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Black identity

Posted by Mike @ 2:03 AM Wednesday, 9 August 2017 • Category: Domestic Disputes, Flotsam and/or Jetsam, RACIST!

Ain’t none.

Blackness in America is a laundry list of grievances against whites and a list of things that blacks reject about society. It has little to say about what it means to be black, independent of whites. Much like the contours of a black hole, we can only know black identity by knowing the surrounding white identity. Wherever white culture ends, that’s where black identity begins. In America, being black means not being white.

This negative identity has been particularly toxic to black Americans, because a negative identity binds the worst with the best. The greatest exponents of black culture are those who are the most degenerate. Hip-hop culture is a perfect example. It celebrates the worst instincts of black people. Any black who points this out is pilloried for acting white. The result is a never ending race to the cultural bottom, dragging the rest of the black population down with it. Even Obama was forced to respect the gutter culture of hip-hop.

This anti-identity is why blacks demand to live near whites.

Well, sure—that, and their own neighborhoods tend to be dirty, dangerous, tumbledown shitholes that nobody really wants to live in. The larger issue, though, isn’t necessarily race per se; it’s that they long ago let the Left define them, infantilize them, establish the boundaries of their own supposed best interests, and assert its crippling caretaker role over them…and now show little interest in removing the malign Progressivist influence from their lives despite its obviously disastrous end state.

As Hawkins says below: they yoked themselves en masse to Leftard “help.” The results have been entirely predictable.

    8/9/2017 | 12:53 PM
    Before Obama we were on the track to integrating a 'civil contract' into American culture for same sex attracted individuals.

    I watched as a heterosexual on the sidelines with the elite, NON-ACTIVIST homosexual and lesbians. They were not militant and they did not see in every turn of phrase and every glance a slight or a sneer or an offense worthy of punishing the individual to within an inch of oblivion.

    Neither did I, as a white female related through a marriage in our family to a world renowned conservative economist who is black, see any upsurge in racial strife.

    What I DID see was a now completely lost and dismissed interview on FOX news in 2007 of a man who was in the inner circle with Chavez in Venezuela. What he disclosed about the close and long term relationship of Chavez and Obama was chilling. What he forecast, should America lose its mind and nominate this half breed claiming non-existent status as someone oppressed, would be a situation that would make Bill Clinton a boy scout by comparison.

    why I ignored my admittedly odd instinct to tape historic moments (in order to push back against an increasingly revised or omitted history) I will never know, because this guy said everything that would happen and my family grew exasperated and then a little thoughtful as I exclaimed as event after event unfolded similar to his warning.

    I have never been able to find any sight or mention of this man since and FOX (which I believe at the time was in negotiations to sell minor shares to a Dubai gazillionaire - which somewhat explains a dramatic shift in FOX, alongside the gutless elitist globalist liberalism of Murdoch's spawn) has no reference to it.

    So I remain a Cassandra on this, watching as Obama appeared to channel both Mugawbe and Chavez, while devouring his faithful book by Alinsky and golfing away like some skinny assed version of Ceaucescu.

    note on blog about feminism....Madam Ceaucescu is one of the best examples of the ruthless, obscene brutality of some women given rule...

    If we only taught the history of Zimbabwe 35 years ago these tactics would have been recognized and thwarted.

    if we had only been watching the steady increase of dependency of more and more of the Venezuelan population, until it outnumbered the honest, hard working and marvelously industrious Venezuelans, we would have seen OBama doing the same.

    if only we who had noted Soros madness a decade ago and his increasing insane bid for globalist rule, had been listened to....

    ...but it appears we were cursed to relive our own version of the Trojan horse.

    having said that, we also have within our 'mytholoogy' the foundation of this amazing country and this youngest generation has enough within who actually search out and support our founders that there is immense reason to be sanguine as the hubris of the geriatric and youth/sex obsessed boomers undoes them as it always does through history....

    ...for sure I rambled and put myself at risk of deletion. Once again, i fully respect the caprice of Il Monitor to do so. 🙂

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