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“Did Obama Spy on America to Protect Islamists?”

My rule with Obama—the worst thing you can imagine him doing, no matter how he may deny it, is most likely just what he’s doingcomes into play again.

When Obama Inc. spied on members of Congress to protect its Iran nuke sellout, it packaged the story to the Wall Street Journal under the headline, “U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress”. The idea was that Obama Inc. was “legitimately” spying on Israel, that it just happened to intercept the conversations of some members of Congress and American Jews, and that the eavesdropping somehow meant that its victims, Jewish and non-Jewish, rather than its White House perpetrators, should be ashamed.

Obama and his minions had used the NSA to spy on Americans opposed to its policies. Including members of Congress. They did this by conflating their own political agenda with national security. 

Since Obama’s spin was that the Iran Deal was good for national security, opponents of it were a “national security” threat. 

And its fig leaf for domestic surveillance was that a “foreign leader” was involved. 

Now get ready for a flashback. 

Susan Rice’s excuse for unmasking the names of top Trump officials in the Obama eavesdropping effort was that they were meeting with the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates. The carefully packaged CNN story, which reeks of the Goebbelsian media manipulations of “Obama whisperer” Ben Rhodes, tries to clumsily tie the whole thing to the Russians. But for once it’s not about Russia. It’s about Islam.

He goes on to make the case, and a damned good one at that. It’ll be dismissed nonetheless, even by some who ought to know better, as delusional “paranoia” akin to what some of these same people are pleased to refer to as the birth-certificate “hoax.”

Daniel closes things out with what he calls a “foul slogan” (“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”), and he’s right about that too. It pretty much gives Obama’s Islam-promoting game away, to anybody with eyes to see. Although I still maintain that Obama isn’t really a Muslim; he believes in nothing but power and his own innate superiority to pretty much everybody. I simply can’t imagine him being devout about anything at all other than his own ego and his hard-core Leftism; even as powerful and binding a force as Islam was in his early years would necessarily fall behind his own boundless narcissism. That, too, is very much part of who he is.

The ironic thing? Muslims have a word for Obama’s duplicitous approach: apostasy. The very faith to which he chooses to lend his half-heartedly clandestine assistance would put him to death in an instant for it.


6 thoughts on ““Did Obama Spy on America to Protect Islamists?”

  1. he believes in nothing but power

    Well, not ONLY that; he believes in anti-Americanism. Only question is how much of each.

  2. “Muslims have a word for Obama’s duplicitous approach: apostasy. ”

    Well, actually, no, their word for it is taqqiya. As long as what he is doing has a net benefit to Islam, he’s allowed to mislead about his beliefs. The related word on an international level is hudna.

  3. I agree that Obama, in his heart, believes only in Obama. His god is the one he sees in the mirror!

    However he is a muslim, if you go by their rules: his (putative) father was a muslim, he was raised as a muslim, and no one is allowed to renounce islam ever. In islam, women don’t count; whatever his mother was is immaterial. So to a muslim, Obama’s a muslim. (He has also been known to make gestures and say things that are interpreted by muslims to be a sign of his muslim faith.)

    His actions while in office leave no doubt in my mind that he did everything in his power to promote islam and denigrate America. I only wish he’d been less successful!

  4. As I wrote to you in an EXTENSIVE (read ‘possibly unreadable’) email, there was a Venezuelan man on FOX news on a Saturday afternoon back in 2007, who was part of hte Chavez ‘inner circle’. He explained for nearly an hour all that he knew firsthand of Obama. Obama was evidently WELL acquainted with Chavez and many of the other commie tyrants.

    he warned that if Obama was elected he would make the clintons look like boy scouts.

    he went on to list extensively the demented plans of Obama and warned that it would be catastrophic for America.

    I for once did not record and all effort since then to locate it through FOX or to find any news of this man, who is the only person I ever saw who gave such a thorough background on Obama, has come up with nothing. Given who we know was behind Obama’s injection into the country I think it’s safe to say he may no longer be with us.

  5. ANd I want to add that courtesy of that interview absolutely NOTHING that OBama did EVER surprised me. It was all covered in the forewarning.

  6. But no, he is not a Muslim. He STRONGLY admires and identifies with them but had he been truly Muslim there are some things that he has SAID that would have caused dangerous repercussions.

    He admires imperialist tyrants, hypocritical piety and Islamofascism, but he has been careful not to declare himself one.

    that said, the distinction is unimportant, since his admiration of them has resulted in the encouragement and hte funding for their caliphate.

    He is a globalist megalomaniac and I know that semantics are largely a waste of time, but it explains why his cronies are not Muslims, but the billionaire bullies and globalists.

    He PLAYS the race card, but he does not truly think of himself as black or white either.

    As you said, Obama worships Obama.

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