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Off the (guard)rails

No doubt Trump is somehow to blame for the Loser Right’s sniveling, cringing embrace of permanent subservience and vassalhood to the Ruling Left, too.

The renowned Dr. Charles Krauthammer, arguing on camera against Laura Ingraham, pronounces the President’s remarks at his press conference on the Charlottesville, Virginia melee a “moral disgrace.”

The specification is Mr. Trump’s insistence that at Charlottesville, there was violence on both sides. To say this was a dastardly abrogation of duty, even though the Doctor himself acknowledges it to be true (“Yes, there was violence on both sides.”). It is true, but “not the point.” It is not the point because all the leaders “in this generation,” all except Trump, recognize the unique importance and evil of white racism in American society. And so, if there was a faction in the streets of Charlottesville that stood for racism, it is immoral to criticize another faction opposing it.

It makes no difference what the other faction did, or what part it played in the mayhem. It makes no difference that the “Unite the Right” demonstrators had a permit, affirmed by a court of law. It is immaterial whether all of those protesting the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue were actually Nazis or Klansmen. It does not matter that the President had denounced the Nazis and the Klan in his second statement, and specifically the one who murdered a woman with his car. Trump must be deemed to have taken all that back when he said there was violence on both sides. And it makes no difference whether the bloody confrontation was, in effect, engineered by calculating politicians, who restrained the police from intervening to prevent violence. All Krauthammer knows is that there were elements harkening back to Jim Crow on the scene, and so it is a moral disgrace to talk about anyone else.

Of course, moral disgrace is one thing, and moral imbecility another.

Read all of it, wherein Krauthammer’s commonality with the moral degeneracy of the Left is spelled out in revolting detail. Good thing he and his pitiful ilk have been left behind by events and rendered entirely irrelevant now, eh?


5 thoughts on “Off the (guard)rails

  1. What Krauthammer fails to understand, or even mention, is that had the leftists goons not been been in Charlottesville in the first place, there wouldn’t have been any violence. That’s why President Trump included them in his statement. He knew this.

  2. (((Krauthammer))) is scum. He is a neocon and only aligns himself with the “conservative” movement in order to continue sending young Americans to die for Israel in the Middle East. He was a speechwriter for Mondale, people! Are you really that dumb?

    He and his (((ilk))) hate America and are the driving force in the destruction of the West. Stop bowing down to the people who hate and despise you and wish to destroy everything you hold dear.

  3. No doubt Trump is somehow to blame for the Loser Right’s sniveling, cringing embrace of permanent subservience and vassalhood to the Ruling Left, too.

    Damn right. They were all set to anoint President in Wanting Jeb! (Please clap!) out of a lineup of sixteen of the finest examples of the GOPe cream of the crop when suddenly that Trump guy stole it right out from under them.

    And they’d have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those pesky Deplorables and that dog!

  4. Funny to think that only a couple of years ago, Krauthammer was considered by most of the Right to be one of its heroes and an intellectual giant.

  5. First, it’s a good thing Krauthammer wasn’t the leader of Great Britain in the 1930s. He could probably have out-Chamberlained Chamberlain.

    And when did it become fashionable to excuse both political intrigue designed to create deadly violence, and the actual violence? Oh, yeah, I remember, it became fashionable when Trump was elected!

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