill which would be different in some minor ways than OCare, but which would still distribute the goodies to keep the Pubs in power as part of the Uniparty.

    The Dems had 2,000 pages of OCare ready to go in case they gained enough power. They gained that power in late 2009. They have other parts of their future utopia on paper and ready to go when they again have enough power. They have public relations campaigns in outline for when they need them. They are serious.

    The Pubs have nothing ready to go. The Pubs have demonstrated that a huge majority of them are in politics to collect money from the interests they represent, and they have no taste for or clue about opposing socialism. It is enough for them that any big trouble will happen after they have gotten theirs.

    The Pubs had not published articles or explanations about what was happening under OCare and how things could be better. They didn’t even explain what insurance was really about. Their silence announced “We’ll go along to get along”.

    The Pubs are just as dedicated to “Tax, Spend, and Rule” as the Dems, but with a flavor meant to dissuade real, anti-socialist opposition. There are too few conservative members of Congress to really matter.

    The hard truth is that the Pubs (and Dems) didn’t think a non-Uniparty candidate like Trump would be elected, so there was no need to work on a plan in the past 8 years. The only reason the Pubs are proposing anything is to have something to advertise in the future, and out of fear at this minor uprising.

    Critics say correctly that the OCare-Light bill being proposed will merely delay the full failure of OCare. Or worse, the bill will firmly establish a slightly different flavor of OCare. The Dem position will be: How can the Pubs fail to support the plan they just passed?

    Disruptions in medical care will then be blamed on the Pubs. The Pubs will go back to being a comfortable, false-flag operation and minorty, fitting their experience and training. The Dems will resume their march into the Socialist-Utopian future. The Uniparty will continue to live comfortably off the American people. All will be well as it was in the past.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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