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Annnnd we’re back!

Thanks to a timely assist from our old friend Bob, that is. Sorry guys: once again this year I committed my usual muttonheaded error and forgot to renew the domain name. Don’t know why, but I seem to have a real mental block about that thing; year after year, the renewal date comes up, and year after year I space out completely and forget it until the day when I go to post on the site and find that nothing is working. Apologies to all and sundry, and thanks for your expressions of concern, too. I did a bit of posting over at Bill’s place while things were being sorted here, so if you didn’t peruse those yet, well, here’s your chance. Thanks also go to Bill for his generous hospitality. And as always, thanks to you CF readers just for being here in the first place.

And yes, my choice of “Brilliant!” as a category for this post is entirely ironic. Ahem. Now, on with the show.


6 thoughts on “Annnnd we’re back!

  1. Since I also have a brain of cheese sometimes, I am fortunate to use a hosting service that automatically renews every year (with plenty of e-mail warning).

  2. I am sorry for all the bad things I have said over the last few days. But damn man some of us wake in the morning just to read your posts. Like a bunch of crack addicts we slobber on the keys in anticipation of the days read. Thanks and don’t let it happen AGAIN !!!

  3. Well, darn.

    While I’m glad to see ColdFury back up, Mike, I was getting used to seeing you as a regular fixture over at Bill’s place with the rest of us extremist loons. 🙂

  4. Glad you’re back up, Mike!

    I still don’t know why (probably never will,) but for some reason my newish browser Opera won’t connect to Cold Fury. I’ve lots of bookmarks; this is the only site I can’t get to. All I get is “Connection refused:” which doesn’t tell me anything useful.

    Oh well, at least I have other browsers that will connect, it’s just a pain to have to change browsers for no reason that I know of (Ironbear has the same version Opera, but it works fine for him. Go figure!)

    This must be due to my white privilege, right?

  5. Glad you’re back up.

    There were more’n a few who suspected some PC anti-conservative foul play was involved.

  6. @Aesop
    Oh the times we live in Aesop, that is EXACTLY what I thought! I started thinking we should be investing in morse code education and equipment again!

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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