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Paragon of virtue

Hey, remember how Comey was a man of unassailable integrity, a truly honest and impartial man untouched by DC sleaze, unafraid to go wherever the evidence led him—respected and trusted by all, the perfect guy to do the tough and dirty job of getting to the bottom of the controversy over Hillary!™’s illegal email server without a whiff of scandal, whitewash, or other untoward behavior?

Yeah. Right.

Two Republican senators say they’ve reviewed evidence that indicates former FBI Director James B. Comey began drafting a statement to announce the closure of the bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server months before key witnesses, including the former Democratic presidential candidate, were interviewed.

Sen. Charles E. Grassley and Sen. Lindsey Graham wrote to FBI Director Chris Wray asking for information related to Mr. Comey’s announcement, saying they’ve reviewed partially redacted interview transcripts that indicate Mr. Comey was drafting a statement on the closure of the case months before the July 5, 2016, announcement.

In a departure from typical federal law enforcement protocol, Mr. Comey announced that no criminal charges would be sought against Mrs. Clinton because — although she had been “extremely careless” in her handling of sensitive national security information — investigators couldn’t prove that it was intentional.

The sleazy, greasy, slimy fuck.

Fix: IN. Right from the start. Unless and until Trump has both Comey and Hillary!™ investigated to within an inch of their very lives, the swamp can never be said to have been truly drained.


6 thoughts on “Paragon of virtue

  1. Never forget that it is your fine local “Law Enforcement” who enable this fraud, corruption, and treason by the FedPig swill.

    Damn them all to hell where they belong.

  2. Seriously, is this REALLY a surprise? It is extremely obvious that Comey is a disgusting piece of garbage who wouldn’t know leadership if it bit him in his pretentious butt.

    He is a yes man and a pu$$y to boot. His obsequiousness is obvious in both his manner and his actions.

    What a real piece of work.

  3. All true, but I also believe something was temporarily held over his head that “made” him announce just before the election that the investigation was being re-opened. Once whatever that little problem was solved, he felt safe enough to close the “investigation”. Again.

    It is no surprise that Comey is such a snake. He is, after all, a product of the swamp, and snakes will snake, pigs will plunder the swill, and the swamp will continue to be the swamp until America wakes up and decides it would rather have people leading who have the peoples’ interests in mind, not their own.

    I don’t hold out too much hope, but will continue railing against the night that is the swamp.

  4. Comey has been a fixer for the Clintons since at least W. J. Clinton’s administration.

  5. Comey is just another Koch-sucking Rove Republican piece of shit. Always has been. As such he is no worse than Ryan or McConnell or Graham or McCain or Flake or Murkoswki or Collins or Rubio or any of the Shrubs or…

    Nothing more than the other end of the same steaming turd as the Democrats. Why would anyone expect anything different from him once it became clear that Trump was going to win the GOP nomination???

  6. “Oh goodie, this time she’s done for”
    They could find video of Comey and Hillary lynching negroes and shooting homosexuals and nothing would happen. Like Ann Barnhardt has said, Rule of Law is dead. There is NO JUSTICE in America.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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