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A little history

Real, true history, as opposed to the neo-Marxist alternative.

Robert E. Lee, before the outbreak of the war, was overwhelmingly regarded as the finest military mind in the U.S. army. Winfield Scott offered him command of all Union forces at the outbreak of hostilities. But he chose allegiance to his state of Virginia, rather than the Federal government. He didn’t fight for slavery. He freed his slaves. He was fighting for states’ rights. He was an honorable God fearing noble man. Stonewall Jackson was an extremely religious man who waged war with a passion, but also taught Sunday School to slaves. Lee and Jackson must be viewed in the context of the 19th century rather than being judged by the standards of the 21st century.

The vast majority of Confederate soldiers who did the fighting and dying during that war didn’t own slaves. They weren’t fighting to maintain slavery. They were fighting because a foreign army had invaded their land. In 1860 this nation was more an amalgamation of states than a centralized government. States still had a tremendous amount of power and leeway to run their states the way they chose. The ever increasing power of a central authority occurred during and after the Civil War. The South were not the bad guys. Their leaders, generals and soldiers were not evil. They were Americans.

Which is something you can’t really say about the fascist “antifa” vermin.

These courageous left wing politicians, like the mayor of New Orleans, have statues removed in the middle of the night to avoid protests by those who understand you cannot erase history by removing statues and names. In a hysterical development, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh on Monday said in a statement she intended to move forward in removing several city statutes, including those of Lee and Stonewall Jackson. I suppose the soaring murder rate, blacks rioting and burning down neighborhoods, crumbling infrastructure, failing schools, and white flight is due to a few Confederate statues. It’s good to see this diverse mayor has her priorities in order.

The ignorance and disregard for history knows no bounds for generations taught to feel rather think in our government run indoctrination centers known as public schools. The left wing media reinforces their ignorance with misinformation, fake news and government sanctioned propaganda. Snowflakes across the land melt at anything they are instructed to find offensive. Everything and everyone who doesn’t agree with their half baked views are declared racists.

Pointing out that leftist antifa thugs, without permits to protest, initiated the violence in Charlottesville is racist. The uproar against Trump’s truthful assessment of the situation by CNN, MSNBC and Fox proves there isn’t a wit of difference among these corporate media outlets. True colors are revealed. The ongoing coup attempt against Trump continues unabated.

And in the end, that’s what all this really comes down to. The Charlottesville dustup, an event manufactured by the treasonous Left to use as a club to bash Trump and his supporters with, now stands revealed as just part and parcel of their ongoing coup attempt.

You MUST read all of this one, folks; Quinn is absolutely dead on, and pulls no punches whatsoever. This part is especially on point:

The funniest part about watching these social justice warriors wail and gnash their teeth about the racism of these monuments is knowing these unemployed functional illiterates couldn’t tell you when the Civil War occurred, name two major battles, name five generals, provide a death count within 250,000, or fill in the blank in the phrase Surrender at __________. They don’t know jack shit about history, the Civil War, Lincoln’s true feelings about blacks, or the fact the Democratic Party is the party which suppressed blacks for one hundred years following the Civil War. Only truly ignorant snowflakes think they can erase history by protesting it and trying to destroy monuments to those who fought and died for a cause they believed in.

If these social justice warrior weaklings were transported back in time 154 years to the Gettysburg battlefield where real men displayed real courage and bravery, they would be covered in their own urine cowering behind a tree as Pickett’s charge commenced. Could you imagine any of the Soros paid professional antifa protestors charging across an open field towards certain death? Those pussies would be high tailing it south as fast as their fashion designer sneakers would take them.

If they keep on like they are, we’ll all get to witness that immensely edifying spectacle soon enough…through the scopes of our Evil Black Assault Weapon Rifle Guns, most likely.

Like I said: read it all.

Update! Again: nailed it.

We end the work week with the Media now openly inciting violent insurrection and terrorism against a duly elected President and the citizenry in the wake of what is appearing to be more and more a staged event in Charlottesville; one made all the more tragic in that it cost someone their life. But to the terrorists it’s a matter of eggs and omelets. That said, it’s indeed a sad day when an horrific terror attack in Europe is now categorized in the Day-Ending-In-“Y” Dept. but on our shores a real Confederacy composed of real racialists and real Nazis is in the opening stages of attempting a real coup. And I’m not merely referring to the George Soros rent-a-thugs paid to shatter glass and crack skulls. That is just the fig leaf smokescreen of an excuse for the criminal element that sits in the Senate and House to make a mockery of our laws and traditions and remove a President that threatens their power structure and whom they have a personal hatred for; and by extension all of us who support him and elected him to clean it up and attempt to halt the 100-year slow poisoning of America as founded.

Some of the commenters here say we should chill; that the insane pronouncements from the media are in direct proportion to the loss of power and influence they traditionally have wielded. Maybe so. But when fringe totalitarian groups have the cover of law enforcement to shield them as well as politicians now on both sides legitimizing them as “the good guys” we are heading for an inflection point. Something’s got to give.

Oh, it will. And it damned sure shouldn’t be us. We’ve already given plenty—entirely too much, in fact. I repeat yet again: careful what you wish for, Progressivist fascists.


8 thoughts on “A little history

  1. Again, we are faced with the fact that those who will not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s the Civil War, or the history of communism throughout all of the 20th century.

    I’m really getting to old for this shit!

  2. I assume Quinn is the proprietor of The Burning Platform you’ve linked to; I confess to knowing nothing about him (which is not a slam; y’all have never heard of me either. Long time lurker). I find myself in full-throated agreement on some points – i.e. the SJWs, antifa punks, college snowflakes, et. al.

    Regarding other details, not so much. In particular, states’ rights.

    For those unacquainted with the Constitution of the Confederate States Of America (CSA) or know when it was ratified, it’s worth reviewing some of the relevant details.

    The CSA and USA constitutions of 1861 are essentially the same; granting and limiting the same rights and privileges with one principal distinction: Article IV, Sections 2 and 3 of the Confederate Constitution mandate slavery as a requirement for admission and membership. If you wanted to join the Confederacy as a non-slave state, the CSA decree was ‘forget it – that right does not exist here. You will enslave people, or get lost.’ The CSA constitution was adopted just one month before the Confederacy opened up on Fort Sumpter and started the war. Slavery was the CSA’s defining issue from the jump; that it’s the only meaningful difference between their constitution & ours is not a coincidence.

    Further, the CSA leadership recognized that slavery was under siege not only in its own neck of the woods, but was circling the drain world-wide. The Confederate objective was to not only preserve slavery within its own borders, but to expand it beyond those borders. They had plans to take over Cuba and as much of Mexico and Central America as possible – Jefferson Davis’ so-called “Tropical Empire,” with slavery at its core.

    The “states’ rights” song and dance is at best a rationalization offered by people who don’t know any better. For those who do know better, it’s a baldfaced lie.

  3. The states rights argument was a bit more than just a song and dance, although I wouldn’t argue that it was the sole reason for secession. The historical truth is always a bit too complicated to be reduced to just one reason or argument, and so it is here. At least some in the Confederacy’s positions of political power seem to have seen the writing on the wall about slavery, otherwise why would they have banned the foreign slave trade in their Constitution?

    The demand that new states be slave states might be adequately explained in a comment to Quinn’s post:

    Because compromise had been tried and failed to work.
    Before the war, Calhoun, Clay and Webster put together a plan that admitted one “free” state and one “slave” state in each admission, to keep the numbers relatively stable. That worked, sort of; but then the North refused to keep parts of the compromise, and then the Morrill Tariff (mentioned above) created even more problems.

    Likely the requirement for slavery in the Confederate Constitution was to make sure the Confederacy could not be diluted by admitting “free” states that might eventually betray the others during the war.

    Seems likely enough to me, although I’m quite sure that, as I argued above, there was more to it than just that alone.

    In sum, I never have argued that slavery wasn’t one of the impetuses to war, just as I’m not one of those unreconstructed Rebs who consider Lincoln nothing but a pure monster who wantonly destroyed the Constitution. He was what we all are: a flawed man, maybe even a corrupt one in many ways, but one with an absolute commitment to his primary motivation: restoring and preserving the Union. Nor do I think that the Confederate officers and soldiers memorialized on this monuments now being stupidly destroyed by ignorant fascists were all demons in human shape, motivated solely by white supremacy and their depraved desire to enslave, abuse, and torment the black men. The truth is a lot more complicated than that. It almost always is.

  4. Oh, and your nick is horribly offensive and racist, Polack, and any monuments to you should be toppled and destroyed immediately. Anybody who disagrees with me should be jailed, because SHUT UP.

    KIDDING. I was kidding there, buddy. 😀

  5. I may have been too black & white (see what I did there?) re: slavery v. states’ rights. In his epic Civil War narrative, Shelby Foote eloquently makes the case for states’ rights on behalf of the average front line grunt. He maintains that had you asked a typical farmer/shopkeeper/CSA soldier “why are you fighting?” The answer would have been “‘Cause y’all are down here.” I tend to get my back up a tad re: states’ rights since I most often hear it from those who rail against The War Of Northern Aggression®. Still – no slaves, no war.

    An aside: If I appropriate pierogi with my chopsticks, will an SJW lose his shit?

  6. Pre 9/11 the Taliban demo’d those ancient Buddha statues in Afhganistan. Even CNN and the rest of the MSM were horrified by this vandalism. Now destroying monuments is good. WTF happened?

  7. @Slant Eyed Polack
    Oh man, the Foote books are the BEST. I’ve read and re-read those things I don’t know how many times. Ever seen an interview with the guy? He has this great, mellifluous voice with a perfect old High South twang. And yeah, you’re right, SEP; no slavery, no war. There were other factors–nothing is ever that black and white–but in the end, it was slavery that provided the impetus that maybe didn’t START the war, but drove it on to its conclusion. That’s what worries me about the current situation and the calls for revolution and civil war; these things take on a life of their own, and what you wind up with is oftentimes nothing like what either side envisioned in the beginning. Granted, if we’re not unwilling to defend ourselves and our liberty violently, we will end up with a bad result. But there’s no guarantee that by violently overthrowing the government we’ll end up with what we wish for, and plenty of historical precedent to suggest strongly that we may very well not.

  8. You’re so right about hearing/seeing a Foote interview – I could listen to him hold forth for however long his patience with me permitted. I heard an NPR segment with him years ago. He was talking about how he’d gotten to know Nathan Bedford Forrest’s granddaughter (who was elderly at the time) while researching the Civil War project.

    He was on the phone with her one day & told her: “I think the war produced two authentic geniuses. One was your grandfather and the other was Abraham Lincoln.”

    There was a LOOONG pause at the other end of the phone. Then she replied: “Well. You know, in ouah family, we nevah thought much of Mistah Lincoln.”

    I suspect the mere mention of Bedford Forrest would preclude the NPR pansies from broadcasting that segment in the here and now.

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