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“We’re renting hookers and expecting love”

Okay, I gotta say it: I ain’t digging this much.

In outlining his vision for applying “principled realism” to the war in Afghanistan, President Trump Monday night insisted there will be no precipitous American withdrawal. Though he didn’t specify the number, Trump will be sending additional troops — likely up to 4,000 — to Afghanistan. That would boost our commitment to just above 12,000 men and women in uniform.

And they’ll be expected to accomplish what 140,000 US and allied troops couldn’t achieve at the peak of our engagement, when the Taliban was considerably weaker.

In 2001, we did the right thing by going to Afghanistan to slaughter terrorists. But we were fools to stay. Afghanistan is strategically worthless. Tragically, former President Barack Obama backed the wrong war when his turn came, abandoning the strategic prize of Iraq because of a campaign promise to concentrate on Afghanistan — which he called the right war — to prove his security chops.

Where is the US general with the integrity to ask himself why, after 16 years of American support and self-sacrificing combat, the Afghan central government has been losing province after province to ill-equipped, poorly trained guerrillas who were characterized to me by one of our top generals as tactically inept “idiots”?

We can justify a limited presence in Afghanistan, perhaps 3,000 to 4,000 troops total, for the purpose of killing international terrorists. And we need not stop providing arms to Kabul. But it’s time to stop giving blood.

I hope I’m wrong. I, too, want our casualties to have meaning. But no matter how we reinterpret our mission, there’ll be more American blood. And the only Americans who’ll benefit will be contractors, who love impossible missions that never end.

We cannot save a country that won’t save itself.

We surely can’t. That being so, I say if Afghanis want to live in a primitive Muslim shithole governed by the inhuman, ass-backwards obscenity that is sharia law, let them. Billy Beck had it right long ago: go through the place like shit through a goose, bomb the shit out of them, kill people and break things, then hang up a sign at the border as the last GI leaves: “Don’t make us come back here.”

If our military was really as competent and almighty-powerful as we like to tell ourselves—more importantly, if American leadership had the guts to turn them loose, a clear-eyed concept of what American interests (if any) truly are, and the will to see any conflict through to unquestionable victory—the benighted savages in places like Afghanistan would quake with fear at the prospect of having American boots on their soil. 4000 more targets walking around with empty magazines who aren’t allowed to fire until fired upon ain’t gonna do it.

Afghanistan is a garbage heap with absolutely no value to us at all. It barely even qualifies as a nation, by just about any measure. Our sole interest in the place is to ensure that it’s not used as a safe-haven or training camp for Muslims plotting terrorist attacks against us—and absolutely nothing else. If you truly want to remake the place in the Western image, the handful of troops Trump is proposing to send aren’t near enough. In truth, we probably don’t HAVE enough, and never will. Afghanistan is not worth the blood, the treasure, or the bother, and it never will be. Trump ought to know better.

Update! This. This right here.

The President made his first address in his capacity as commander-in-chief to the nation last night, specifically about the situation in Afghanistan. After eight years of complete cluster-f***ery under Dubya and then a further eight years of having the commader-in-chief aiding and abetting the enemy, frankly I don’t see the point of wasting any more American blood and treasure. The way you win wars is to inflict the most massive amount of pain, death and destruction upon the enemy until he cries uncle. In this case we are not necessarily dealing with a nation-state but an annihilationist ideology. To my way of thinking, you have to kill and kill massively, occupy territory, institute martial law, dismantle the mosques and madrases and “denazify” the country by controlling how Islam is practiced and preached and forcibly introduce Judeo-Christianity over a period of perhaps decades. Obviously that ain’t gonna happen.

While it cannot be denied that Afghanistan is a breeding ground and launch pad for Islamist terrorism, the wave of attacks we have witnessed in the west over the past several years were carried out by citizens and/or recent immigrants to the individual nations themselves. Us included. Still, there needs be some sort of stability in that region. On the plus side, PDT is not going to micromanage the war and will let the generals do the fighting, hopefully with very loose rules of engagement. He also took aim at a huge terrorist enabler; Pakistan. And that has got to also be a shot at the Chi-Coms who are their biggest ally in the region. Still, the fact that very questionable people such as Lindsay Grahamaphrodite are in favor of this and that the plan was cooked up by H.R. McMustard, someone who is perhaps an Obama embed, I’m not exactly jumping for joy here. 

Nation-building is liberal flimflammery. Sure, it worked with Germany and Japan after WW2…but they were civilized nations before the war, and they had been utterly crushed, vanquished, damned near annihilated before any nation-building was attempted. None of those conditions pertains in Afghanistan—not one. Get the hell out of there, with the deadly-serious assurance that should any attack against us ever again originate from there, we will blow as much of the country as we can reach into glowing powder just as quickly as we can build the munitions to do it with.

We shouldn’t have to do that more than once or twice before the lesson is learned, I figure.


1 thought on ““We’re renting hookers and expecting love”

  1. i keep telling people, my great great grandfather was with the british east india company when the brits and the czarists were tussling over afghanistan.
    neither of them could take it–who on earth would want it anyway.
    now usa and russia have been at the same losing game in this century.
    get out and stay out .

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